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Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


I know that everything I want to be isn’t everything I should be

But my heart doesn’t seem to care

Many a time when they pass me by

I wonder if it’s because I didn’t care enough to spend the time

To see that I was primed to do as they do and say as they say

But both my voice and my actions are my own

I won’t tell a lie

I can’t say I’ve never been out of line

For a time I was a wild one

Until the moment my first was born

Then I became the doting mother

That would let no other

Come between us

Each child that since came to me

Carries my love in their heart

With each breath

That comes upon them

Brings to me never-ending moments

Of  overwhelming happiness


A Mother’s Love©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2014


There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love

Mom has 9 months to get to know her child

Mother and child linked together through flesh and blood


Likes and dislikes

All that mom eats, drinks and smokes, the baby does too

If mommy is an alcoholic or a drug addict

Her baby will be fighting for her life

A mother’s love has to be stronger than life itself

For it’s a life she will be protecting

From birth

Til death

A mothers love must get her child through thick and thin

Nothing can stand in their way

Mom will learn when to take a step back

Even if it means her child must fall

A child must learn how to pick themselves back up again

Because mom will not always be there

Mom will listen to all that must be said

Weather good or bad

She must be supportive

Even if she doesn’t agree

A Mothers love gives her strength to deal with all things


Today my heart cracked a little©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


I read the story of a mother from Mercer County, PA

Cracked my heart a little

I cried me a river when I heard


Mary Rader is a mother of four

Doing her job was too much of a chore

With her own mother and her mother’s husband living at her home

There’s was almost one child for each adult

Who could ask for more

But in her eyes it wasn’t good enough

So I don’t know her rhyme or her reason

But she chose her 7-year-old son Antonio

To be sent to his own private dungeon

He slept in the basement

with the cold cement floor for his bed and his bathroom

No company, no food, no hot water

Sometimes allowed upstairs for the sake of a cold shower

Maybe a small fraction of food

An occasional trip to the backyard

Not remembering how to play he catches bugs like a snake

for that he is beaten

He tries to sneak real food but is beaten again

So it’s time to return to the basement

Where silence has become his best friend

Each day that passes his pounds slip away

His little teeth begin to rot and his feet have become infected

What his case worker sees when he is finally found

is a poor little 7-year-old skeleton near his death

The adults tending to the house

Show no remorse of course

The caseworker is puzzled

When she finds three healthy siblings running about the house

With no rhyme or reason poor Antonio lay wasting away

in a tomb darkened by boarded windows

What wrong could a poor little boy do

Covered in urine and feces atop his dirt riddled body

Near death she said

An undeserving mother now facing charges

Antonio and siblings with a better future ahead

Now Mary Rader must face the music

There is no penance that can save her

A full sentence must be served

May god heal her children with happiness and cheer

May they find peace through the love of good people

This is the only thing that can heal the crack in my heart

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