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Judge orders defiant Kentucky clerk to jail



Husbands and Wives©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


Husbands and Wives


Partners in Crime

They Stay Together

Till Death Do Them Part

Through Thick and Thin

They Are

Lovers and Friends

Friends and Enemies


Good Times and Bad


Work Hard and Break Many A Promise

They Try Hard To

Budget and Keep Their Finances

They Nurture Their

Babies, Children, Teens and Young Adults

Who Have Many A

 Boyfriend and Girlfriend

They’ll Suffer Many

Heartaches and Headaches

While Putting Their Children Through

Elementary School, High School and College

They Will Enjoy and Sometimes Suffer Through

Holidays and Vacations

Plays and Graduations

Any Will Gain Many

Memories and Make Lots of History

Together Through Both

Life and Death

From This World To The Next One

Husbands and Wives

Joined Together Forever


Your husband may always be your Mr. Right,

But you will forever be his Mrs. Right all the time.

Without you, he may lose direction, then need reflection

finding only regret for he did not listen when you were talking.

 Be gentle, forgiving, patient and understanding. Mr. Right will always be grateful.

Love will be forever binding”© Felina Silver Robinson

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I Nearly Came Undone©

Felina Silver Robinson

June 28, 2015


Everyone is staring and just not caring

Of the words they sent my way

I tried to protect them

Be their good friend


They didn’t have my back

When the words started flying from

The haters and naysayers

They saw me holding his hand

When the crowd erupted

Yelling and telling me to go home

The first rock hit me across my temple

And I fell straight to the floor

No one offered me

A helping hand as

I lay there bleeding

My partner stood begging for your



You threw more rocks

This time

Hitting him in each eye

Leaving him blinded

You disappoint me

So when the police came

I didn’t even hesitate

To tell the truth

And they took you away

I nearly came undone

When I later heard my partner died on the way

To the hospital

You can’t be surprised

That I could care a less about your own demise

Now I must pull myself together

To bury my love


Hold my head high

Then be there when asked

To put you away

There’s no way you’re getting away with

Killing this time