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My Poem of the Day


Second Chances©

I saw my life flash before my eyes

I saw glimpses of my past and pieces of my future

I heard your voice calling me

Begging for my return

Telling me to hold on

Reminding me of all that I had to live for

I reached for you

But something or someone wasn’t finished with me

There was more I was meant to see

I saw anguish

I saw pain

I saw promise

I saw joy

I sat upon the scale

Trying to balance out my life

There was no going back until I could get it all to work

I saw blood, sweat and tears

I saw my face in the mirror putting in the time and effort

Now I get it

Now I’ve earned the chance

Not just the chance

But a second chance

At life, at love and at feeling

The light that now fills the room

Is me

I’m glowing

Because I’m back

Thanks to you

For wanting me

For needing me

And for giving me a reason to live

I’m grateful and I’m ready

To get back on the horse and begin again

To start anew

Just me and you

I’m so glad for second chances

Copyright 2014

Second Chances©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Going, Going, Gone!©

Many sleepless nights

My thoughts keep getting in the way

Flashes of my past

Of all those I’ve known

Those I’ve loved

Those who’ve helped raise me

Those who have taught me

Those who befriended me

Those who I’ve adored

All passing by me as I lay at rest

I can see their mouths moving

But I can’t hear their words

I’m so frustrated now I can’t even move

I try to follow them

But they keep disappearing

So I follow once more

It’s a vicious circle

With no end in sight

I wonder if I should just open my eyes

But then I fear the worst

That they will be…

Going, going, gone!

And I would be right back where I started


Without those I’ve loved

All passing by me

Going faster, and faster and faster


There is no one left but me

Even lonelier

Than before

Copyright 2014

Going, Going, Gone!©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day #2


Voices of the past©

Voices of the past

They’re screaming loudly

Disappointed at what they see

Disappointed that their message wasn’t heard

They sent their disciples to do a job

What they now feel is nothing but disdain and degradation

They themselves have failed

Those who were sent out to do their work

Have come up empty-handed

They wonder if they should start anew

They wonder if it’s worth it

Oh voices of the past

If only you knew

Then what we all know now

This life we live

Does not do or act as we say

It tells us what to do

We live for life itself

And not for the voices of the past

Each moment in time

Is forever changing

We change with it

Or we will be left behind

Nothing stays as you want it

Things are forever changing

You must move faster

Or you too will become another voice of the past

Copyright 2014

Voices of the Past©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Your Hand

Feelings of regret

Wishing I had listened

That I had heard your cries

That I was there to hold your hand

In sickness and in health

Through thick and thin

I should have been there

But I let work get in the way

I couldn’t put my foot down

I didn’t demand the time off

And I slowly let you slip away

And now that you’re gone

I sit here alone in the darkness

No more work

Worse than that

No more you

Now left not knowing

Where to turn

What to do

My apologies fall on deaf ears

The only opinion that matters is yours

And you can no longer hear me

Life will never be the same

I feel I may go insane

If only I could find a way

To turn back the clock


Just hold your hand

Copyright 2014

Your Hand©

Felina Silver Robinson

The Darkness

When I close my eyes

There’s a darkness I don’t recognize

I’m afraid to keep my eyes closed

I’m afraid of what’s lurking in the shadows

I wonder if it’s a lost soul

I wonder if it hunts for me

I wonder if it will release me

A cold sweat comes over me

I scream and endless scream

I can’t open my mouth

But I can hear my own screams

No one else can hear me

No one else sees me

I’m trapped in this darkness

I try to run

But my legs wont move

I’m trapped inside myself

I hear footsteps

click clack across a tile floor

The warmth of a light

Suddenly against my face

A pair of cold hands remove the oxygen from my face

My eyes are uncovered

Again I’m able to see

The darkness is gone

I find myself laying upon a table

Covered in a hospital Johnnie

I suddenly realize

All was just hysterical fear

Fear of the darkness

Fear of the unknown

But now I know I’m back

Until next time

I’m under the knife

Just trying to find my way back

From the Darkness

Copyright 2014

The Darkness©

Felina Silver Robinson

This Doctor Thinks We May Achieve Immortality, But Isn’t Sure We’d Want To

My Poem of the Day


Without You Now

Without you now my days are always nights

My laughs become cries

My ups become downs

My smiles become frowns

I try to stop all that’s now upside down

You were the life in my step

The beat in my heart

The jump in my skip

You were the light in my life

Now I can’t seem to go on without you

It’s hard to imagine

But I know I must

So I trust you to help me find my way

To continue living on

Without you now

Copyright 2014

Without You Now©

Felina Silver Robinson