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1. The ‘Carcieri’ Fix Bills Need to Do More

2. 15 New Words That Belong in the NDN Dictionary

3. 10 Things You May Not Know About Wes Studi

Jen Boyer
Wes Studi will appear in three movies this summer.

4. Tribal Business Owes Oklahoma $47 Million in Smokes Revenue

5. Team Wisconsin Brings Home 38 Medals at North American Indigenous Games

6. Navajo Nation Turns to Plant-Based Foods to Reverse Diabetes


7. Video: What Would You Do? Brianna Went to Italy

The Buried Life
“The Buried Life” fulfilled Brianna’s dream to go to Italy.

8. Snoqualmie Tribe Gives $250,000 in Aid for Washington Fire Victims

The eastern zone of the Carlton Complex fire in Washington State on July 21; as
of the 28th, the blaze—a combination of what started as four separate fires on
July 14—was just 67 percent contained.

9. How Do We Re-Member?

10. Indian Gaming Veteran Is New General Manager at Muckleshoot Casino

11. Chickasaw Nation Announces General Election Results

12. Chris Rock: ‘Redskins? That’s not Nice. That’s a Racial Slur’

Associated Press
Comedian Chris Rock

13. Tribe Rebuilds Citizen’s Home After Fire

Cherokee Nation
(L to R) Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker, Cherokee citizen BB Livers,
Tribal Councilor Frankie Hargis and Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden stand in front of
Livers’ new home, which the tribe built after his former home was destroyed in a 2013 fire.

14. Mouth-Watering Modern Indigenous Eats by Top Chef Rich Francis [10 Photos]

Seared scallops with saffron vanilla sauce, garnished with caviar.

15. Redskins Allegedly Hire Crisis Management Firm to Build ‘Fan-based’ Website

16. Chaske Spencer and ‘Winter in the Blood': Coming to a Theater Near You

‘Winter in the Blood,’ starring Chaske Spencer and Julia Jones, has secured a
North American distributor.

1. Offensive Words Lead to Offensive Actions

2. 10 Ways to Tell You Might Be a Rezballer!

3. ‘Racism Is Central’ to Tribal Conflict with Maine, Says Report

Wikimedia Commons
Deer Island is a Canadian island at the entrance to Passamaquoddy Bay.

4. Traditional Art and Culture Event Teaches Much More Than Painting

5. Get on the Bus: Sun Tours Explain Native Culture in Glacier Park

Jack McNeel
Sun Tours operates nine bus tours within Glacier National Park all with the goal of
explaining Blackfeet history in their ancestral homeland. The tour is only operated
about 4 months a year because snow prevents crossing Logan Pass, but views are
spectacular of glaciers, waterfalls, and wild flowers

6. Miles Thompson Leads Iroquois Nationals to World Lax Semifinals

Kenny Frost

7. Malaysia Airlines Jet Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine, 295 Dead

A screen capture from a YouTube video that is believed to have been taken after the
Malaysia Airlines plane went down.

8. World Lacrosse Championships Player Profile: Warren Hill

Courtesy Kenny Frost
Warren Hill

9. Canoe Journey Message: Protect Our Fragile Environment

Tracy Rector/Longhouse Media
The Heiltsuk First Nation is hosting 31 canoes from Pacific Northwest indigenous
nations. That number was provided by the manager of the Paddle to Bella Bella
Facebook page. Canoes arrived July 13; the week of cultural celebration continues
through July 19.

10. Canadian Government Provides Funding to Support Ojibwe Language-Learning

11. Obsessed Much? 4 Videos by Tito Ybarra About Shoni (and Sherry) Schimmel

‘I’m the real star,’ says Sherry Schimmel. ‘I taught Shoni and Jude everything.’

12. Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience Announces Tribal

Climate Resilience Program

Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon
President Barack Obama attends the final meeting of the State, Local, and Tribal
Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience on July 16, 2014.

13. Shawn Michael Perry, Singing His Heart’s Song Louder Than Ever

Shawn Michael Perry at the Ute Mountain Music Festival in 2012.

14. Controversial Grand Canyon Gondola Grounded for a Year

Grand Canyon Timelapse: The Living Landscape
The Grand Canyon Escalade project is slated at the confluence of the Little
Colorado and Colorado rivers in northern Arizona.

15. Video: President Barack Obama Ties Infrastructure to Climate Change Resilience

The White House/YouTube
President Barack Obama is flanked by members of the Task Force on Climate
Preparedness and Resilience. At the task force’s final meeting he emphasized
the importance of strengthening infrastructure as a way to stay economically
viable in the face of climate change.

1. Stop the Lake Sakakawea Land Grab

2. Ballot Power: The Revolution in How Alaska Natives Vote

Courtesy James Tucker, of law firm Wilson Elser, in Las Vegas
The extreme isolation of many Alaska Native villages makes early voting, and the
options it offers, a critical part of helping residents get to the polls.

3. Uncontacted Peoples Forced to Flee Peru as More Trouble Awaits

Courtesy Gleison Miranda/FUNAI/Survival
File photo: This thriving community, with baskets full of manioc and papaya, is in
western Brazil, near Peru.

4. Linguistic Isolation in NYC: Not All Latin American Immigrants Speak Spanish

Ángel Franco/The New York Times
Carmen speaks Mixtec, and has picked up a bit of Spanish. Her husband,
Juan Manuel, learned Spanish

5. Attorney General Eric Holder Calls for Redskins to Change

Associated Press
Eric Holder

6. Video: Meet Canoe Skipper Doug Chilton

Tlingit artist Doug Chilton is the leader of the One People Canoe Society. Watch the
videos to learn about his job and how he got started.

7. Air Force Creates Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center

8. Regina Prepares to Host North American Indigenous Games
The North American Indigenous Games unveiled its official medals in May 2014.7

9. Twin Arrows Casino Resort Receives AAA Four Diamond Award

Twin Arrows
Twin Arrows Resort Casino

10. World Lacrosse Championships Player Profile: Myan Adams
Myan Adams

11. NTU’s Wellness Center to Host 17 Navajo Nation Presidential Candidates

Navajo Technical University
NTU athletic director George LaFrance discusses the many uses for the new
comprehensive wellness center. In addition to serving inter and intramural athletic
programs, the wellness center will also be used for educational purposes, wellness
programs, community events, and graduation ceremonies.

12. EPA Climate Justice: Restoring the Louisiana Coast to Combat Future Effects of Climate Change

Courtesy U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Before-and-after of a restoration project along the Louisiana coastline.

13. Could the Hobby Lobby Ruling Have Saved the San Francisco Peaks?

14.  Game of Crowns’ Native Beauty Queen Sparks Ear-Bite Fight at Foxwoods

Vanassa Sebastian on stage at the 2012 Mrs. America Pageant, where she won
a prize for Best Original Costume. Source:

15. Video: An Amusing Look at the Quirky Border Between the U.S. and Canada

YouTube/CGP Grey
This is where the U.S.-Canada border gets weird.

16. Did You See This Lyle Thompson Move vs. Canada? (Go Nationals, Beat USA!)

17. Why Buy ‘Native Inspired’ Products When You Can Get the Real Thing?

Courtesy Louie Gong
The ‘Inspired Natives’ collection includes these mobile phone cases designed by Louie
Gong and Michelle Lowden.

18. Native American YHWH

Every Monday, I will share (7) words with all of you that I have come across in my readings over the past week. I hope you enjoy this weekly submission. All and any feedback is welcome!


Magna Carta:  As you may be able to tell Magna Carta is a Latin word and is said to be the Great Charter which is also known as the Magna Carta Libertatum or the Great Charter of the Liberties of England.  I believe it was one of the first documents that was given to the King of England by his people.

Indomitable:  Someone or something that is impossible to subdue or to defeat.  Indomitable is an adjective.

Accoutrement:  Is a collection of clothes or items that will be used in addition to the original items chosen to wear to an event or to be used for a particular project. Accoutrement is a noun.

Obsequios  A person who is obsessively obedient and attentive. Obsequios is an adjective.

Abhor is when you regard someone or something with disgust or hatred. Abhor is a verb.

Exegetically  This word means to draw something out. Exegetically is a biblical word. I can be used as an adjective and would appear as exegetic or exegetical.

Deuteronomy  I believe it is the second law of hebrew and the 5th book of the Hebrew Bible. You might want to check your dictionary for further details.


Here is a list of words that you may not normally use in conversation. But you may benefit from knowing what they mean. I came across these words during my readings today:

1) fervor – an intense and passionate feeling.

2) indigenous – something that was produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment.

3) prophetic – correctly detailing an event in the future; can also be referring to a prophet or a prophecy.

4) edifice – a building that is large and impressive, possibly a large abstract structure

I would love to hear from my readers.  What are some of the words you have come across that you think people might benefit from learning?

1. The Dangerous Dissent in Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community

2. Therapists Must Recognize and Treat Historical Trauma

3. 5 Native Athletes You Should Follow Now on Twitter

4. Summer Solstice: Turtle Island Showered With Sunshine on Year’s Longest Day

via Stanford Solar Center
The solstice sun peeks above the summit of Medicine Mountain, its rays aligned with the spokes of the
Bighorn Medicine Wheel, built hundreds of years ago by the Plains Indians and used for ceremonies even to this day.

5. Speaking of Languages: Educators Back Native American Language Bills

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
William Mendoza, Oglala-Sicangu Lakota, executive director of the White House Initiative on
Indian and Alaska Native Education, said there are only 375,000 American Indian language
speakers remaining in the U.S. Lillian Sparks Robinson Rosebud Sioux Tribe, commissioner
for the Administration for Native Americans, said the agency expected in 2014 to fund 20 percent
of Esther Martinez Initiative grant applications and 16 percent of Native American Language
Preservation and Maintenance Program applications.

6. Aboriginal Awareness Day: First Nations Urge Canadians to Celebrate Indigenous Contributions

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

7. Aboriginal Awareness Day Celebrated Across Canada

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

8. White House Recap: The President’s Historic Visit to Indian Country

9. Aboriginal Art and Music

10. Aboriginal Dance 1

11. Aboriginal Dances 2

12. Aboriginal Dance 3

13. Didgeridoo Dreaming – 4.0 – 8.0 Theta Isochronic Tones For Lucid Dreaming

14. Why Is It Ok That Aboriginal Women Are Missing?

15. Trending in Indian Country: #PrezRezVisit Gained National Attention

Suzette Brewer
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visit Cannonball, North Dakota.

1. Native American Spirituality – The Defining Moment Television Talk Show

2. Native Voice TV The significance of hair in Native American Culture

3. Goin’ Native the American Indian Comedy Slam see in full HD on

4. Detroit 2020/New Detroit Multicultural Series: Native American Community

5. 10 of the Cutest Kids in Pow Wow Regalia

6. ‘Those F**king Indians’ – Sag Chip Receives Racist Message

7. Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Oil Sands: Beware of Climate Change ‘Powder Keg,’ Reject Keystone XL

Ben Curtis/Associated Press
Retired Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa is in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, to speak about climate change and oil sands development.

8. Chickasaw and Māori Celebrate Similarities, Language and Culture

Chickasaw Nation
Māori tribal members thank the Chickasaw Dance Troupe for their welcome at the Chickasaw Cultural Center. The Māori, indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, shared their language, culture and protocols while at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

9. Cherokee Nation Tribal Council Overwhelmingly Approves Two Amendments

10. Scary Bad Odors and Brooklyn Sublets in The Spirit World

1. Dismembering Natives: The Violence Done by Citizenship Fights

2. ‘We Don’t Want to Die Again’: Yanomami Leader Kopenawa

Courtesy Survival International
Davi Kopenawa, a Yanomami shaman, who has been fighting for his peoples rights for more than 20 years will be in California in April to speak about protecting the rainforest and his spiritual life. Kopenawa is seen here surrounded by Yanomami children.

3. Navajo Report Illustrates Need for Food System Sovereignty

4. Saving America’s Nile: How the Quechan Are Rehabbing the Colorado River

Courtesy of Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area Corporation
One of the restored sections of the Lower Colorado River. What was until recently a barren wasteland of litter and meth labs is now a thriving ecosystem.

5. Panel to Honor Fallen Marine at 14th Tesoro Indian Market & Powwow
A dancer performs at the Tesoro Indian Market & Powwow in 2013

6. Senecas Hold Annual Buffalo Creek Treaty of 1842 Commemoration

7. Walsh Fights to Protect and Maintain Tribal Languages

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
Sen. John Walsh is seen here on February 12, 2014.

8. Ojibwe Child with Cancer Quits Chemo for Traditional Medicine, Needs Support

Listen to 11 year old Makayla Sault read her letter explaining why she has asked her parents to take her off chemotherapy and pursue traditional medicines instead.

9. 12 Tracks of Native Hip Hop That Crush Emerson Windy’s ‘Peace Pipe’

Emcee One and Supaman in the video for ‘Too Far.’

10. Happy Earth Day 2014

11. Native American Philosophies of Education

12. Native American Boarding Schools 101

13. Respecting Traditional Native American Learning Styles

14. Native American Spirituality – How “Indians” Think

15. The Iroquois: The Oral Tradition

1. The Declaration of Independence—Except for ‘Indian Savages’

2. USDA Official, Doug O’Brien Talks Tribal Outreach

Wikimedia commons
USDA Rural Development Under Secretary Doug O’Brien

3. How Strong Ojibwe Women Made Mother’s Day Special by Fighting for the Waters

Mary Annette Pember
Sharon Day, Ojibwe, begins the first leg of the day of Nibi Walk along the Ohio River in Cincinnati.

