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Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson Apologizes After Accidentally Posting Naked Photo on Instagram

Vicki Gunvalson, Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion

Please explain to me why Vicki Gunvalson can do no wrong? No one “accidentally” posts nude pictures of themselves. No one takes nude pictures of themselves with a present to say thank you. Vicki gets to yell and swear all the time, but anyone else does it and they are off the show.  I started watching the show because of “Tamra Barney,” who was supposedly let go for inappropriate behavior. There is nothing I’ve seen of her that was worse than anything than Vicki has done. Vicki flaunted what I felt to be inappropriate behavior with other men while she was still legally married to her husband as if it was a normal thing to do. I’ve always been rather disgusted with her holier than thou attitude. But I watch the show because I like everyone else in it and tolerate Vicki! Vicki should be held to the same standards as everyone else! Felina Silver Robinson

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She’s in the zone now. Don’t stop.


Great-grandmother has more than 23K followers

ABC News

An Instagram account set up by a teenager to document his ailing grandmother’s last days has turned into a social feed that has inspired thousands, ABC News reported.

Zach Belden, 18, of Illinois, set up the Instagram account for his great-grandmother Betty Simpson, 80, after her cancer diagnosis as a way to celebrate her life and record the ongoing battle with the disease, ABC News reported.

Neither of them expected the account would lead to a following of more than 23,000 people, including some celebrities.

“He loves me so much, that’s why he did it,” Better Simpson told ABC News. “He doesn’t want to lose me and he;s just good to me. I didn’t even know he was doing this.”

She told ABC News that she has been very sick and nearly died twice six months ago. Since then, ABC News reported, Zach has been by her side when he’s not at school, documenting her everyday life in photos and video clips.

ABC News reported that one of the more popular video clips was Simpson dancing to Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy.”

“Everybody liked that,” Simpson told ABC News. “I got calls from California and all different places. They said they thought it was cute.”

Simpson said she is full of gratitude and love for her followers and told ABC News she feels like a celebrity.
“Wouldn’t you?” she asked.

Simpson said she isn’t letting the fame get to her head and wants to live out her days with her family and living every minute to the fullest.

For anyone interested in following Simpson, her Instagram account is @grandmabettey33.