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10 Worst Outbreaks in U.S. History


Health officials say patient is “extremely low risk”

Doctors MGH patient tests negative for Ebola

Unidentified doctor returned from West Africa about 10 days ago

Bellevue Hospital New York

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Man with ebola-like symptoms taken to Boston hospital

via Man with ebola-like symptoms taken to Boston hospital.

Note to readers: This poem is about the horrible disease Ebola that has been let loose on us.  This poem is my way of hoping to raise awareness as to how things start and how things end. We are all devastated for the current state of things. I’m certain that we all share the same level of concern where this disease will show up next. To those traveling to affected areas, if you are reading this, please think of others. Be honest about your contact with infected people. Don’t send the disease on to others. Please don’t give this invisible weapon the chance to kill anymore innocent people.

My Poem of the Day


The Invisible Weapon©

You came here to help heal the wounded

I saw a way out of this place and I had to take it

My business is done here

Things can now travel on their own

They no longer need my direction

Time to hitch a ride to my next destination

Wherever you’re going

I’m right beside you

No, maybe inside you

Be careful who you touch

What you touch

Because, most likely you’re infected

You’ve guessed it

I’m guilty

It’s me the invisible weapon

I can hide on any flight

On any bus, boat or train

Watch out because

Baby here I come

I hope for your sake

You don’t have cause to meet me

Because I only bring doom and gloom

I wish you luck because you’re going to need it

To fight this invisible weapon

Coming to a blood stream close to you

Copyright 2014

The Invisible Weapon©

Felina Silver Robinson

Children in Boston with polio-like symptoms being tested