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I have been a long time admirer of Omar Sharif. I remember watching his movies when I was a girl and thought him as an intellectual genius. A dapper man and a modest one at that.  He was so talented. Even during interviews he always seemed to mesmerize me with each word. He is a legendary man in my eyes and I will forever hold him close to my heart. R.I.P. Omar Sharif. Felina Silver Robinson

1. Omar Sharif: Lawrence of Arabia star dies aged 83




New research suggests that living in towns and cities can increase the risk of brain shrinkage and silent strokes, both of which are linked to dementia

Capital crime: there are as many as 4,300 deaths a year from air pollution in London alone
Capital crime: there are as many as 4,300 deaths a year from air pollution in London alone

Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero dies at 55

10 tips for a successful sugar detox

Brockton man saved by fellow train passengers

9 in 10 Americans consume too much sodium

1. Flame retardant in old couches, carpets poses health risk to kids’ IQs

2. Lung illnesses more likely near Logan Airport

Study doesn’t find higher rates of heart disease, hearing loss

Winthrop, a town under a flight path to Logan Airport, is one of 17 communities cited in a Health Department report.

3. Planes’ exhaust could be harming communities up to 10 miles from LAX


4. Global health: Deadly dinners

Polluting biomass stoves, used by one-third of the global population, take a terrible toll. But efforts to clean them up are failing.

5. Rejected Pa. drilling waste brought to W.Va.

6. Texas oil and gas regulator says it can’t link water contamination to gas drilling

7. And The Biggest Power Polluter Is: American Electric Power Company

8. Corporate stranglehold of farmland a risk to world food security, study says

Small farmers are being squeezed out as mega-farms and plantations gobble up their land
Wheat harvesting

9. How much is going clean costing China?

Chinese tourists wear face masks while walking past the Forbidden City in February 2014 as heavy air pollution shrouded Beijing.

10. Toxins in the environment may accelerate aging, study finds

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