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Most ignored cancer symptoms

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Suffering From “Extreme Exhaustion”

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1. Is nicotine all bad?

2. Study may explain mysterious cancer–day care connection

The image shows an abnormal blood cell from a mouse that developed leukemia after being injected with cells treated to simulate multiple infections. The coloring marks pairs of chromosomes. In this case, the diseased cell has three copies of chromosome 18

3. Study: Americans’ exposure to heat extremes could rise six-fold by mid-century

4. U.S. FDA considers expanding tests for drug residues in milk

A jug of milk is pictured in New York March 11, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

5. Where Is Avian Flu Hiding?

6. Pearl River Delta air quality improves but ozone levels rise, report shows

A view of Hong Kong's skyline. Photo: EPA

Federal lawsuit filed Thursday in Orlando against Valencia College, three instructors

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Decade-long study wins Heinz Award after findings include link between air pollution, obesity

air pollution and obesity

Should over-50s be entitled to sex? Court must decide

Judges said that, at 50, the woman had been at "an age in which sexuality does not hold as much importance."

Study Asks if Carrot or Stick Can Better Help Smokers Quit