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1. 10 Little Known Black History Facts

2. Black History Month 2016: 15 interesting facts about famous African-Americans and the February celebrationc

3. History and Timeline

Booker T. Washington

The way it was: Today in history


Do You Know Who The African American Performers on Early Sound Recordings Were? This was during 1892-1916.

My Motto is, you have to read something to learn something, then you have to remember it so you can share it with someone else. Share all you know about your own history and the history of others. Curious minds want to be fed. Felina Silver Robinson


Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

From beginning to end history tells a story
Not just about me or you
We learn about everyone and everything

History is a story about the world
It tells a story about those who have lived and died,
It tells you about those who were wronged or who was always right
It’s about the worlds leaders and the worlds followers

We learn about…
The inventors
The gate keepers
The farmers
The doctors
The merchants
The mothers
The fathers
The children

History involves decisions
Decisions that have shaped the world
Decisions that have changed the world
Some good
Some bad

History shows you the power behind each
Man, woman and child
It teaches you about the mistakes not to make the next time around

What mark will leave in our history?

Pearl Harbor: ‘Day of infamy’ in pictures

Historic Boston photos: 82 years since end of Prohibition

1. Native Hip Hop Artists Abroad! Frank Waln and Nataanii Means in Paris

Native hip hop artists Frank Waln and Nataanii Means in Paris – Also with dancers Lumhe Sampson and Samsoche Sampson and filmmakers Sydney Freeland and Steven Paul Judd

2. Native Recipes

3. How to Steal a Nation—Twice

4. Rare, Traditional Arts Making a Comeback at Tribal Colleges

Sherri LaChapelle Basket Strips College of Menominee Nation
Courtesy College of Menominee Nation
Sherri LaChapelle, an instructor in the Black Ash Basket Making Workshop at the College of Menominee Nation, demonstrates the hard work involved in creating strips for baskets.

5. Video: Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Role in Defeat of Keystone XL

Sue Ogrocki/AP
The Keystone XL pipeline, known as the Black Snake among indigenous and grassroots activists, is no more.

6. End-Run on Native Rights—Will It Work?

Jesse Short Bull
Tuned in: During a KILI radio program on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Beverly Pipe On Head and Cornell Conroy used Lakota and English to call on fellow tribal members to participate in the 2014 election.

7. Turning Over a Few New Leaves: Salads By Season—Focus on Northern Plains

Wild Rice Pumpkin Parsnip Toss
Photo by RoseMary Diaz
There are so many possibilities for fall ingredients. This wild rice, pumpkin and parsnip toss is just one option.

8. 30 Years of NIGA: Tribal Gaming’s Unique History and Purpose

Sharon House has practiced law since 1983 specializing in Indian law.
Courtesy NIGA
Sharon House (Oneida Nation of Wisconsin) has practiced law since 1983 specializing in Indian law.

9. Meditation & Healing Music

10. Tibetan Healing Sounds