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Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

There is a difference in your eyes today

I can see into your heart

I’ve never known your feelings

Now I know your deepest fears

I know your hopes and dreams

You tell me your sorrows

I tell you mine

We find a way together to make them go away

We face the world together because there is no other way

There is a difference in your eyes today

You finally see a tomorrow

I’m grateful for the difference

Now you no longer have to turn away


Regret – When the shoe is on the other foot©

When you met everything was pure
Through the years much changed and anger and resentment built up
She wanting things from you that you didn’t have to give
She was angry and unforgiving
Her anger came out in violence
She left you battered and bruised
As a man you didn’t want to hurt her, but her abuse was worsening
She tried to kill you
You had no choice you struck out to defend yourself
Now she had the upper hand
She was no longer the abuser
You now were
You found a way to leave her and move on without her
You were determined to find love and happiness again
You reconnect with a past love but don’t tell her of your past
Somehow she connects with your ex and the new-found happiness you found has ended
Now you live with regret of not telling her
For now she thinks you’re an animal
Inside you feel it’s true
Now you’re begging for forgiveness and hoping for a new-found love
You look to friends for absolution
They recommend that you move on
But remind you that honesty is the best policy
For no one likes liars or surprises
He pledges to be true full you can only hope for and wish him happiness
Reminding him that he has to first forgive himself to move on
You hear a silence noting his awareness of all new now has to do
So ever though finding happiness would be so hard to do
I wrote this poem in response to a story a friend told me of his romantic woes. I advised him to let his new love go. The trust was gone and the feeling of safety was absent. There could be no successful relationship there as it all started with a lie. I advised him that in the future he would always have to be honest or he would never find happiness. I so hope he will give it a try.


keep calm and hold your head up

Hold your head up©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

When all else fails try harder

Never let life get the best of you

You can do anything despite your physical or mental disability

You don’t have to be rich

You might be poor

Willpower has no angel

If you are determined, that’s all it takes

Do you desire the power?

Do you have the drive?

Drive is the key

Make me proud, I know you can

Share all you know and what you have done

People will be amazed by you

If you are true to you

Just hold your head up and speak with pride

There’s no telling what might come your way



Making the best you there is©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

The season has now change and
Fall is upon us
It’s time for things to change
You have a chance to do things
All over again
Start fresh
Leaving the bad of yesterday behind
Keeping whatever was good with you

New things will blossom
There is a new found hope
Maybe a chance for love that was lost
A chance to right a wrong
A chance to be the you, you always wanted to be

Just as the leaves change their color
You can change your direction
Fear not if your choice is wrong
Three months til your next chance for change
Until then, make the best you there is


Bring Down The Walls©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson

Walls aren’t just made of plaster, brick and stone

Some walls are invisible

but are stronger than any stone

The strongest walls are made of emotions










Each of these get in the way of reason








Then and only then

Will you be able to

Bring Down the Walls


Your Heart will be fully open

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An illustration for the EP Album by Jonty Howard

Drawn by hand
Coloured in with Adobe Photoshop

My Recycled Memories©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

Each memory has a feeling of deja vu

I know I’ve said this and done that

Each place feels familiar

Each word falls into place

As if reading from a script

I know all the players

I can predict each moment

I have the answer to this puzzle

But am uncertain if I accept it

It is however my life

And I know that tomorrow won’t be any different

Because I’m living off of recycled memories

Bittersweet Was My Journey©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

No time to smell the roses

No time to enjoy the laughter

Unkept promises

Love never felt

Goals never reached

Wishing for a second chance

No longer wanting to leave this place

But now the choice is no longer mine

So bittersweet was my journey