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My Poem of the Day


My First Born©

There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of bringing a life into the world for the first time

The feel of holding a purely innocent life that is solely dependant on your love

Wanting nothing more than the comfort of your touch

The years ahead will be a test of your

Strength, wisdom and determination

You’ll look back and wonder where the time went

And how you were able to hang on

You’ll remain eternally grateful for the chance to rear your first-born

Hoping that they too will have the same chance

To rear their first-born

The love of a mother is surely like no other

Copyright 2015

My First Born©

Felina Silver Robinson

How Simon Cowell Is Spending His First Holiday Season as a New Dad!

Simon Cowell, Eric Cowell, Twitter

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1. President of Lakers Won’t Draft Redskins Players For Fantasy Football Team

Getty Images
Lakers’s president Jeanie Buss

2. From Old West Gunfighter to Writer

3. Stephen R. Ortiz: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Courtesy Nathan Ham/Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
Chairman Stephen R. Ortiz, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

4. There Are No Urban Indian Ghettos
The literature on urban Indians suggests that Indians do not form urban ghettos.

5. Gasp in Wonder as Jupiter and Venus Kiss in Spectacular Luminescence

Jupiter and Venus will be even closer this time than when they canoodled in 2012.

6. Notes From A Single Mom: Texting Is the New Parenting


7. ‘Buffalo Calling’ Hauntingly Depicts Bison’s Tragic Tale in Canada

YouTube/Tasha Hubbard
Still from ‘Buffalo Calling,’ which tells the tale of bison in Canada. The unique
artistry of Mitchell Poundmaker, rendered into animation, lends a haunting,
poignant quality to the work.

8. 5 Great Pow Wows to Finish off the Summer

9. Holisso Center Offers Archival Research, Clues To The Past

Chickasaw Nation
Chickasaw citizen Bobbie Stover, Oklahoma City, and photo archivist
Christopher Zellner carefully pack an early 1900s photograph for storage after
digitizing the image at the Holisso Research Center.

10. Statue On Mars Resembles Native American Man