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Editions dating back to 1922 found in Kinsley Street house

Man discovers old newspapers in walls

NASHUA, N.H. — Renovations at a house in Nashua uncovered old newspapers filled with headlines and history.

Ken Steffen found a hidden treasure under layers of old siding in his Kinsley Street home. Editions to The Nashua Telegraph and Boston Post dating back to August 1922 were found inside a wall.

“And right in here, just in the corner, they had packed a bunch of old newspapers,” Steffen said.

Steffen said the papers were probably packed in the wall for insulation or to plug a leak and are not worth a lot of money, but the time capsule is priceless to him.

“Honus Wagner, my favorite one,” he said.

Steffen said he can’t get enough of the photos of baseball legend Honus Wagner. “The Flying Dutchman” was the first face he saw on the tattered pages.

The papers contained headlines including “3 textile mills open gates,” “Yankees increase lead over Browns,” and “Men wanted as machinists, boilermakers and blacksmiths – up to 75 cents an hour.”

“It was just really interesting to see what was going on back then in the industries, the job market and prices,” Steffen said.

Prices for items 92 years ago include suits for $4.95, three cans of foot powder for 25 cents, bicycles for $27.50, and “Drive a sedan home for $650.”

The renovations will start up again this summer and Steffen said he is hoping that peeling back more of the old siding will reveal more treasure.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll find $1 million under there someday,” Steffen said.

Fire rips through abandoned building

Nashua firefighters battle blaze

NASHUA, N.H. — Firefighters battled a blaze for more than two hours Saturday evening at the corner of Amory and Bridge streets, officials said.

The abandoned building used to house an auto repair shop and apartments.

Neighbors said they were shocked by the intensity of the fire.

“Came to my bathroom window to see what was going on and this place was just inflamed. I mean it lit up the whole block,” said Herbert Lewis.

Fire officials said the building was scheduled to be torn down.

“It was pretty much vacant. It’s been slated for demo in the next couple of weeks. The utilities are already shut off, the gas, the electrical, and it had been out, no real issues,” said Nashua Deputy Chief Kevin Kerrigan.

The fire has been deemed suspicious and Kerrigan says the damage is so significant it’s going to make for a tough investigation.

“It’s unsafe to get too in there. So they are going to have a machine in here in the morning to tear it down.”

The Nashua fire Marshal is investigating the cause.

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