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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Popularity of Chinese medicine growing

1. Al Jazeera Blew It on ‘Payday Nation’

2. Wabanaki Fire Kicks Off USET Meeting on Empowerment

Courtesy United Southern and Eastern Tribes
Opening ceremonies with drummers and color guard presenting colors

3. Get Ready to Cry: John T. Williams Documentary Calls for Healing, Not Anger

Jay Hollingsworth, John T. Williams Organizing Committee
John T. Williams, center, with brothers Eric, left, and Rick, right, at Victor Steinbrueck
Park near Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Rick and Eric had just convinced John to return
with them to their ancestral home in Canada. Within hours after this photo was taken,
John would be murdered.

4. Video: The 170-Year Fight for Native Hawaiian Independence

Dr. Keanu Sai, a political scientist

5. Three More Tribes Sign Land Buy-Back Agreements Under Cobell

6. 5 Foods Natives Hunted Before Europeans

Flickr/Creative Commons/Charlie Day
Wild Turkey in the Grass. Sunol Regional Park, Sunon, California

7. 5 Tribal Land and Water Rights Bills Get SCIA Attention

8.  Masters of Drum, Quill and Basket Tapped for Major NEA Award

Library of Congress
Rufus White at the 1983 Omaha Powwow in Macy, Nebraska.

9. Legendary Quarterback Sonny Sixkiller: Redskins Name ‘Is Racist to Me’

Sonny Sixkiller on the cover of the October 4, 1971 issue of ‘Sports Illustrated’

10. A Million Gallons of Salty Wastewater Leaks Near Fort Berthold Water Supply

Lake Sakakawea on Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ND. Wastewater that’s 10 to 30 times
saltier than the sea leaked from a pipeline underneath the reservation, possibly contaminating
a bay that leads to this lake.

11. St. Regis Mohawk and Massena NY to Restore Grasse River Waterfront

D.W. Kallison/Wikimedia
Picture of the Grasse River from the hamlet of Massena Center.

12. Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle Remake Johnny Cash’s ‘Bitter Tears’

‘Mr. Cash knew that if he took this on, even if his point of view was not adopted, he had the
power to be heard,’ says Joe Henry, producer of the star-studded remake of ‘Bitter Tears.’

13. Warbonnet Controversy Pushes Giants to Revise Policies

AT&T Field

14. Native American Medicine Proved

15. Interview with a Navajo Medicine Man in Monument Valley

1. The Racial Insults of Emerson Windy’s ‘Peace Pipe’

2. Two Victories for Utes Provide Light at the End of a Long Tunnel

3. Custer Died So That You Can Read! My 10 Favorite Books

Our students have to learn that education does not come in schools. All schools do is teach you some tools. Then you have to use these tools to learn yourself. You learn by reading.

4. Joseph Fire Crow Celebrates the Richness of Native Culture With Pow Wow Goers

Boston Herald
Strong Medicine Bear dances at the 21st Annual Spring Planting Moon Pow Wow in Marshfield, MA

5. ‘Red-Brown Solidarity Is a Must!’ Says Hip Hop Duo Shining Soul

Image source:
Shining Soul consists of MC Liaison (Tohono O’odham) and The Bronze Candidate (Chicano).

6. Montana and Wyoming Tribes Testify to Dire State of Healthcare, Funding Shortfalls

Matthew Brown/AP Photo
Leaders of American Indian tribes in Montana address a U.S. Senate committee during a Tuesday hearing on the Indian Health Service in Billings, Montana. Pictured from left are Northern Cheyenne President Llevando Fisher, Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes Chairman A.T. “Rusty” Stafne, Fort Belknap Indian Community President Mark Azure and Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Vice-chair Carole Lankford.

7. Violent Protest at Devil’s Curve in 2009 Sees 53 Facing Trials

8. Video: Maya Angelou Reads Inaugural Poem for President Bill Clinton

Associated Press
Maya Angelou, poet, author, actress, civil rights activist and professor—not to mention an inspiration to many—has walked on at the age of 86.

9. ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’ Wins Nature Writing Award

Northland College
Robin Wall Kimmerer’s “Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants” is the winner of its 2014 nature writing award.

10. Harvard Project Names Three Honoring Nations Leaders

11. ‘Redskins’ Players Weigh in on Name; Team President Says It’s ‘Respectful’

Associated Press

12. Sherman Alexie Keeps Crowd in Stitches, Praises Student Activists

Photos by Jack McNeel
A dapper Sherman Alexie on stage in Spokane, Washington.
13. PTSD And Native American Medicine
14. Navajo Early Morning Blessing
15. Whitehawk and Crowe – Wi`kiwa`m Ahsin (Tipi Rock)