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Helen Keller

Photograph by Marshall, 1902


The Story of my life©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013


I sit here with my head in my lap

Rocking to and fro

Trembling in fear

As to how you will see me

I’m due to read before you

The story of my life

I’m not sure how you will judge me

I wonder if I should care

I’ve been ostracized my entire life

No one has truly seen where I’ve been or how far I’ve come

My trials and tribulations are a part of me

But they don’t define me

My actions define me

The person I’ve become is remarkable

Considering all that’s happened

I watch so many others lose themselves

Never to break out of their shell

Fearing a lack of acceptance

Fearing that there is no place for them

Fearing their own demise

Fearing all that is before them

Fear leaves us with no place to go

Nothing to see

And no one to know

I straighten out my legs

I stand tall

I wash my face

Clear my throat

And I’m on my way

To share with you

The story of my life





Eyes as Full of the Ocean©

By  Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013


Eyes as full as the ocean

Don’t close your eyes to the pain

A heart of gold

Let your heart heal the wounded

A soul like no other

Let your soul guide you through

You are open to forgiveness

Traveling through time

Lifetimes over

Nothing has changed

We see the same loss

We know the same devastation

There are some who are forgiving

But more that are unforgiving

We live in the land of hope

But you only have hope

If you feel hope

You have to want things to be

To be different than they were

Every time before

In centuries past

In centuries ahead

Make the change

To begin again

To give our children

and their children

The chance to carry on

To become the things

We could never be

To do the things that we could never do

Through these eyes as full as the ocean

I can see all there is

and all there was

and this time

I want things to be different

Take away the storms that kill

Take away the guns that end lives

Take away the words that send young ones to their deaths

Take away the racism that separate the people

Take away the poverty that leaves those begging

Take away the shame that keep people hidden

Give everyone Eyes as Full as the Ocean





Hate Is A Useless Emotion©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2013


Hate is ugly,
Hate is mean,
Hate is a waste of your time.

When people hate,
They often get hurt,
They hurt someone who doesn’t ask to be hurt
Often the hurt leads to death,
Once death occurs, there is no longer life…
For the person who died or the person who survives

To survive this life,
Replace hate with a form of acceptance,
You don’t have to like all that you, know, see, hear, or do,
Come to terms with all things,
Give everything its own place, and level of Importance,
Just leave hate where it belongs,
Buried in the ground where it is out of sight, and
Out of mind


Image by Katherine Choi


By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013

It’s not easy to extend your hand in hopes that you will get the help you so badly need

It’s even harder to choose to be the one to help

Sometimes the decision to help is a part of you

You don’t know any different and its second nature to you

Don’t waste time thinking of what others might think

Because you extended your hand as the giver or the taker

Think of how you would feel if you didn’t

Don’t feel guilty if you can’t afford to extend your hand

Sometimes you may be the one who needs the help

Be open to receiving help

For as long as you are willing to offer help to others in need

Your needs will also be met in some way at some time

We are giving kind

We just need a small reminder sometimes

No one is too good to help nor too good to receive

People are both givers and receivers

Be there for those in their time of need and they will be there for you

Help is always there, all you need is ask


I wrote this poem on 10/02/2013 in a tribute to those who were and

continue to be out of work due to government shutdowns,

but it applies to all those in need everywhere at any time.

Bless you all and your families.


The Right One©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 1998


Each time the phone rings she’s hoping it’s him

Sadly it turns out to be another

And not the one for whom her heart yearns for


She listens to his words ever so politely

As she’s thinking of what the words might have been

If they had come from him, the man of her dreams


Thinking of just the right words so as not to hurt him

She politely says “sorry,

I must now be on my way, as the children waiting,

Oh thanks for the call”.


You can hear the disappointment in his sigh

as he reluctantly says good night

I can only wonder if he too knows that he’s not the man of her dreams



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


When you tell me all that you like
I stop at nothing to get everything on your list
You see all that you ask for then decide you no longer favor any of it
No thank you for my efforts just a new list in its place
I’m certain all that lines the paper will soon be replaced
By something else that won’t even mean a thing
It’s just something to have on your list
Lists keep you happy
Lists keep you sane
And they certainly keep you in your own lane
You better think fast or you’ll miss the show
If one too many lanes get crossed



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


For the child who lost their mother
For the husband who lost his life long partner
For the sibling who lost their best friend
For the neighbor who lost the only cheerful face on the block
For the cats who lost their faithful companion
Releases all the feelings held hostage
Makes you see and think clearer once the tears end
You decide to set goals that you might not have had before the tears
So in the end the tears become your friend
They help you clear your head and make room for what’s new
Crying…It does a mind and body good



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


I stand waiting for the bus to come
Suddenly, I’m no longer alone
This man is standing uncomfortably close
I can feel his hot breath against my neck
I hear him sniffing my hair
His hands brush up against my cheek
I quickly move to the other end of the bus
I hear his footsteps quickly behind me
I nervously stand next to the driver
Gesturing to him that somethings wrong
He looks at the man behind me
And brings the bus to a screeching halt
Jerking the stalker about
When the driver asked if he needed help
He quickly said no thanks and scurried quickly off the bus


Note to my new readers:

About my “Poem Bursts” – I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind.

This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write.

I hope you enjoy the outcome.



The Storm©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2014 (11/01)


Caught in the eye of the storm
Beads of rain pour down my face
As I run for cover from the impending gloom
Chaos runs rampant on the street
Sirens screeching searching for the stranded
The water level higher than the average citizen
Not much room left to run for cover
Some have perished
Some are still hanging on to the end of the line
The Bull horn sounds giving the all clear
The Sun breaks and the sky opens up and
A rainbow graces us with its presence
To bring calmness and order back to our town.
Once blessed by the priest all the evil has been lifted
And I go about my day!


Natural Beauty©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2014 (11/01)


A look, a glance
A quick snap decision
Of what to wear today
Something to cover up the glow
The glow you left me with this early Sunday morn
Some days it’s harder to let it go
It gives me strength to push forward
Your natural beauty is sure something to talk about
I’m sure I’m the only one that knows where it comes from
It gives me strength to move on


Trusted Partner©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright 2014 (11/01)


You hold my hand as we dance
On the ballroom floor
Worried that we might misstep
Worried no one will like our act
After hours of blood, sweat and tears all over the floor
But once the cheers and roars fill the room
All fears of failure melt into the shiny floors
Thanks for being my trusted partner once more


Note to my new readers:

About my “Poem Bursts”

I give myself 30 seconds to one minute, and then write what comes to mind.

This is a fun writing exercise I give myself to come up with something different from what I might usually write.

I hope you enjoy the outcome.