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Wild Hearted In My Dreams©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Stripped of all that’s normal

I’m bare and I’m free

I run wild between the trees in the wilderness with thee

Hoping that no one will see

You bring life to my soul

My spirit is alive for a time

Not long enough for me

Before the alarm bell rings

and life gets in my way

Choice =Action vs. consequences


Smile on Your Face…©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson


I step outside of myself to see your pain

I know I can help you so it’s all not all in vain

I get you to smile, which you haven’t done in a while

You tell me it feels good to feel whole again

I sigh and am thankful that I could help with the change

We plan for the future so you have something to face

Now you feel as though you have a place

A place in this world that must keep you around

So many others have hope for your success

Your success at happiness and love in this place

It’s all on the horizon as long as you keep that smile on your face


A Story To Tell©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


I have a story to tell

I wonder if you’ll come

And listen


If you’ll want to read it on your own

It’s a never-ending story

The pages go on and on

I wonder if I’ll scare you with the truth

Telling you all that I’m about

All that I’ve seen

Wishing it could be unseen

The things I’ve done

The places I’ve been

The people I’ve met

The people who have died

The babies that were born

All who’ve come and gone

The hunger

The pain

The sickness

The sadness and the joy

I’ve seen it, I’ve said, I’ve read it, I’ve written it

Will you come

Will you judge

Will you stay

Will you go

I’m not sure if I want to know

I know that I’m so afraid to show it and to know it

Can I count on you to come and hear my story



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2014, 2015


Your darkened heart chases me

You tear at the seams of my troubled heart

You tempt me to falter from my given path

You urge me to choose the abundant gifts you offer

at the cost of my soul

You are angry because I show no interest in your temptations

My chosen path offers me the happiness I’ve dreamed of

I’ve learned that you only ask for what you need

Give all that you have to offer from the kindness of your heart

Don’t give with the hopes of rewards

Rewards are given when deserved, by those who judge you

Those who are not your peers

But by those who watch over you

If you learn from all that has been taught to you

You will understand all that comes your way

Allow nothing or no-one to deter you from your path

All that is sought, will in time be in front of you


The Mirror©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


If you follow your heart

You might find that it has more to say

It may know you best

It just may show you the rest

Of the life that you have hoped truly existed

With your eyes wide open

Your guard down

Placing one foot in front of the other

and just taking the steps

That your heart lays out for you

There’s no rush

No time clock

No one forcing your hand

Just a choice to let your heart take the lead

No more forcing your eyes closed

No more butterflies in your stomach

No more turning back

Just accepting, trusting footsteps forward

Then maybe you’ll find a friend in me and

The love you needed for a time

The sun will shine

The clouds will lift

The rain will stop

and the birds will sing

In time for your new life to begin

Glad to have you back again

Stronger than ever before

Trying, willing and ready

to see me as I really am

The me you see every day

When you look into the mirror

Don’t forget to open your big beautiful eyes

Oh how glad I am to live once again



Look to Me©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013


A city of of people

Turn to me

Looking for hope and direction

They trust me to lead them to their destiny

Am I strong enough

Who will lead me

Who will give me strength

We will do great things together

Together as one

For I am nothing without

All of you

You are my strength

You are my soul

You are my conscience

You are my soul

You are my heart

If you look to me

I’ll look to you and together

We will whether all storms


I dedicate this poem to all those in Leadership who run our great country and fight our great fight to keep us all safe and continue our rights to freedom.