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Holding Onto the Sun©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


This morning I woke up with my eyes wide open ready for what I might see

The sun was just peaking preparing to rise, bringing light to yet another day

My body lagging behind me not wishing to follow the orders coming from my brain

Tiredness still overwhelming me from earlier day’s journey

The amount of work was truly beyond ones belief

Trying oh so hard to keep up with the rest

I know when the sun reaches its full peak of rising

I should be showered, fed and ready to go

But something continues to hold me back

My mind no longer controls my actions

I’m being run by the body in which I live

When did I lose control?

So hard I try to keep all in shape

Long walks to clear the clutter often stuck in my head

My music lends a piece of mind

While my exercise firms this shape that I’m in

The phone now rings as it is half past 6

Reminding me I’m to be on my way

My body no longer has control as my mind has come back into play

I’m sure we never stop to think of just how easy it is to lose ones control

Be thankful for a strong mind!



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 1998, 2015


When I look back on my life, what will I say?

I survived these days of my life

And keep a smile on my face

I have a wonderful family

A great job

I’m writing

I’m not alone

I’m helping others

I have a good heart and soul

I can see beyond myself

I can see beyond today

I know what it means to feel

I know what it means to rise above the pain

I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom

I know how it is to remain sane

I know what it means to win or lose

I know how to laugh and cry

I also know that life doesn’t revolve around me


Hearts of all Sizes©

By Felina Silver

Copyright© 1998, 2015


A heart comes in many sizes

But the shapes are all the same

The question often asked however is

Why does it seem as though hearts are missing from others?

It’s been said before that without a heart there is no soul

Without a soul there is no being

Without a being there is no family

Don’t under estimate the value of a heart it means more than we credit it for

Without a heart we’d find more homeless

No one to care for those left to parents and families gone

No one to build our homes

Preserve the land we live in

Hearts control more of the world than anyone gives them credit for

Be kind-hearted



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 1998, 2015


Today is the day I change my life

 and see what there is to see

No more waiting

No more pondering

No more putting off

No more sorrow

Today is the day to start a new

To go after those things I cherish

To reach all the goals I set

To take the time I’ve talked about

To put my past behind me and

Let go of my regrets

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for

The day all my dreams begin to come true



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 1998



What is Rank?

The order in which we deal

The order in which we report

How we cope

Where we go

Who we are


Meaningless levels of authority

Meaningless levels of learning

How we teach our children

How we become who and what we are


It’s class, description, whether meaningful or meaningless


Is a call to tell how we feel

What we do, who we are, and who we want to be

What is your rank?

What does it mean to you?

I rank not, as you’re all the same to me.



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


I thought we would be together forever

but when the days turned into nights without you

I knew then that you were no longer mine

Promises of love

Promises of family

Ten years later

And all I have is a broken heart

With no children filling the voids you left behind

So I visit the lawyer

And One year later I’m out there again

Hoping to find someone who will

See how much I need him

Someone who can live happy and carefree

Someone who knows when to leave work behind

Someone who loves kids and making sand castles and volcanoes

Without questioning why

Someone who doesn’t make promises he knows he won’t keep

Someone who loves me just the way I am

and isn’t trying to “tame me”

Someone to grow old with

Someone who wants a forever love

How I wish you could have been my “someone”


There’s A Nightmare Under My Pillow©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


When you lay your head down to sleep

You close your eyes


There’s a smile on your face

As you head off to dream land

But under my pillow I’m not so lucky

Because every time I lay my head down

I close my eyes

And try as hard as I can

To head off to my dream land

But there are no sweet dreams for me

Because, There’s a nightmare under my pillow

And it won’t go away

I turn right

I turn left

I move up

I move down

I open my eyes

I close my eyes

It doesn’t seem to matter

My nightmare is there when I close my eyes

It’s there when I open them

And Now I dread the night-time

Because I know it’s never going to get any better

My Nightmare must be a punishment

For what, I don’t know

I know I have to spend some time

Working it out or I’ll never be able

to lay my head upon my pillow

Close my eyes



Oh how I long to visit my long-lost dream land

Maybe it’s just my pillow

Next time

Maybe, I’ll just borrow yours