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My Poem of the Day


Love Hurts

When your partner doesn’t hear you

Not because they can’t
But because they won’t
When you know you deserve better
 But end up with what you see
Is what you get
You are the glue that holds everything together
If you’re not doing it
Nothing will get done
If you’re not buying it
You don’t get what you need
Forget about what you want
When he’s angry
He lashes out at everyone
Especially you
His apologies are few and far in-between
When they do come
They are lacking sincerity and remorse
You try to disguise your pain
But it gets harder each time
As time goes on you become nothing
But a hardened shell
Your own family finds you hard to recognize
No longer do you wear the smile they became so accustomed to seeing
This time your heart seems uncertain if
It can forgive
If it wants to forgive
If it will forgive
Isn’t the answer to what is broken
In your love
Love just hurts
Hard choices must come about
In the end
Love may just not be worth it
Copyright 2014
Love Hurts©
Felina Silver Robinson, #LoveHurts, #Poetry, #MyPoemOfTheDay

My Poem of the Day


An Unrequited Love

There once was a man

who when he was a boy

Had ideas of what he hoped his

love would grow to be when he was of the dating age

He watched the love his parents shared with one another

He watched couples walk the streets hand in hand

With their eyes locked

Their looks made you feel if you were invading a special and private moment

He couldn’t wait til he was older

So that he too could have that look

With a woman meant just for him

And share those feelings with a woman he would come to love

At age 29 settled in his work

Still close to his family

He had found love

Someone who shared the same direction

The same views on life, love and family

He now felt it was time

That they were ready

To buckle down

Join forces and get married

On a tropical Hawaiian Island he asked his true love for her hand in marriage

He was taken aback by her pause and hesitation

She replied that it just dawned on her that this was never what she truly wanted

She never set out to end up married

For now her career was her focus

Love would have to take a back seat

And said if you’re not willing

It’s time to go our separate ways

And with that his love was ended

He returned home to his family with his heart-broken

His love now unrequited

Where would he go

What would he do

But now it would become his focus

No more sitting back waiting for love to find him

He would open his heart

And open his mind

To see where love might find him

Always knowing that love is worth the time and the wait

Copyright 2014

An Unrequited Love©

Felina Silver Robinson


The calm of the Summer night

a thickness to the air

with a hint of a struggling breeze

the airy blue night sky with twinkling stars so bright

it gives me pause to wonder

if the twinkles are the hearts of all the souls lost

or the hopes of all the dreamers

I sit and spill out my own hopes and dreams

to a sky that may have no answers

to a sky that has no voice

but its warmth and friendliness makes

you think of it as an old friend

One that you have as your confidant

No worries that it will tell your secrets

or judge you when it doesn’t like what it hears

With every twinkle comes

the feel of acceptance and a sign of hope for things to come

I look forward to my old friend

The calm of the summer night

Copyright 2014 The calm of the summer night© Felina Silver Robinson

My One True Love

Just a simple caress from you makes me lose control

The sultry sound in your masterful voice makes me long for you more

I lose all sense of reasoning when I’m around you

Every woman looks at me wondering what I have that keeps my hold on you

If they only knew it was just loving you the way you want me too

I always listen when you have something to say

When you need me, I’m always there

I understand your pain and do whatever I can to comfort you

I only have eyes for you

You will always be the many of my dreams


The holder of the key to my heart

You are my forever dream lover

The one man who knows what I need

You aim to please as I please you

Love is a two-way street

It takes two to make love work

But sometimes love truly hurts

Together we can weather any storm

When all goes wrong

I remember your gentle caress and the sound of your sultry voice

and all is forgiven as I fall back into your loving arms

Copyright 2014 My One True Love© Felina Silver Robinson



Prisoner of your love

My body awakens at the thought of your arrival

I’m mesmerized by the gleam within your eyes

I’m delighted by your gentle touch

Your smile soothes the pain that lays against my heart

The sound of your voice lingers between my ears

When you speak your voice is the only one I can hear

Your words of love and unspoken promises keep me as your prisoner of love

Copyright 2014 Prisoner of your love© Felina Silver Robinson


The Quest

Tattered and torn my heart lays in wait

Waiting for this pain to be lifted

The struggle is overbearing

It sucks the life out my very being

I know I’m not perfect and

I may not be as sophisticated as all the others

But I learn fast and I’m easy-going

I’d do anything to please those worth pleasing

I’d climb any mountain to get to where I am needed

I don’t ask for much and need very little

I hope for the best and hope that you’ll say yes

Yes to my quest to have you as mine so that we can live happily until the end of time

Copyright 2014 The Quest© Felina Silver Robinson

Love is Grand

Love is grand,

love is kind,

love has only time for those who believe in it.

So let it comfort you.

No need to feel embarrassed.

Love has no eyes,

It only has need for a sense of belonging.

Love has no color.

Love has no shape

Love has patience.

Love takes time.

Love makes time.

Love must not be left behind.

Copyright 2014 Love is grand© Felina Silver Robinson

This poem was written for my friend Valerie Oberton

as she remembers her loving husband now that he is on the

other side continuing his journey with the man up above.

May my words bring you comfort and reflection on the years

you hold near and dear to you. May your memories always 

be with you.


I thought we would be together forever

but when the days turned into nights without you

I knew then that you were no longer mine

Promises of love

Promises of family

Ten years later

And all I have is a broken heart

With no children filling the voids you left behind

So I visit the lawyer

And One year later I’m out there again

Hoping to find someone who will

See how much I need him

Someone who can live happy and carefree

Someone who knows when to leave work behind

Someone who loves kids and making sand castles and volcanoes

Without questioning why

Someone who doesn’t make promises he knows he won’t keep

Someone who loves me just the way I am

and isn’t trying to “tame me”

Someone to grow old with

Someone who wants a forever love

How I wish you could have been my “someone”

Copyright 2014 Someone© Felina Silver Robinson

Love is:

Life long

Open Minded


Entity of me + you

I’m consumed by my love for you

There is not a moment that goes by and I’m not thinking of you

Work is hard because I have to focus on something other than you

I day dream of stolen moments with kisses and I pray for the day to end

So I can spend my night with you

Once we’re together, our eyes meet and I realize that our journey is never ending

and it’s clear that we belong together forever

Love is sharing a neverending yearning for one another

Copyright 2014 Love is© By Felina Silver Robinson

Will you be my Mrs.

I walk the streets aimlessly

I find myself slowly walking towards your house

I wonder if I’ll see you

My heart starts jumping as your front door slowly opens

I quickly duck behind the tree realizing I’m not ready

To again wonder why you don’t ask for my hand

The hand you’ve held tightly over and over again

We laugh, we cry, we help each other decide

What comes next

The one thing I want most is to be your bride

But each time I start to question when we move forward

My tongue gets twisted and I lose my nerve

Now my eyes are tightly shut

I’m hoping you don’t realize I’m tucked behind that tree of yours

Suddenly, I feel the gentle touch of your lips upon my forehead

And once again I have the feeling of bliss

My palms are sweaty and I no longer

Wonder when you’ll ask me to be your bride

Upon that thought you begin to bend down on one knee

In front of your tree

You ask me the question I’ve longed to hear

Without a thought the words “yes, of course I’ll be your Mrs.” flows from my lips

I feel a smile stretch across my face

Now, the sun feels warmer, the sky seems bluer,

And I feel happier than I ever thought I could

Now, years later we’re married with children

And there is no other place meant just for me

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been

I’m so glad that I’m your Mrs.

Copyright 2014 – Will you be my Mrs.© By Felina Silver Robinson