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Neil Patrick Harris

My Poem of the Day


You are my forever dad©

You may not have planted the seed that made me

But you were the man who reared me

You taught me right from wrong

And all that I needed to know to make it in this world

You taught me how to ride a bike

While you stood proudly by

You took me tobogganing on top of Blue Hill Ave

And you followed right behind me

You didn’t even laugh when I became a fixture on the biggest tree

Together, we climbed Mount Monadnock

My fondest memories were of

Our weekend state to state trips

Sometimes, by car

Sometimes, by ferry

Whichever way was fun-filled and merry

Your love is like no other

Your always so caring and forgiving

I know that there’s nothing you wouldn’t do

Not all times were with cheerful

But you sure did find a way for me to get past every bad moment

These are the things that only a dad can fix

I’m so glad that you will always be

My forever dad

Copyright 2014

You are my forever dad©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Claim to fame©

The years of fame and lime light have taken their toll

You let it all go to your head

You’ve fallen but not too hard and not too fast

You’re in a place where you can get back up and reclaim your fame

Your fans and the crowds are headed back your way

They scream “louder, louder, and louder”

Just at the site of your name

Hold on tight and leave the past behind

Going forward your dreams are on the way

Once again, stake your claim to fame

Just be careful

The next fall will be deeper

So deep that there will be no coming back again

To reclaim your fame

So hold on

Treat it well

And give it all your love

This is your last chance to play the game

Copyright 2014

Claim to fame©

Felina Silver Robinson

Demonstration to take place in Copley Square

My Poem of the Day


Life is but an endless dream©

The alarm sounds

There’s no need to worry

Because you are home to stay

There’s no rush

Your head falls back against the feather filled pillow

The sun warms your face

While the birds sing you back to sleep

The smell of bacon, eggs, pancakes with homemade syrup fill the air

The kids whisper softly

Asking why daddy still lays in bed

Racked with guilt

You jump up fast

Only to realize

You were just dreaming again

And your life is but an endless dream

Copyright 2014

Life is but an endless dream©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Winters Snow©

The glistening Winter snow

Falls swiftly from the cold winter sky

Each flake melts like butter into another

Gathering in masses like people in a crowd

They fight for a spot just the same

As they fall their beauty grows

Their brightness lightens the gloom that precedes them

Somehow we put aside their inconvenience

As their beauty is slightly overwhelming

It’s only once the dirt starts to

discolor them that we lose

Our appreciation for what they brought us

Now among the pile of soiled and hardened snow that has lost its glistening glow

The flakes lay lifeless as they’ve lost their external beauty

The Winter snow comes in phases

And just like people it has its beginning and its end

Till it next has its season

Copyright 2014

The Winters Snow©

Felina Silver Robinson

Christmas tree suspected as cause of fire