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Friends That Last©

by Felina Silver Robinson

Growing up when life was harder

My friends were my strength


Those same friends

Still remain

We can talk about than and now

We don’t have to see each other

To know each other

Memories carry us through

We mourn those we’ve lost

We talk each other through

Our newest trials and tribulations

It’s amazing

That no matter how much time has passed

We can say anything

Ask anything


Do anything

Because we are friends that last

That don’t have to ask

We just do what’s needed


Happy To Put Away My Tears©

by Felina Silver Robinson


There sits a smile upon my face

I can now pack away my tears


For many years

It’s never to late

For a clean slate

To look life straight in the eye


Give it another try

No more living a lie

Because of some other guy

My heart now belongs to someone new

And I no longer carry memories of you

I’m happy to put away my tears


Full Moon Tonight©

by Felina Silver Robinson

It’s a full moon tonight

All is just right

And to my delight

There’s a dream

I’m dreaming

That stars you

There’s nothing else to do

But let it all play out

A bed full of roses

A roaring fire

Candle lit dinner

The smell of Jasmine in the air

There’s truly no reason for despair

Close your eyes

And taste the wine

Follow your heart

And dream with me


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May Love Be In The Air Tonight©

by Felina Silver Robinson

The air is full of love tonight

I wonder if I’ll find a suitor

Will he be the one that I desire

Will he know how to light my fire

Will he see the inner me

Or will he only see my outer shell

I have but one desire

Which is to be loved before I expire

My heart grows old

I don’t wish for it to go cold

No heart should be without love

So may love be in the air tonight


Dombey and Son, by Charles Dickens

No Regrets Will Be Found Here© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

I don’t want the things that everyone else has

I want what I need

And that is you

I don’t want the things that no one wants to give me

Because I will always work hard to get what I need

I don’t want to cry because I can’t change the world

I will accept what can’t be changed

But will try to change what can be

I don’t want to have days where I stand alone without loved ones

Because I didn’t make time for them

Because I wouldn’t make time for them

I don’t want to live with with a broken heart

Knowing that I could change everything

Before it’s too late

My life won’t be riddled with regret

I may be blind

But I can still see you with every touch

Every line

Every dimple

Every smile

Every frown

I feel your heart race when you lay next to me

I hear your pulse raise when you nestle in my arms

I hear your heart break when you think you are no longer mine

I know your pain when it’s time for us to part

I don’t have to see you

To need you

I don’t have to see you

To know I could lose everything

My biggest fear is that you will stop loving me

Because I can’t see you

And you fear that I will leave you

Just know

That my heart will always be yours

I don’t have to see you to need you© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson