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Beat the hell out of, thrash without pity. It has all been known to be defined as: “to kill by stopping the urine or to extirpate”.


Glib as used in “The Winter’s Tale” is defined as “castrate”


A “federary” in Shakespearean terms is a confederate, but is also known to be a partner and/or an accomplice.


A woman that does not fulfill her marital responsibilities to her husband in their bed. It also means that either man or the woman is unfaithful in the marriage.


When someone opts to maliciously discolour the reputation of another out of spite or just to falsely defame their reputation defamation.


Was a mythical serpent which killed just by looking at you.  It’s still featured in movies today.

I so got a kick out of this list posted by FACEBOOK via You have to click to see it and believe it. Some of these statements I’ve never heard used. Some I would never use, and others I’m guilty of using. Felina Silver Robinson.