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See the 25 celebrities who were once homeless

homeless celebs - Hilary Swank

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10 Open Houses in Brookline This Weekend

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9 habits of people who always have a clean home

I love this link!  I’m sure there are many people that wouldn’t admit to either side of

the clean or dirty habits. But I feel no shame in mine.  I can’t even leave dishes in my

strainer, nor do I go to bed at night with a single dish in the sink. But it keeps me

happy and that’s all that matters.  :-)

Felina Silver Robinson


My Poem of the Day


Coming or Going©


Driving through my neighborhood

I saw

For Sale Signs

Open House Signs

Moving Signs


Yard Sale Signs

Everyone is Coming

Everyone is Going

In talking to friends and neighbors

I’ve come to find


Their kids are now going to private school

So now even the students are leaving

It’s a sign of the times







No more comfort

So we have to make our own

What’s good for some

Is bad for others

There are somethings that not even


Pretty flowerbed

A fresh coat of paint

Block Parties in the summer

Community yard sales

Yankee Swaps in December


Good neighbors

Can fix

So tell me

Are you coming or going

Copyright 2014

Coming or Going©

Felina Silver Robinson

Home was 10,700 square feet