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10 things to do in your kitchen to lose weight

1. 30 Years of HIV/AIDS

2. Deck your iPhone out in retro Apple rainbows and air vents

Get your retro-Apple vibe on with a customized iPhone 6S made to evoke the look of ’80s Macintosh designs

3. Retro video format Betamax finally dies


4. Children of Argentina’s ‘Disappeared’ Reclaim Past, With Help

5. Memories of Waco Siege Continue to Fuel Far-Right Groups

6. Forget a Clear Backed Smartphone, I Want This Clear Plastic Apple Newton

7. 110-Year-Old Electric Car Sells for $95,000

110-Year-Old Electric Car Sells for $95,000

8. Turn Your iPhone Into a Crappy 1985 Camcorder With This App

Turn Your iPhone Into a Crappy 1985 Camcorder With This App

9. 30 Years Ago: Yes Release the Tantalizingly Incomplete ‘9012 Live: The Solos’

10. 40 years ago, the ‘Witch of November’ sank the Edmund Fitzgerald

Edmund Fitzgerald

11. Remembering the victims of the Winn Dixie firebombing 30 years ago

Ferry is serving 5 life terms in jail

12. Dr. Strange Comics Were Way Different 30 Years Ago

Dr. Strange Comics Were Way Different 30 Years Ago

13. Couple Discovers They Were Preschool Sweethearts 30 Years Ago


14. Agree? Weight loss struggle harder today than 30 years ago

Foods you didn’t know contain animal products

17 Low Carb Recipes That Are Fresh, Light And Positively Delicious

summer recipes

10 diet mistakes slowing your metabolism

Not sure what to have for breakfast and don’t have much time to throw something together. Try one of these three quick ideas:

1. Fruits* and Toast

Apple Slices, Orange Slices, and Banana Slices

With Wheat Toast Nutella and peanut butter

2. Yogurt with Berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries)


3. Fruit* salad

Watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple and strawberries

fruit salad

* Try cutting your fruit up the night before then store it in containers to make the mornings job that much easier.

Try one of these helpful links:

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3. If you don’t have time to make your own shake try one of Special K’s Protein Shake’s