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My Poem of the Day


Looking for the strength to ask you…©

Many days and many nights

I’ve found myself at your doorstep

To afraid to find the strength to knock upon your door

I’ve tried to call

I’ve dialed your number more than a 100 times

You pick up the phone

But when I hear your voice

All my strength suddenly leaves me

But I know if I want you

The way I know I need you

Then I have to find the strength just to ask you

If you can find it in your heart to get to know me

I can see us one day getting married

And making a happy family

I picture our house on a hill in the country

With neighbors 200 acres away on either side

A farm full of animals

With many fruits and vegetables to harvest

In a place that’s timeless

But it binds us

One unto the other

For the rest of our days

If only I could just find the right words to say

When I finally get the urge to knock on your door


To answer your sweet voice when you once again say

“Hello, is there anyone there”

When I get the urge to call you

I pray for the day

Each night when I lay my head upon my pillow

I know it’s not just another dream

I’m just Looking for the strength to ask you…

Copyright 2014

Looking for the strength to ask you…©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


In the Corner of My Room©

In the corner of my room

I sit here almost forgotten

Wrapped in my white sheets

Rocking to and fro

Tears streaming

Quickly down my swollen cheeks

Tears attached to memories

Long forgotten here

At least by all the others

But certainly

Not by me

No one else shows their feelings

No one else even cares

Have they been replaced by robots

They seem most insincere

I’m rattled by their ignorance

I’m rattled by my fear

I just know what direction

To take when I leave from here

Will they even let me go

Or will I be a prisoner

Kept here forever

In the corner of my room

There’s no one left to talk to

There’s nothing left to do

I fear I lose my mind

If you leave me here in this room

Won’t you please just save me

Copyright 2014

In the Corner of My Room©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


A Day In The Park©

On a Thursday after school

In the park with the kids

The heat shining brightly

Laughter in the air

Birds sing happily

Then you suddenly appear

In your silver pick in front of the park

You honk your horn


I look up


There you were

You waved me over

I told the kids to play

And to keep watch over one another

You glanced at me

I glanced at you

Both starry-eyed

With frogs in our throats

With so much to say

We each waited for this day

No we could freely be together

You came into the park

We spent hours together

Kids in tow

I invited you to dinner

You went home and came back with Roses

Together we enjoyed dinner

I put the kids to bed

We sat and talked forever

As the hours quickly slipped away

At one in the morning you were finally on your way

Every day moving forward

There wasn’t much that stood in our way

Never handling our separations well

Our cellphones were always close at hand

Work was the only thing that made you turn away

And left us both eagerly waiting

Til we’d meet again


Each time I pass the park

I can still see us there

Chatting so happily

With so much left to say

Still now

So glad to have you by my side

On each and every day

Now as my husband

In each and every way

All thanks to

A day in the park

on a warm and sunny day

Copyright 2014

A Day In The Park©

Felina Silver Robinson

 This poem is dedicated to my loving husband JR.

I love you with all of my heart.

In the words of Andrew Gold: Thank you for being a friend

My Poem of the Day


Going, Going, Gone!©

Many sleepless nights

My thoughts keep getting in the way

Flashes of my past

Of all those I’ve known

Those I’ve loved

Those who’ve helped raise me

Those who have taught me

Those who befriended me

Those who I’ve adored

All passing by me as I lay at rest

I can see their mouths moving

But I can’t hear their words

I’m so frustrated now I can’t even move

I try to follow them

But they keep disappearing

So I follow once more

It’s a vicious circle

With no end in sight

I wonder if I should just open my eyes

But then I fear the worst

That they will be…

Going, going, gone!

And I would be right back where I started


Without those I’ve loved

All passing by me

Going faster, and faster and faster


There is no one left but me

Even lonelier

Than before

Copyright 2014

Going, Going, Gone!©

Felina Silver Robinson

My ThrowBack Thursday Poem/Photo of the Day


College Days©

Felina - Newbury College July 1987

Saturdays from 9-5

I belonged to Newbury College

With friends from all over

Gathered to learn

All that we could about







Public Relations

Human Resources Management

Great American History

English Composition




To get a better job

To get you a bigger title

To make you feel more whole

To find professional happiness

Colleges Days

Full of fun

Full of learning

Full of stress

Full of life long friendships

Hoping for change


New Direction

Happy to see College Days

Come and Go

Copyright 2014

College Days©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Coming or Going©


Driving through my neighborhood

I saw

For Sale Signs

Open House Signs

Moving Signs


Yard Sale Signs

Everyone is Coming

Everyone is Going

In talking to friends and neighbors

I’ve come to find


Their kids are now going to private school

So now even the students are leaving

It’s a sign of the times







No more comfort

So we have to make our own

What’s good for some

Is bad for others

There are somethings that not even


Pretty flowerbed

A fresh coat of paint

Block Parties in the summer

Community yard sales

Yankee Swaps in December


Good neighbors

Can fix

So tell me

Are you coming or going

Copyright 2014

Coming or Going©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day #2


Voices of the past©

Voices of the past

They’re screaming loudly

Disappointed at what they see

Disappointed that their message wasn’t heard

They sent their disciples to do a job

What they now feel is nothing but disdain and degradation

They themselves have failed

Those who were sent out to do their work

Have come up empty-handed

They wonder if they should start anew

They wonder if it’s worth it

Oh voices of the past

If only you knew

Then what we all know now

This life we live

Does not do or act as we say

It tells us what to do

We live for life itself

And not for the voices of the past

Each moment in time

Is forever changing

We change with it

Or we will be left behind

Nothing stays as you want it

Things are forever changing

You must move faster

Or you too will become another voice of the past

Copyright 2014

Voices of the Past©

Felina Silver Robinson