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In the Hearts of Angels©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson


When an Angel wakes in the morning

Their thoughts are not of themselves

They are making a mental checklist of their plan to help that day

They are willing to go near or far

Early or late

For the rich


For the poor

No task is too great or too small

They’ll risk sickness and health

Safety and Security

All to make sure a smile is on the face of another

They’ll offer up their comfort

They’ll open up their home to all

They’ll give you their last dollar

They’ll give you their last meal

They’ll hold your hand when you hear the worst

They’ll see you through your darkest moments

You’d be amazed at just what they’re willing to do

Not just for you


For anyone

Do you know an Angel?

I know

I sure do

And I’d give up everything just to see them

With reason to smile


 When I Look Into Your Eyes©

Copyright 1997, 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


I see so much hope for life

The dreams ahead yet unfulfilled

The meaning of your life

When I look into your eyes

I see me wanting you

And you wanting me

I see the future without end

I see love and peace

When I look into your eyes


Sometimes When I Cry©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I miss you

I miss where I’ve been

I miss the things I’ve had

I miss what I could have been, what I should have been

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I know you did me wrong

I know you could have done better

I know your mistakes

I know you didn’t want to make the time or take the time

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I wish I could start back at the beginning

With someone other than you

Maybe then

I wouldn’t be doing so much crying


Waiting For A Happy Ending©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Oh how contrite I can be

When you are not as solace as me

I will surely pout if you won’t be round and about

My time is precious so don’t keep me guessing

When I ask you the question

Dreading the response that you’re

Not the answer to the loneliness that constantly chases me

Back into this darkened palace

You’ve become the light that brightens my way

You keep me guessing

No longer obsessing about what each day may bring

I’m only asking for the chance at that ending that I know we both have hoped for

So I leave you with time and thought before you decide

Hopefully warding off any bad feelings

That may turn you away

From our chance at a happy ending


We Are Soulmates©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


I know every curve of your face

Each shade of your eyes as you change moods

The sound of your voice when you try to hide your pain or disappointment

I know what you wish for

What you dream about

Who you love

Who you hate

I know that as we walk side by side

Hand in hand

Step by step

That I am the only thing you think of

And you are the only thing I think of

I know that without you

My heart will stop beating

We are one

And cannot exist without the other


Sister, Brother©

Copyright 1998, 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Without you little brother

What would I do?

Who would I sit with when I’m blue?

Who would I watch our favorite shows with?

Whose toys would I play with than destroy?

Who would I be jealous of?

Without you big sister

How would I fill my day?

No one to fight with

No one to hug

No one to laugh with then cry to

No one to tell me that all is OK

Sister, Brother we are as one

No one can break this bond

Please hold me close and never let me go 


The Art of Pain and Loss©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2014


None of us go through life

Without losing someone we love

Some of us feel like we lose more than others

Some of us put on a happy face and work hard to push on

Some of us just can’t keep it together and begin to fall apart at the seams

Seemingly becoming completely unglued

There’s no ease to losing someone close to you

Especially when this someone has been a big part of your life

Whether it be since the beginning of time or a short time

Only you know how deep and significant your relationship was

We all have to remember not to lose ourselves within our pain

Because we will do an injustice to those that we’ve lost

They leave hoping that we can do better to carry on without them

Sometimes in spite of them

No one wins if there’s no one left to carry on

Some think that the only art there is …

Is an act, a picture, a story, or music

But reality is

Life is an art

It’s an art of pain and loss

Life and love


Life and Death

We all have our parts

Good or Bad

But the show must go on

Carry on sweet friend of mine

This Poem is written in Loving memory of Frederick “Freddy” Berzon, who was not an uncle by blood, but was a best friend to my dad.  Therefore he was my uncle. I knew him since I was quite young and he was always there. Anyone who brought Joy to my dad, brought Joy to me. I will miss the friendship and love he offered to so many. It will be strange never seeing him again. I just can’t imagine it. I know that he is off to a better place to start a new chapter of his life. I hope he will carry the love that we all have for him with him always.