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What I see when I look at the sea© by Felina Silver Robinson

I sit upon the largest rock
Facing towards the morning sun
I look out into the wide open land of ours
I see a brand new day for each and every day
Filled with hopeful things you see
We only have time for good things ahead
The future ahead has taken all that’s bad
And thrown it out to the sea
Never to be seen or heard from again
What do you see when you look at the sea?

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Birthdays© by Felina Silver Robinson

Birthday’s come
Birthday’s go
We all have a list
Of what to do this year
Has anyone out there done anything
I’m forever making plans that never come to fruition
This year I’m certain there’s going to be a change
I’m more than determined to make certain this time
That I set out to do all that I can to complete my tasks
A birthday is a time for new beginnings and for wiping the slate clean
I can’t wait to begin my charge to make all that I must do be done before next we convene again

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The old tree of mine© by Felina Silver Robinson

On a warm summers day when I was still young,
I planted tree to keep me company
The dirt I dug up from the park behind our house
The tree so small and mighty
I hope for its growth to be strong and plenty
The leaves so grand and supple
The flowers that sprout each spring
Smell sweeter than lilacs
I sit for hours just staring out at that tree
It makes me think of all the places that I want to be
When the petals fall beneath my feet
I have the urge to dance and share all my dreams
The petals seem to be like dear old friends
When winter comes to whisk them away
I sit peacefully waiting until spring next returns
To bring the leaves back to my tree
So that I can see all that I can see even if it is all only a dream

Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind. This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

Trust© by Felina Silver Robinson

It’s quiet
I now have time to think
To clear my mind of all the cobwebs
All the talk, the nonsense, and the rumors
Trust is where it should be
There’s no lying or cheating here
No need for cross examination
Nor giving the 3rd degree
My ears are open
And I sit here willing to believe you
Trust is what is needed to go from start to finish

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Nature© by Felina Silver Robinson

Nature is free
It’s beautiful when it wants to be
And it belongs to all of us
Nature is lives and nature dies
But should come as no surprise
That sometimes nature kills
Not because it wants it’s just its design
Its power and its strength wraps itself around you
Sometimes it whisks you up and then tosses you away
Sometimes it watches you then strikes you down and then leaves you
Sometimes it rises up and swallows you whole and spits you out when its done
Hopefully you’ll survive natures wrath to prove to her that you can treat her right

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I’ve got you© by Felina Silver Robinson

When all is wrong and all is right
I’m glad to know that I’ve got you
When my heart is aching when mom is gone
When she’s not coming back because
God has come and taken her
When dad couldn’t live without out her
And left in haste to join her
I know you’ll be there to hold me
When all the children are gone
To start their lives making their own families
I know you’ll find a way to keep me happy
I thank the lord that I found you

Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind. This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

Man stung more than an estimated 100 times


1. Tulane biologist asks: How does lead affect New Orleans’ birds?


2. ‘Green burials’ are on the rise as baby boomers plan for their future, and funerals

3. Don’t drink the water

Portland’s fluoridation battle shows how tricky it is to integrate science into debates that have as much to do with values as policy.

4. Drought leads to contamination in Duncan’s water supply

Officials in Duncan, Oklahoma, notified residents that the city’s drinking water had violated federal purity standards. City officials say the problem is the result of a prolonged drought that has left city reservoirs several feet below normal.
Photo - Duncan public works director Scott Vaughn talks about the drought and the effect on the city's water quality, Tuesday, September 30, 2014. Photo by David McDaniel

5. California water officials aren’t following own call for conservation

drought honchos - Mike Soubirous

6. NC coal ash spill provokes state regulation, but activists criticize law

While the state’s coal ash management law is unprecedented, environmentalists say it should be stricter

7. U.S. farmers latest to sue Syngenta over GMO corn rejected by China

The logo of Swiss agrochemicals maker Syngenta is seen in front of a cornfield near the company's plant in Stein near Basel September 18, 2012.  REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

8. South Sudan: children bear brunt of man-made disaster

Despite aid agencies’ efforts, the world’s newest nation is on the brink as its leaders fight for the spoils of power

Women carry sacks of maize flour at a food distribution point in Juba, South Sudan

9. Islamic State jihadists are using water as a weapon in Iraq

10. Clean Coal Era Begins


11. Methane emissions soar in drilling boom

Study finds big rise in emissions of methane

Flares like this one at an oil production facility in North Dakota burn off methane that is produced along with oil but is too costly to process and transport.(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

12. Under Pressure, Texas to Install Air Monitor in Heavily Fracked County

Investigation by ICN and the Center for Public Integrity helped spur Karnes County commissioners to think seriously about fracking’s toxic air emissions.

13. Facing Threat From Pot Farms, West Coast Fisher Proposed For Endangered Species Protection

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed listing the fisher as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. Its populations were first damaged by trapping and logging, and now face a threat from rat poison used by illegal marijuana farms. | credit: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

14. Manure fertilizer increases antibiotic resistance

Faeces from antibiotic-free cows helps resistant bacteria to flourish in soil, puzzling researchers.

15. Study: Extra $22.5B a year in environmental gains for Chesapeake region if cleanup proceeds.

16. U.S. foods labeled ‘natural’ often contain GMOs, group reports

17. BPA Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Lung Problems in Children

Plastic bottles

My Poem of the Day


My Final Say©

I stand high on the tallest mountain

With my arms flying high

People gathered from all around

I’ve waited so long

To stand proud

And have my final say

They plan to take from me,

My friends and my neighbors

The land mother nature has nurtured since the beginning of time

They intend to build, build and build

Until the land is empty no more

It matters none that the animals have lost their way

They come into our homes

They live in our back yards and our attics

Because man has taken the only home they’ve ever known

When they are caught they are euthanized for trespassing

On land that use to be their own

We must take a stand for us the people

And for them

The animals

The air is slowing leaving

Soon we won’t even breathing

The hunger that will come as all starts to die off

All so the man could continue with his building

To fill each square foot with machines that devour all our resources

When the lights turn off and we sit in the dark

With no food

And no place to lay our bed

Then and only then

Will man see the problem he created

And what will he do then

Stand here on this mountain

Stand tall and speak with me

And tell the story of what you see

And hope that it’s not too late to be heard

And to see what man can do to fix the mess he made

Copyright 2014

My Final Say©

Felina Silver Robinson

Students were working on school project when stung

Mister Big

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