4. Call for Music Submissions: #JuneJamz Indie Showcase on Native Trailblazers Radio Show

5. Honor the Treaties: Cherokee Freedmen Complicate Native Rights Mantra

In 2012, freedmen rallied supporters at the state capitol in Oklahoma City.

6. UAlbany’s Thompson Trio Upsets Loyola, Advances to Quarterfinals

7. Low $350 Million Capital Investment Required to Build Casino Close to NYC

8. Singer Spencer Battiest Signs to Hard Rock Records

courtesy Spencer Battiest
The Seminole soul singer describes this moment as ‘a long time coming and a dream come true.’

9. Johnson, Murkowski Introduce Native Languages Bill

AP Photo/Argus Leader, Jay Pickthorn
Sen. Tim Johnson was one of the senators who introduced the Native American Languages Reauthorization Act of 2014.

10. Live As Billy Did: Passionately Fighting For Our People, Native People

Brian Cladoosby, chairman of the Swinomish Tribal Community, and NCAI president.

11. 5 Adorable and Majestic Animals From the Heart of the Arctic

12. Oldest Native American drumming video ever

13. Sacred Spirit – Sacred Earth Drums (Gordon, David & Steve)

14. Power Animals & Native Nights-Native American Indian Meditation Music-Healing soft sleep music-Niall

15. Relaxation Music: Wolf Lore & Walking with Merlyn

1. Still Killing Us—Neither Slowly nor Softly

2. Tough Bucking for the Busiest Woman on the Rodeo Circuit

Charmaine “Bull Girl” Brannan, Chukchansi tribe, feeds her livestock in Lewiston, Montana. She is the only female livestock provider for the Indian National Finals Rodeo.

3. Death From the Outside: Uncontacted Community in Danger Due to Disease

Courtesy Survival/J. Mazower
Ibore Picanerai healthy on the day she was forced out of the forest in 1998 (left), and suffering from a TB-like illness in 2003 (right). She died in 2009.

4. Schilling, UNCC Native Students to Address Pocahontas Dance Incident

5. 10 Images From Closing Day of the Cowboy and Indian Alliance Protest in Washington

6. Daniel Snyder: Change the Name

7. United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc. Participating in The Big Payback

USET logo
USET is dedicated to promoting Indian leadership, improving the quality of life for American Indians, and protecting Indian rights and resources on Tribal lands.

8. Chumash Casino Pulls Sponsorship from Clippers Over Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments

Associated Press
Donald Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers, second from left, with girlfriend V. Stiviano, the woman who was told not to associate with blacks

9. Europe Bans Sale of American Apples

Kristin Butler
Apples growing in upstate New York

10. One Man’s Red Road Journey Opened to a World of Art and Healing

Courtesy Molly Meshigaud
Shadow box feather paintings by Ambrose Peshlakai. On right he made for his Uncle who was a Navajo Code Talker, Francis Thompson. On Left, an eagle feather painting with original beadwork handprint on the background – his signature on all his feather paintings.

11.Powerlifter Ray Fougnier Is 71 and Headed to the Championships

Courtesy Ray Fougnier
Fougnier, 71, prepares to lift in front of a crowd of people. Fougnier is retired but continues to pursue a passion of his

12. Watch Gyasi Ross and Ray Halbritter on ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’

13. Aboriginal Languages Evolve as Cancer Treatments Change

Aboriginal language officials are rethinking terms for cancer as treatments evolve.

14. Bloomberg News Chronicles Keystone XL Delays as Harper Dubs Obama ‘Frustrator-in-Chief’

The Sand Hills, home of the aquifer that the Keystone XL pipeline was originally routed to cross.

15. Notah Begay III Recovering After Heart Attack, Thanks Doctors and Supporters

AP Images
In this April 2011, file photo, professional golfer Notah Begay III talks to students in Albuquerque, N.M., about his mission to combat diabetes among Native American youth. The latest effort on the Navajo Nation, the country’s largest reservation, is to use the tax system to spur people to ditch junk food. A proposed 2 percent sales tax on chips, cookies and sodas failed Tuesday, April 22, 2014, in a Tribal Council vote.

16. Idaho Students Get 700 Free Copies of Challenged Sherman Alexie Book

High school junior Brady Kissel holding a copy of Sherman Alexie’s ‘The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.’