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You might not realize it, but you are my bully© by Felina Silver Robinson

You told me my ideas weren’t good enough
Then presented them as your own
You made me do all the dirty work that no one else would do
Then you to credit for doing it
When something was missing
You told everyone that it was probably me
When no one else would donate  to class events I gave the difference
You gave everyone else credit but me
When I carry I smile
You always turn it into a frown
Oh how I wish that you weren’t my bully

⇒                       ⇒                       ⇒

The Fear You Bring To Me© by Felina Silver Robinson

My eyes are filled with tears
So much so its blinding
My arms tingle
As they dangle loosely beside me
My ears are ringing
As your screams literally paralyze me
Me with fear
You taunt me with your threats
You wait until I cower
To ensure you’re in control
One day I’m going to find the strength
To see that you don’t get your way

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I’ve got my own style© by Felina Silver Robinson

Sometimes bright
Sometimes groovy
Sometimes tightly
Sometimes loosely
Sometimes flats
Sometimes pumps
Sometimes simple
Sometimes Out there
Sometimes happily
Sometimes sadly
But every time
It’s all me
Just the way I Like it
And Fancy Free

Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind. This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

A Lonely Eternity© by Felina Silver Robinson

My eyes may be closed and
I may look like I’m sleeping
But truly I’m wide awake
Trapped inside myself
Watching all that goes on without me
I can see you, but you don’t see me
I’m laughing and I’m crying but you can’t hear me
I’m dancing, almost flying
But you won’t dance with me nor fly with me
Everyone gathers around the shell of me
Crying so hard and asking me why I left them
I don’t understand because nothings changed for me
Except no one sees or hears me
In fact, they can’t even feel me
Wont someone come and save me
Or am I to be stuck here for an eternity
In a place where no one hears or feels me

⇒                       ⇒                       ⇒

In My Heaven Above© by Felina Silver Robinson

I soar high amongst the clouds
In the company of all those who’ve come and gone before you
This place is peaceful and serene
There’s no time clock to punch
No cars honking to pass you by
Endless clouds line the Sky
And nightfall never comes
There are no enemies
There’s no competition
Everyone sits happily passing the time of day
No cars honking to pass you by
Endless clouds line the Sky
And nightfall never comes

⇒                       ⇒                       ⇒

What’s to come© by Felina Silver Robinson

I’ve come, I’ve gone
I’ve stayed and played
I’ve slept then wept
I’ve come to realize
That no matter what I do
No matter who I do it with
We’re all stuck here together
In this place so perfect
Where nothing is ever out of place
Where nothing is ever broken or needs to be replaced
Sometimes I wish there was a secret door
Where I could turn back
And erase my mistake
Whatever it was that brought e here
To this perfect place where no one makes mistakes
But no such luck
So bud I suggest you come here
And I’ll give you the rest of the score
Of what more is in store

Note to my new readers: About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind. This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

My Poem of the Day


Sky-High, Looking Down on You©

I soar overhead

Looking down on all that you do

I see some scurry on their way to work

Others are off to school

I see old man Parker sitting on his porch stoop

All the pigeons gather with their beaks out

Waiting for their morning bread

Mr. Lee opens up his market

Placing fruits and vegetables outside his door

Officer Bill walks his morning beat

And Lucy’s out for her morning jog

All these things I miss

Now that I soar in the sky-high above you

I feel displaced here in limbo

Hoping for something different from from what I have

More like I was use too so long ago

If only it was yesterday

And all could be done again

Maybe, just maybe

I’d be back there again

Until then I stay sky-high, looking down on you

Copyright 2014

Sky-High, Looking Down on You©

Felina Silver Robinson


My Poem of the Day


The Art of Pain and Loss©

None of us go through life

Without losing someone we love

Some of us feel like we lose more than others

Some of us put on a happy face and work hard to push on

Some of us just can’t keep it together and begin to fall apart at the seams

Seemingly becoming completely unglued

There’s no ease to losing someone close to you

Especially when this someone has been a big part of your life

Whether it be since the beginning of time or a short time

Only you know how deep and significant your relationship was

We all have to remember not to lose ourselves within our pain

Because we will do an injustice to those that we’ve lost

They leave hoping that we can do better to carry on without them

Sometimes in spite of them

No one wins if there’s no one left to carry on

Some think that the only art there is …

Is an act, a picture, a story, or music

But reality is

Life is an art

It’s an art of pain and loss

Life and love


Life and Death

We all have our parts

Good or Bad

But the show must go on

Carry on sweet friend of mine

Copyright 2014

The Art of Pain and Loss©

Felina Silver Robinson

This Poem is written in Loving memory of Frederick “Freddy” Berzon, who was not an uncle by blood, but was a best friend to my dad.  Therefore he was my uncle. I knew him since I was quite young and he was always there. Anyone who brought Joy to my dad, brought Joy to me. I will miss the friendship and love he offered to so many. It will be strange never seeing him again. I just can’t imagine it. I know that he is off to a better place to start a new chapter of his life. I hope he will carry the love that we all have for him with him always.

My Poem of the Day


A Mother Lost©

A mother loves her child

Through thick and thin

Inside and Out

The question is

Does she love herself the same

Mother and child

Two peas in a pod

Filled with laughter

Filled with hope

Lending a hand wherever it’s needed

Giving smiles a mile long with hugs that comfort

A mothers job is never done

A mothers job is never easy

Sometimes the toll it takes goes unseen

Sometimes the wounds just won’t heal

Sometimes there’s no more running and no more hiding

Sometimes those who vowed to protect her just can’t do what it takes to save her

So feeling she no longer has a choice

She thinks it best to leave this place

The Place she’s called home

With those she’s dedicated her life to

But she chooses to leave without them

Including her child

The one she adores

The one she vowed to protect at any cost

Maybe, just maybe

She felt this what was best

So now she’s gone

Seated high above with the angels

Looking down on her child

Hoping to be forgiven

For what she felt was right

Believing things would be better

A mother will always do anything

To protect those she loves

This mother was lost

But now she’s found

High in the sky

Just glance up above and you may see her

She’s the one with the bubbly laugh

And the smile that doesn’t quit

Copyright 2014

A Mother Lost©

Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine who passed away recently.

She leaves behind her loving son and new husband. May she find her peace in the sky above.

My Poem of the Day


If You Leave©

If you leave

I may laugh I may cry

Not because it’s funny

It’s because you left me here on my own

With no direction

No plan in place

All my dreams were meant to be partnered with you

Now I have to find new ones that don’t include you

If I cry

It’s because I’m lonely without you

My life has been all about you

There’s never been another that makes me see myself as you did

I fear that I will lose myself from within

That I will slip into the darkness

Never to be seen again

My emotions get the best of me

So the best I can do for my own survival

I to push the reset button and begin again without you

Erase the memory of what we once were together

Letting go of everything

Allowing myself to try something different

With someone other than you

This is what’s to come

If You Leave©

Felina Silver Robinson

Here is a little music of the same name by a great band to go with my poem.

OMD is an amazing band that I still love to this day.

If you leave by OMD