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1. James Cameron Casting ‘Avatar 2′; Seeks Native Actors

Wes Studi as Eytukan in ‘Avatar.’

2. EPA Climate Justice Blog: Your Involvement in the Future of Our Legacy Cities

3. Billy Mills Milestone: 50 Years Since Olympic Gold Win

Running Strong
Billy Mills won the Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo for the 10,000 meter run 50 years ago today.

4. St. Germaine Sr. Sworn in as President of Lac du Flambeau Tribe

5. Artist as Trickster, Trickster as Art: Santiago Romero’s Ceramic Coyotes

courtesy Santiago Romero

6. Tears of Protest at Redskins Game and How Dan Snyder Caused Them

Ron Jackson
People supporting a name change listen as Virgil Ortiz of Laguna Pueblo speaks at the Anti-Redskins protest rally on October 11, 2014. Ortiz is an Professor at Arizona State University.

7. Obama Designates San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

Wikimedia Commons
The San Gabriel Mountains are seen near Cajon Junction, California.

8. Indian Country’s Long Fight Over Who Gets the Right to Vote

PBS’ Frontline has a interactive map that shows where voting right laws have changed.

9. Nowhere to Turn: Our Mental Health System Is Sick

The adult life of Amelia Kay Looking Sabinsky, was a long, drawn-out train wreck that may have been prevented with stronger mental health systems.

10. A Letter to Pope Francis: Abolish the Papal Bull Behind Colonization!

1. Dumb and Dumber

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

3. Ernest Goes to Africa

4. 2001 A Space Travesty

1) Prom Night (1981 Jamie Lee Curtis)

2) Trick or Treat (1986)

3) Terror Train (1980 Jamie Lee Curtis)

4) House on Haunted Hill (1959)

5) The Children (1980)

After bailing on ‘Speed 2′ and for saying for years that he would never return to the franchise, Keanu Reeves might want to do ‘Speed 3′.

September Affair

Manina Stuart played by Joan Fontaine and David Lawrence played by Joseph Cotten quickly fall in love when their plain is delayed. They kill time awaiting their planes departure. They are so caught up in each other that they realize they’ve missed their plane. Then to their horror they hear that the plane had crashed an all on the plane are presumed. They were somehow believed to have been on the plane. They have a chance to start a new life with each other, but being a pianist and playing concerts may make that difficult. A wire transfer sends doubt as to David’s death. His wife and son travel to Florence to see what’s going on. In the end Manina and David realize they must return to their real lives but will always have their “September Affair” to remember. This is a heart wrenching movie.  Even though marriage is sacred you sort of feel sorry for these two. Sometimes there are those that are in love with their spouses, but then find an even truer love, while they are married and are “torn between to lovers” and end up feeling trapped. I give this movie 4 and 1/2 stars. Felina Silver Robinson


Joan FontaineManina Stuart

Joseph CottenDavid Lawrence

Françoise RosayMaria Salvatini

Jessica TandyCatherine Lawrence

Robert ArthurDavid Lawrence Jr

Jimmy LydonJohnny Wilson

Fortunio BonanovaGrazzi

Grazia NarcisoBianca

Anna DemetrioRosita

Lou SteeleVittorio Portini

Frank YaconelliMr. Peppino

Hal B. Wallis makes an uncredited cameo appearance as a tourist in a souvenir shop.

Spellbound (Alfred Hitchcock)

This movie is quite intriguing. It has a circle of stories about both it’s patient and its staff who all seem to suffer from their own mental incapacities. It’s full of paranoia, phobias, delusions, and believe it or not, there is always room for a touch of romance. See if you can figure it all out. I’ve truly enjoyed the movie each time I watched it, but that may be because of how much I enjoy watching Gregory Peck! I give this movie Five Stars. Felina Silver Robinson


Ingrid Bergman as Dr. Constance Petersen

Gregory Peck as Dr. Anthony Edwardes / John Ballantyne

Michael Chekhov as Dr. Alexander ‘Alex’ Brulov, a teacher of Dr. Petersen

Leo G. Carroll as Dr. Murchison, the head of Green Manors

Rhonda Fleming as Mary Carmichael, a patient in Green Manors

John Emery as Dr. Fleurot

Steven Geray as Dr. Graff

Paul Harvey as Dr. Hanish

Donald Curtis as Harry, a staff of Green Manors

Norman Lloyd as Mr. Garmes, a patient in Green Manors

Bill Goodwin as House detective of Empire State Hotel

Wallace Ford as Stranger in Empire State Hotel Lobby

Art Baker as Det. Lt. Cooley

Regis Toomey as Det. Sgt. Gillespie

City By The Sea (Crime, Drama, Thriller) Five out Five Stars

Cast: Robert De Niro, James Franco, Frances McDormand, Eliza Dushku & William Forsythe