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The Voice of Autism:

Dazed and Confused

I quickly leave one class to head to another

Outside and in between buildings

I realize

I don’t really know where I’m going

Aides try to help me

But I lash out in frustration

No hands, No feet, Just Words

Words that hurt once heard

Words that cut my helper down

Words that I never mean

Words I wish I never said

Once calmed I regret everything that was said

I apologize but I feel like it meant nothing

Oh how I wish my brain worked the same as all the others

So I wouldn’t have to hear their painful words

Every time I say the wrong thing

Or when I say nothing at all

Oh What I would give to see them in my place

I’m just so “dazed and confused”

I sure wish I just knew what to do

Oh, here comes mom

She’s here to save my day, yet again

I chalk it all up to just another day in my world

Copyright 2014 Dazed and Confused© Felina Silver Robinson

Life Should Not Be Taken For Granted©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Each breath taken is a gift

Each step we take freely, is because we are free

Each voice we hear is because we are able

Each face we see is because we’ve been given the gift of sight

These things are not easy to come by for some

Some  have not been fortunate enough to ever know them

Others had them taken away

We who have them, I’m certain take them for granted

It’s never too late to appreciate all the gifts you’ve been given


Almost Perfect, Just for You©

copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


Standing in the mirror

You shave every hair

You clip your side burns,

Trim you mustache

and Tame you eye brows

You splash on cologne

Put on a dress shirt

Your favorite dress pants

A pair of Sunday socks

and a pair of just shined shoes

With a smile just right

You approach me with roses in hand

As you guide me out the door and open the car door

politely seating me

fastening my seat belt

and we are on our way

a date for just the two of us

with no one in our way

Thanks for being almost perfect, just for me


Finally, A place to feel I belong©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


The Start of Summer School

In a new place

With all different types of people

But more like me

Some could walk

Some had wheelchairs

Some had trouble speaking

Some had trouble paying attention

Some just wanted to leave

But we all found that there was

No more

being teased

No more

being poked

No more

being dared to do bad things

And no more

having our lunches stolen

It was scary seeing classmates that were different from me

But I know that

Everyone learns differently and has

different abilities

different strengths

different weaknesses

But in the end we all learn the same way

We have the same fears

We all want to be liked

And we’re all here to learn

Now my eyes are wide open


I find interest in more things


Have made new friends

No one makes me feel bad about who I am

No one makes me cry every day

I smile when I walk in the room


I smile when I leave the room

I’m the happiest that I can be

Thanks for setting me free


For letting me just be me

getting old2


When I Get Old©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson


When I get old

will you still know me

Will you still care

Will you still stop on the street to talk to me

Will you still offer me a ride home

Will you still care enough to spend some time

When I get old

Will you still hold me

Will you still love me

Will you still respect me

Will you still trust me

When I get old

will you care when I’m no longer there


The Land Above And The Land Below©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson


Death knocks at the door of the wicked

Death knocks at the door of the innocent

Spirits beckon for answers but no one responds

Can you hear me they call out

They’re lost in the swirls of deception

No one comes to lead them to destiny

Wait, an angel appears for the innocent

A creäture of sorts for the wicked

The good go up

And the wicked go down

Promises made

Promises broken

No one is certain what lies ahead now

Stories told

May not be the life you are now living

Stay honest

Stay true

Only good can come to you

Here or there

Sins still follows

Best beware

Someones still always watching

Both in the land above

and the land below


Sometimes When I Cry©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson


Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I miss you

I miss where I’ve been

I miss the things I’ve had

I miss what I could have been, what I should have been

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I know you did me wrong

I know you could have done better

I know your mistakes

I know you didn’t want to make the time or take the time

Sometimes when I cry

It’s because

I wish I could start back at the beginning

With someone other than you

Maybe then

I wouldn’t be doing so much crying