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Drive-Ins, Movie Theatres, Diabetics, and Food and Drink. This morning I was extremely upset about the article I read and shared from about Dr. John Deleonardis refusing to allow in a 16-year-old Diabetic teen, Ben Weidner.

hat bothered me most about this story was the cold, uncaring attitude of the Drive-In Owner, Dr. John Deleonardis. It appalls me to hear that a pediatrician would respond this way to the desires of a young teen to feel comfortable. The Dr. explains that his theater website has information stating that there is to be no outside food or drink allowed on the premises. Dr. Deleonardis states that he will make no exceptions. He further explains on the website that there are a variety of food and beverage items for those who are diabetic. Dr. Deleonardis feels that if people don’t like or agree with the rules they can visit another establishment. My surprise and disappointment was mostly in the way that he delivered his message. Pediatricians play such an important role in helping us mold our children. We want our children to both like and trust their pediatricians. Standardly, most pediatricians that I’ve known, have always been warm and inviting. Warmth, understanding and compassion was definitely missing from the interaction involving the Dr. and his patron Ben Weidner.

Both Adults and Children with varying disabilities feel most comfortable with what they are familiar with coming from their own homes. I think business should in fact make exceptions in these situations. Drive-In Theatres and Movie Theatres are charging insane prices for all of their items. The reality is, people can wait a bit longer to see the movies at home and get almost the same visual and audio effects as they would in the theatres. It should be the goal of all theatre owners to keep their customers coming not finding ways to send them packing.  Personally, I haven’t been in a movie theatre for about two and a half years and have no plans to return to one.

I hope that this owner and all other theatre owners start to think about the overall cost to the consumer and how they might ease the cost somewhat so people are more apt to enjoy their time out at the movies.

Felina Silver Robinson

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