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My Poem of the Day


A Wish for More Time

I haven’t seen you lately

But my thoughts are always with you

Each day that passes I wish there were more hours in the day

I wish there weren’t so many miles between us

I wish I had spent more time telling you all the things I’ve wanted to say

Now there is no chance for you to know all I had to share

I find myself wondering if you could have ever known

All that I felt for you

All the times I remember

All the days I was thankful to have you in my life

Thankful for all you had done

If I tell you now will you hear me

Will you forgive me for not telling you sooner

Will you watch over me

Will I get to see you again some day

Oh, how I wish I had more time to say all I wanted to say

And to hold you close again

Copyright 2014

A Wish for More Time©

Felina Silver Robinson

AR8255-3D (crop) Honor Guard approaches grave site, 25 November 1963

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Joan Naviyuk Kane

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Into the Light I Go

To all those I love and to who have loved me

I’ve lived a life full of grace

Filled with all that I had hoped to do and see

There may have been a few things left undone

But worry not, for I will not

Life’s been good for I had you in it

Life was hard, but now I can rest

I take with me all your love

That will comfort me while I’m gone

I look to you to live your lives

With love and fond memories

Not grief and sadness

Life is precious

Don’t waste time on things lost

Work to make a change and bring happiness to others

I’ll be here watching to see that you are ok

The light will protect and guide me as hope to do for you too

Here Into the Light I Go

into the light


Into the Light I Go was Written by

Felina Silver Robinson on 11/16/13


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Angels in the Sky

Today I sat in my kitchen baking

A glow from the window caught my eye

From this glow came some flashes

These flashes were memories of those close to my heart

My dear grandmother Mucha knitting in her favorite chair

My brother Johnny playing hockey with his friends

My friends Magdalena and Gabriela telling stories of their childhood

My husband Kris telling old war stories about his friends

These flashes I hold close to me sent from the angels up above

Each time the light gleams through my window

I hope for more memories

So I will again sit in my kitchen

Baking again waiting for those flashes

Flashes from the Angels get me through thick and thin

This poem was written by Felina Silver Robinson

as are all the other poems noted as “My Poem of the Day or

My Motivational Poem / Phrase of the Day”

In days past and
Leading up to the last 48 hours
Our loves have been filled with all types of tragedy
Loss, Flooding, Murder, Death,
Families hoping for the safe return of family members gone missing
Wrong way drivers
Police shooting and killing the innocents
Lost in the middle of all this destruction is
The amazing effort of a 25-year-old Autistic man who’s proud to have earned a spot for his art
At the Smithsonian Center and a homeless man who turns in a backpack containing $42,000
To the police so that it’s owner would be reunited with it shortly thereafter

Sometimes we think the world is a bad and none forgiving place
The truth is for every bit of bad, there is a bit of good
Keep yourself on the right side of things and I’m certain you’ll be like me
And be “Grateful Still, Again”
For I am without regret and pain,
Just praying each day for those who have no peace
For those who’ve been in harms way
For those who have been lost and
For those who find their way home
For those who met a tragic end and
For those who have created the violence
Each night when I close my eyes, I hope and pray that tomorrow will bring a better day
And I remain “Grateful Still, Again”


I’ve written this as a reflection of all that’s occurred recently. Maybe if it’s down on paper it will be easier for it not to happen again in the future. More importantly, I want everyone to realize how lucky they are. There are so many people that have suffered so many days before us, they still suffer today and there will be more that suffer tomorrow. I just ask that we all reflect upon how great life is and how much we all need to be grateful.

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing on September 11, 2001? I was pregnant ant working on the 13th floor of a government building. large plains were flying by out large, clear glass windows. we were all scared because we didn’t know what was going on. when we found out what was happening, we were more scared.
My kids at home where even more scared because they knew where I worked and that my building could be a target. We were released early from work, but public transportation was shut down and I had to walk from Boston to Brookline. I was never happier when I reached home safely to my family. But then emotionally collapsed knowing all that was going on around me.


My Motivational Phrase for theDay (08/23/13)


Growing up life was hard
Sometimes fun
Sometimes not so fun
Lots of time with family and friends
School was hard but I did well
Lots of house work
My paper route on good days and bad
Even during the blizzards and torrential downpours
Lots of hello’s to new family members
and goodbyes to those who left this earth

All things from my past turned me into the strong, independent person I am today
All that you’ve been through
All that you will continue to live through is what molds you
You have to live life, and experience life to the fullest to learn enough so you can teach others to survive this life

We grow from each experience that we have
Some experience hurt and some experiences sooth
All are a necessary part of life

Take time to look back so that you can always move forward with grace, understanding and

Trapped inside the shell of my body

We come into this world in a perfect little shell
Full of chances, promises and opportunities
We have to do our best to keep up our outer shell
That’s what people see when they look at us
It’s what they see when they decide…
…decide to befriend us, love us, hire us, learn from us or whether they want to be like us
Treat your shell well because in the end that’s what people will see..
…see when your time is done and they just want to remember you.