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My Poem of the Day

Self Judgment© – My Poem of the Day (12/08/14)


The mirror that hangs highly upon my wall

Shows me not as you see me

But as I see myself

The beauty you know

Seems to hide from me

Every sin I know of others

I feel hiding beneath my skin

I’m frightened to peek through the glass

Fearing the vision I may see

I know it won’t truly be me

But do I take the risk to see what others have created

Must I be forced to hold their sins in view

So now I judge myself asking what kind of person am I

That I see and hold onto to the sins of others

And wonder what my peers must think of me

There’s no stronger judgment than the judgement I give myself

So sinners take your penance and come take your sins from me

So that I can look in my mirror and see what you see

And see me only as myself

Copyright 2014

Self Judgment© – My Poem of the Day (12/08/14)

Felina Silver Robinson

My ThrowBack Thursday Poem of the Day


K.C. & The Sunshine Band

Dancing The Night Away©

35 Years ago

In my mothers living room

Me, my brother and my sisters

Were dancing barefoot

On my mothers baby blue, hairy, plush rug

On this one rainy Saturday afternoon we decided to “dance the night away”

We played one record after another

Until we came upon K.C. & The Sunshine Band’s

(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty

Suddenly, we heard someone running down the hall

Imagine all of our surprise

When that someone turned out to be our

One and only mother

And you’ll never believe what she started to do

She decided to (shake, shake, shake), shake her booty

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing

But suddenly

We were all doing it

That was some of the best three minutes and 3 seconds we ever had

We still remember it just like it was yesterday

Thanks for the memories K.C. & The Sunshine Band

Copyright 2014

Dancing The Night Away©

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Music To My Ears©


As I wake each morn I have a hunger for the sound of a song

It doesn’t matter the tune

As long as I hear it ring against my ear

Music is my cup of water

Music is my bowl of rice

Music makes my heart beat

The sounds I hear bring rhythm to my soul

Music helps me make it through the day

There’s not much more that I can say

I work each moment with a tune against my ear

When a lay my head to rest

Music still rings the best tunes I know

against my temple as lay my head to rest

You can surely bet that there won’t be any more or any less

Of what I love the best

Ringing against my ear as I lay at rest

Each sound I hear is Music To My Ears

Copyright 2014

Music To My Ears©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


 I fear the day that I wake up and you’re gone

There’s no sign that you ever existed

There’s no hope that we will ever be together again

Our entire past is wiped clean like a scene in a sci-fi movie

It leaves me wondering if I’ve lost my mind

People are sure to think I’ve gone mad

I find myself rocking and rambling on and on

About what I thought we once had and all we had done together

But all I see

Are faces of doubt and inquiry

I fear I should say no more because they’ll likely put me away

I can only pray that one day

We’ll be together again

In a different time

In a different place

Where everyone else won’t remember my face

Til then the fear will run deep inside me

Until again we meet

Copyright 2014

The Fear Deep Inside©

Felina Silver Robinson