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Players’ perk may come to an end 
Fenway Park
Flickr: Jared Vincent

BOSTON — For decades, Boston Red Sox players, their families and team staff have had free parking on a public street abutting Fenway Park on game days.

That perk may soon come to an end.

New Mayor Martin Walsh’s administration is reviewing a deal agreed to by the previous administration and may ask the Red Sox to pay for use of Van Ness Street on game days.

The Red Sox say former owner Tow Yawkey signed a deal with the city in 1945 allowing for the game-day closure of Van Ness Street, although there appears to be no paper records of the pact.

The team also says it’s a public safety issue, allowing ambulances easy access to Fenway along Van Ness and giving players safe access to the park.

15-story, 175-unit building to be constructed at Lovejoy Wharf

BOSTON —Boston regulators have approved construction of the city’s first condominium complex with no parking for residents’ cars.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority on Thursday approved the 15-story, 175-unit building at Lovejoy Wharf in the West End.

In recent years, Mayor Thomas Menino‘s administration has begun backing away from city requirements that all new residential buildings come with parking spaces.

The developer says parking and transportation demand could be met by surrounding garages and public transit services, including commuter rail and the Green and Orange subway lines.

Some area residents and business owners are skeptical. Scott Nogueira tells The Boston Globe the dearth of parking in the area makes it inhospitable to short-term parkers and visitors who stay overnight and patronize area businesses.