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I can’t decide to take the life of another

Despite their taking without hesitation the life of others

History has taught us

A life for a life

But what is the value in that

Does everything need to have a placement of value

How confused I am

I know in my heart to kill is wrong

I just don’t want to own the decision to hurt another

For the memories who haunt me the rest of my days

I will remain Undecided©

By Felina Silver Robinson

mothers day2

Without you mom

There would be no me

My beautiful children would not exist

My beautiful grand-daughter would not exist

Because of you mom

We can say

Happy Mother’s day to three generations of your love

Thank you

For giving me life

And raising me up

To give me the chance to be a mother

And giving me the chance to pass that on

There is no other gift greater

Than that of being a mother and a grandmother all at once

If I could turn back the hands of time

I would wipe away





And Ignorance

I would make people

Accept all differences between

Themselves and others

The day begins with a rising sun

A robust stretch

A cup of hot coffee or tea

And a hug from loved ones

The front door opens

There’s a whiff of fresh clean air

The ride on the train suddenly gets complicated

The first train is over crowded

No more passengers allowed to board

The second train is suffering electrical problems

The third train is running express stopping three stops past my own

Suddenly the voice over the loudspeaker says

There’s been a computer malfunction

Busses will be replacing train service for the rest of the day

Finally arriving to work two hours late

To a sign on the door stating closure for the day

Due to a flooding and a power outage

Dreading the potential busing nightmare

The hour and a half walk in front of me seems quick welcoming

But streets closures due to road work doubles my trip

The sight of my front door ahead of me

Never felt so good

Until the realization hits me that my purse is missing

I can’t even get in my front door

Thank goodness for the basement window I just fit through

My only solace once I fall into my favorite chair

Is the two hours left of silence before my family

All walk through the front door

I can only ask

Why must life be so complicated?

Some days definitely need a reset button

 by Felina Silver Robinson

One innocent moment becomes an act of violence

Because perception or intent is unclear

One side faults the other side

One acts in fear and the other acts impulsively

Too often the innocent die

The guilty go free

Rage mounts

The desire for retaliation must be realized

Not realizing that only ends in more violence

and unnecessary destruction

This man-made fiasco is none other than

The rage against the machine

Which is well old and can’t seem to stop churning

Somehow we must work together to break down this machine

Before its casualties become insurmountable

As they are already without true purpose

For revenge is blinding

Felina Silver Robinson

self definition

Love is irrevocable