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My Poem of the Day


Safely Into Your Arms©

You shoot a glance

That warms my heart

My toes tingle

And my heart dances

I twirl in my daisy printed sun dress

Underneath the old oak tree

The warmth of the summer sun warms me

You sit atop your impatient stallion

Calming him gently as you rub his side

I steal a glance as I turn

And spy you smiling

At me

I wonder if you know at that moment

That you caught my heart

You make me not want to stop turning

I fear when I’m done you’ll be gone

I then have no choice

The heat of the sun has left me thirsty

Nearly collapsing

To my surprise

I’m laying safely in your arms

Hoping that it will last forever

With my eyes closed

I feel your lips planted upon mine

I feel myself melting slowly away


The sound of my fathers tractor is upon us

I quickly find new life in my step

You tell me

This isn’t the end

I smile with a gentle giggle

As I watch you gallop away

My father reaches out his hand

And I hop up and sit proudly next to him

We’re headed home for Sunday supper

Tonight I will dream of falling again safely into your arms

Copyright 2014

Safely Into Your Arms©

Felina Silver Robinson


Photo by Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2012

My Poem of the Day


The Art of Pain and Loss©

None of us go through life

Without losing someone we love

Some of us feel like we lose more than others

Some of us put on a happy face and work hard to push on

Some of us just can’t keep it together and begin to fall apart at the seams

Seemingly becoming completely unglued

There’s no ease to losing someone close to you

Especially when this someone has been a big part of your life

Whether it be since the beginning of time or a short time

Only you know how deep and significant your relationship was

We all have to remember not to lose ourselves within our pain

Because we will do an injustice to those that we’ve lost

They leave hoping that we can do better to carry on without them

Sometimes in spite of them

No one wins if there’s no one left to carry on

Some think that the only art there is …

Is an act, a picture, a story, or music

But reality is

Life is an art

It’s an art of pain and loss

Life and love


Life and Death

We all have our parts

Good or Bad

But the show must go on

Carry on sweet friend of mine

Copyright 2014

The Art of Pain and Loss©

Felina Silver Robinson

This Poem is written in Loving memory of Frederick “Freddy” Berzon, who was not an uncle by blood, but was a best friend to my dad.  Therefore he was my uncle. I knew him since I was quite young and he was always there. Anyone who brought Joy to my dad, brought Joy to me. I will miss the friendship and love he offered to so many. It will be strange never seeing him again. I just can’t imagine it. I know that he is off to a better place to start a new chapter of his life. I hope he will carry the love that we all have for him with him always.

My Poem of the Day


A Mother Lost©

A mother loves her child

Through thick and thin

Inside and Out

The question is

Does she love herself the same

Mother and child

Two peas in a pod

Filled with laughter

Filled with hope

Lending a hand wherever it’s needed

Giving smiles a mile long with hugs that comfort

A mothers job is never done

A mothers job is never easy

Sometimes the toll it takes goes unseen

Sometimes the wounds just won’t heal

Sometimes there’s no more running and no more hiding

Sometimes those who vowed to protect her just can’t do what it takes to save her

So feeling she no longer has a choice

She thinks it best to leave this place

The Place she’s called home

With those she’s dedicated her life to

But she chooses to leave without them

Including her child

The one she adores

The one she vowed to protect at any cost

Maybe, just maybe

She felt this what was best

So now she’s gone

Seated high above with the angels

Looking down on her child

Hoping to be forgiven

For what she felt was right

Believing things would be better

A mother will always do anything

To protect those she loves

This mother was lost

But now she’s found

High in the sky

Just glance up above and you may see her

She’s the one with the bubbly laugh

And the smile that doesn’t quit

Copyright 2014

A Mother Lost©

Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away recently.

She leaves behind her loving son and new husband. May she find her peace in the sky above.

My Poem of the Day


How Lucky I am©

When I was young

I had a dream

Like all little girls do

I dreamed that I was going to grow up


One day become

Mrs. Robinson

All I wanted was happiness in between

Full of love and family

It’s certainly a common dream

But knowing who you would end up being

And knowing this as a child

Is something quite special

As a child

I never put the face and the name together

As the years passed I met Joe

Although I knew his last name was Robinson

I never put two and two together

That the Joe I grew up knowing

Was the same Joe Robinson I would eventually marry

When I think about it now

It’s almost like a fairytale

Although 9 years my senior

It didn’t seem to faze me

There was no one else that had

Ever captured my heart the way he had

Nor the way he still does

There has always been something about his smile

How it lays perfectly across his face

Each time our eyes met

There was such a twinkle that danced from within his eyes

His cheeks were always rosy

And the gentle laugh that danced at the edge of each word he uttered

Kept me listening and hanging

To all he had to say

And making me wish I never had to leave

I feel so lucky to have been able to have a love for so long

And then following through on the feelings

Until we were wedded

Although we both had other partners

We finally found our way

And in the end we ended up where we were always meant to be

So if you have ever had a dream

Don’t let it go

It might not come today or tomorrow

Just wait

It will find its own way

True love takes time, patience and dedication

How lucky I am to have my JR

And living in my real-life dream world

Where nothing is perfect

But is indeed real

And worth each moment of living

Copyright 2014

How Lucky I am©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel©

Curves that just don’t quit

Toes that curl at his touch

Fingers that knock the tension out of any muscle

Hands that sooth every ache in any head

There’s not a ripple in any ocean that can me feel the way she makes me feel

When she speaks I’m completely mesmerized

By each word that roles of her tongue

I can no longer concentrate on anything else

She has the cutest little laugh when she’s nervous

Whenever I bring my friends around

There’s a shyness about her

That intrigues all who meet her

But I have to remind them all that she’s my girl

And there are some things I’m just not willing to share

I feel so lucky to have her to comfort me and the end of each day

Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel

Don’t you wish you hand some one like her to start and end your night

Copyright 2014©

Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel©

Felina Silver Robinson

Enjoy Listening to Michael Jacksons Song before you leave

Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel

My Poem of the Day


Sometimes When I Cry ©

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I miss you

I miss where I’ve been

I miss the things I’ve had

I miss what I could have been, what I should have been

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I know you did me wrong

I know you could have done better

I know your mistakes

I know you didn’t want to make the time or take the time

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I wish I could start back at the beginning

With someone other than you

Maybe then

I wouldn’t be doing so much crying

Copyright 2014

Sometimes When I Cry ©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Second Chances©

I saw my life flash before my eyes

I saw glimpses of my past and pieces of my future

I heard your voice calling me

Begging for my return

Telling me to hold on

Reminding me of all that I had to live for

I reached for you

But something or someone wasn’t finished with me

There was more I was meant to see

I saw anguish

I saw pain

I saw promise

I saw joy

I sat upon the scale

Trying to balance out my life

There was no going back until I could get it all to work

I saw blood, sweat and tears

I saw my face in the mirror putting in the time and effort

Now I get it

Now I’ve earned the chance

Not just the chance

But a second chance

At life, at love and at feeling

The light that now fills the room

Is me

I’m glowing

Because I’m back

Thanks to you

For wanting me

For needing me

And for giving me a reason to live

I’m grateful and I’m ready

To get back on the horse and begin again

To start anew

Just me and you

I’m so glad for second chances

Copyright 2014

Second Chances©

Felina Silver Robinson