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Today’s movie choices were picked in loving memory of my Brother: Johnny Williams, III.

He loved Karate, Bruce Lee and almost any movie with Kung Fu. (I’m always thinking of

you big brother…Love you)

1. The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk 2 – Jet Li

2. Return of the Deadly Blade

3. James Tien in The Shaolin Plot

4. Bruce Is Loose AKA The Green Dragon Inn (1977) – Lo Lieh, Yuen Hua, Polly Kwan

5. Bruce Lee’s Greatest Revenge (1978) – Bruce Li, Bruce Tong, Bolo Yeung

1) The Horsemen 1971

2) Memories of Midnight~Full Movie

1. Bibles, Stamps and Children’s Drawings Used to Smuggle Drugs

2. 10 Native Inventions and Innovations That Changed the World

Lacrosse is merely the best-known indigenous invention. We bring you several examples
of indigenous ingenuity.

3. Ready for Some Football? QB Nathan Stanley Moving Toward AFL Playoffs

Courtesy San Jose Sabercats
Nathan Stanley, Cherokee, answers questions after the game

4. Cherokee Citizen Honored at White House as ‘Champion of Change’

Courtesy Cherokee Nation
Pictured, from left, are Cherokee Nation Chief of Staff Chuck Hoskin and Deputy
Chief S. Joe Crittenden congratulating 2014 White House Champion of Change
Daryl Legg, along with Principal Chief Bill John Baker.

5. Chickasaws to Transfer Clinic Operation to Choctaws

Choctaw Nation Principal Chief Gary Batton, left, and Chickasaw Nation Governor
Bill Anoatubby formally sign a memorandum of agreement transferring operation of a
medical clinic in Durant over to the Choctaw Nation on October 1.

6. First Nations Turn to Corporations for Funding

Assembly of First Nations/Assemblee des premieres Nations Facebook
A drum session at a Truth and Reconciliation Commission event in Victoria.

7. 5 Amazing and Powerful Things You’ll See at a Pow Wow

8. Why Are the Clocks Running Backwards in Bolivia?

Sara Shahriari
Introducing the Clock of the South

9. Video: Suquamish Honor Their Sacred Relationship With Killer Whales

Suquamish Tribe/YouTube
The Suquamish this year honored killer whales, who showed up en masse last year to
escort sacred artifacts back to their rightful place.

10. Chickasaw Siblings Make Memories Along Equestrian Trails

Chickasaw Nation
The Kliewer family, from left: Phil, Addison, Abbey and Milli at an equestrian competition in
Oklahoma City.

11. Save, Print, Share: 12 Inspiring Posters from Tar Sands Healing Walk


12. Journey Through Rosebud (1971)

1) Monsters and Mysteries in Alaska Paranormal Documentary

2) Encounters With Monsters – SCARIEST Paranormal Documentary

3) Giant Killer Bees – Paranormal Documentary



1) Amityville Horror

2) The Village

3) The Dunwich Horror 2009 Remake

4) 1959 House On Haunted Hill Color

1)  Fear - Horror

2) Dark Shade Creek - HORROR

3) Witchboard 1986

4) The Hitcher 1986 full movie

5) The Hitcher II

1) Friday the 13th Facts

2) Friday The 13th In Real LIfe Prank

3) Learning English – It’s Friday the 13th

4) Friday The 13th: No Man’s Land (2010) Fan Film

5) Friday the 13th: The Victims of Jason Voorhees

6) Friday The 13th – Part III – Jason’s Revenge – FULL MOVIE – FAN FILM

1) Vacancy 2: The First Cut (2009)

2) Children of the Corn (The Original) 1984

3) The Lawnmower Man HD 1080p Full Movie

4) Fog Warning

5) Fog Island (1945) – Full Length Thriller Movie


The Fault In Our Stars | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Author befriended sick teen before her death