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My Poem of the Day


Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel©

Curves that just don’t quit

Toes that curl at his touch

Fingers that knock the tension out of any muscle

Hands that sooth every ache in any head

There’s not a ripple in any ocean that can me feel the way she makes me feel

When she speaks I’m completely mesmerized

By each word that roles of her tongue

I can no longer concentrate on anything else

She has the cutest little laugh when she’s nervous

Whenever I bring my friends around

There’s a shyness about her

That intrigues all who meet her

But I have to remind them all that she’s my girl

And there are some things I’m just not willing to share

I feel so lucky to have her to comfort me and the end of each day

Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel

Don’t you wish you hand some one like her to start and end your night

Copyright 2014©

Oh The Way She Makes Me Feel©

Felina Silver Robinson

Enjoy Listening to Michael Jacksons Song before you leave

Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel

My Poem of the Day


Sometimes When I Cry ©

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I miss you

I miss where I’ve been

I miss the things I’ve had

I miss what I could have been, what I should have been

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I know you did me wrong

I know you could have done better

I know your mistakes

I know you didn’t want to make the time or take the time

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I wish I could start back at the beginning

With someone other than you

Maybe then

I wouldn’t be doing so much crying

Copyright 2014

Sometimes When I Cry ©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Second Chances©

I saw my life flash before my eyes

I saw glimpses of my past and pieces of my future

I heard your voice calling me

Begging for my return

Telling me to hold on

Reminding me of all that I had to live for

I reached for you

But something or someone wasn’t finished with me

There was more I was meant to see

I saw anguish

I saw pain

I saw promise

I saw joy

I sat upon the scale

Trying to balance out my life

There was no going back until I could get it all to work

I saw blood, sweat and tears

I saw my face in the mirror putting in the time and effort

Now I get it

Now I’ve earned the chance

Not just the chance

But a second chance

At life, at love and at feeling

The light that now fills the room

Is me

I’m glowing

Because I’m back

Thanks to you

For wanting me

For needing me

And for giving me a reason to live

I’m grateful and I’m ready

To get back on the horse and begin again

To start anew

Just me and you

I’m so glad for second chances

Copyright 2014

Second Chances©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Looking for the strength to ask you…©

Many days and many nights

I’ve found myself at your doorstep

To afraid to find the strength to knock upon your door

I’ve tried to call

I’ve dialed your number more than a 100 times

You pick up the phone

But when I hear your voice

All my strength suddenly leaves me

But I know if I want you

The way I know I need you

Then I have to find the strength just to ask you

If you can find it in your heart to get to know me

I can see us one day getting married

And making a happy family

I picture our house on a hill in the country

With neighbors 200 acres away on either side

A farm full of animals

With many fruits and vegetables to harvest

In a place that’s timeless

But it binds us

One unto the other

For the rest of our days

If only I could just find the right words to say

When I finally get the urge to knock on your door


To answer your sweet voice when you once again say

“Hello, is there anyone there”

When I get the urge to call you

I pray for the day

Each night when I lay my head upon my pillow

I know it’s not just another dream

I’m just Looking for the strength to ask you…

Copyright 2014

Looking for the strength to ask you…©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Alone And Lonely You Will Be!©

Simple thoughts

With no real intentions

Lead to actions

Not likely to be forgiven

You start with a promise

That’s never fulfilled

That ends with tears on a pillow

That are definitely not yours

You say many things that are just words that flow

They sound nice

But mean nothing

Because you never follow through

Even when everyone is depending on you

A room full of waiting eyes

Waiting to see if you’ll show up

Not wanting to believe you won’t show up again

Even though you promised not to mess up again

They just seem to always give you the benefit of the doubt

But what’s most important to you is that ego of yours

It’s always just only the things you want that keep you company at night

The ones who love you mean nothing any more

Just be careful

They might just be showing you the door

Your family and friends will only wait so long

Don’t let your ego win out

For you will be standing alone

Copyright 2014

Alone And Lonely You Will Be!©

My Poem of the Day


A Day In The Park©

On a Thursday after school

In the park with the kids

The heat shining brightly

Laughter in the air

Birds sing happily

Then you suddenly appear

In your silver pick in front of the park

You honk your horn


I look up


There you were

You waved me over

I told the kids to play

And to keep watch over one another

You glanced at me

I glanced at you

Both starry-eyed

With frogs in our throats

With so much to say

We each waited for this day

No we could freely be together

You came into the park

We spent hours together

Kids in tow

I invited you to dinner

You went home and came back with Roses

Together we enjoyed dinner

I put the kids to bed

We sat and talked forever

As the hours quickly slipped away

At one in the morning you were finally on your way

Every day moving forward

There wasn’t much that stood in our way

Never handling our separations well

Our cellphones were always close at hand

Work was the only thing that made you turn away

And left us both eagerly waiting

Til we’d meet again


Each time I pass the park

I can still see us there

Chatting so happily

With so much left to say

Still now

So glad to have you by my side

On each and every day

Now as my husband

In each and every way

All thanks to

A day in the park

on a warm and sunny day

Copyright 2014

A Day In The Park©

Felina Silver Robinson

 This poem is dedicated to my loving husband JR.

I love you with all of my heart.

In the words of Andrew Gold: Thank you for being a friend

My Poem of the Day #2


Husbands and Wives


Husbands and Wives


Partners in Crime

They Stay Together

Till Death Do Them Part

Through Thick and Thin

They Are

Lovers and Friends

Friends and Enemies


Good Times and Bad


Work Hard and Break Many A Promise

They Try Hard To

Budget and Keep Their Finances

They Nurture Their

Babies, Children, Teens and Young Adults

Who Have Many A

 Boyfriend and Girlfriend

They’ll Suffer Many

Heartaches and Headaches

While Putting Their Children Through

Elementary School, High School and College

They Will Enjoy and Sometimes Suffer Through

Holidays and Vacations

Plays and Graduations

Any Will Gain Many

Memories and Make Lots of History

Together Through Both

Life and Death

From This World To The Next One

Husbands and Wives

Joined Together Forever

Copyright 2014

Husbands and Wives©

Felina Silver Robinson

Your husband may always be your Mr. Right,

But you will forever be his Mrs. Right all the time.

Without you, he may lose direction, then need reflection

finding only regret for he did not listen when you were talking.

 Be gentle, forgiving, patient and understanding. Mr. Right will always be grateful.

Love will be forever binding”© Felina Silver Robinson