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Copyright 2014 

by Felina Silver Robinson


The job is the same

No matter what the name

The job is the same

No matter your age

Your child wants to know you

Whatever your game

You can’t deceive them

They’ve got their eye on you

Sometimes playful

Mostly stable

Always thinking

Always worrying

Wanting to make sure

That everyone is happy

Everyone is safe

Everyone knows that he’s doing his best

There is never a moment

That he’ll stop believing

That you’re the best

His love is so powerful

That he’s willing to give his life for yours

Fathers always knowing what’s best

They earn their wisdom

With each passing year

He’s proud of his title

His family is the key

The key to his happiness

And all that can be

He’ll climb any mountain

Move any tree

If that’s what you need

to see what he means

Raise your glass to one that knows best

Happy Father’s Day


Thank you for being my dad (W.R.M.)

Thank you Joe for being an amazing father to my/our


I love you both dearly

From Don Corleone to Darth Vader, celebrate Father’s Day with great (and horrible) screen dads

Darth Vader

Memory Center©

by Felina Silver Robinson

In a special part of my brain

I hold a spot of which I’ve named

Memory center

This is the place I keep

Memories of you

When I’m down and blue


Nothing else will do

I turn to the special part of my brain


The Memory Center

There I keep all my thoughts and memories

Of me and you

From our first meeting to

The day you married my mother

Each day of every year that followed

Whenever and wherever I needed you

I just had to visit the memory center

For a cup full of memories

You’ve gotten me through thick and thin

Cheered me on when no one else could

The power of your smile


The sound of your laughter

Still gives me all the energy I need to push forward

I hope in someway

I’ve been able to give something back to you


Thank you for being my dad


I love you

They call me the neat freak and i don't care

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