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1. It’s Time to Bring Home Jim Thorpe

2. Video: Hoopa Home Chef Cooks Up Holiday Stuffing

Hoopa Home Chef Holiday Stuffing
Hoopa Home Chef Meagen Baldy toasts some croutons to make holiday stuffing.

3. Winter Solstice: Welcoming the Return of the Light Across Turtle Island

A cup-shaped moon heralds the winter solstice, and storytelling season begins.

4. A Decorated Veteran With the Heart of a Teacher and the Eyes of Geronimo

Michael Cano, with his wife, is the great-grandson of Geronimo, a Vietnam War veteran, and professor at the University of La Verne. He was recently named the 2014 67th Assembly District Veteran of the Year.

5. Domestic Violence: The Moment You Realize That Enough Is Enough

It’s not so much a lightbulb but an aurora borealis of an epiphany when you realize you cannot go on like this, and it’s time to leave the abuser.

6. 9 Top Sports Moments From 2014 in Indian Country

Associated Press
Shoni Schimmel is crowned WNBA All-Star MVP 2014.

7. Paulette Jordan: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Courtesy Lee Zahir
Paulette Jordan, a member of the Idaho House of Representatives.

8. Study: Transplanted Yellowstone herd is genetically diverse

1. Relief at a Stiff Price III: Going the Way of Chocolate

Maca powder flour in glass bowl with macs

2. 7 Ways to Reduce Food Waste This Holiday Season

When you prepare to welcome family and friends this holiday season, good planning can help avoid wasting food and save you money.

3. Duwamish River Advocates Hopeful EPA’s Plan Will Be Effective
EPA’s new plan could be the answer Duwamish River advocates are hoping for.

4. Where’s the Senate Torture Report on All the Violence Done to Natives?

5. Obama Declares Bristol Bay Off Limits to New Oil and Gas Drilling Leases

via the White House
A victory in the fight to preserve the vast, pristine watershed region known as Bristol Bay in Alaska.

6. Native Fashion Superstar Bethany Yellowtail Launches Official Site

Looks by Bethany Yellowtail, currently featured on her new official site

7. Oglala Lakota Fighter Gets First UFC Win

David Michaud, left, throws a punch.

8. Gimmicks and Governing are Old School’s Last Act; Painful Austerity Ahead

Non-Defense Discretionary Spending Falling to Historic Lows

9. ‘Real Life Indian’ Photo Project Geared to Defeat All Those Stereotypes

Photo courtesy Viki Eagle
Viki Eagle, a Sicangu Lakota photographer, holds a sign with the name of her photo project, “Real Life Indian.”

10. Did You Hear A Tribe Called Red in Trailer for ‘The Gambler’?

‘The Gambler’ looks to be one of the biggest films of the end-of-year rush, and A Tribe Called Red is in it.

11. Environmental Win: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State

AP Photo/Seth Wenig
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has banned tracking in New York State in the wake of a health commission report that could not rule out ill effects.

12. Native American Natural Foods (Tanka Bar) President Mark Tilsen

1. Native American Navy Veteran Paved Way for Career Field, Honors Heritage

Courtesy Department of Defense /Marvin Lynchard
Retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer, Linda Old Horn-Purty, a member of the Crow tribe from the Crow Agency, Montana reservation, and the Head Woman Dancer.

2. Waste Not When Others Want: Food Recovery Efforts Are Necessary

Food Recovery Network Redefining Leftovers
Food Recovery Network/Facebook
The Food Recovery Network wonders what you’re doing with your leftovers.

3. Sign This: Another Petition to Remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 Bill

Andrew Jackson has appeared on the $20 bill for the last 90 years.

4. ‘Playing the White Man’s Games’: Don Marks Talks About His New Book
Don Marks

5. Navajo Human Rights Commission Assesses Treatment of Navajo Citizens

6. Relief at a Stiff Price I: Marketing to the Male Ego

7. Still Here, in the Big City: Meet the Legacy of the Indian Relocation Act

Photo courtesy Pamela J. Peters.
Kenneth Ramos in ‘Legacy of Exiled NDNZ.’ Photo courtesy Pamela J. Peters.

8. Greenpeace Apologizes for Wrecking Nazca Lines as Peru Prepares Criminal Charges

Greenpeace via Reuters
Greenpeace wanted to catch the eyes of those in power with this sign. But it caught attention for the wrong reasons, by damaging one of Peru’s most famous and precious archaeological sites.

9. Blackhorse: Fake Chiefs, Headdresses and the Tomahawk Chop Must Go
Faux headdresses and the Indian caricature-perpetuating tomahawk chop is common at Cleveland Indians and Florida State Seminole games.

10. Hawaii Native Wins First Heisman Trophy for Oregon Ducks and for Hawaii

Associated Press
Marcus Mariota is the first football player from Hawaii to win the Heisman Trophy.

11. La Push Kush, Lummi Yummy, Apache Gold? When the Rez Smoke Shop Goes to Pot

Images: Wikimedia Commons
Will the stereotypical cigar store Indian soon be known for selling a different kind of buzz?

12. Nez Perce Member Tapped to Oversee CRITFC’s Fishery Science Department

Courtesy Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
Dr. Zachary L. Penney, a member of the Nez Perce Tribe, has been selected to lead the Fishery Science Department of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission.
A march and rally against the Washington football team name is slated for December 28 at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, organizers said.
The Geminids have peaked for the year, but there are still a few lurking about, and the backstory is compelling.

1. Reno-Sparks and Nevada to Celebrate Transitional Housing Groundbreaking

Northern Nevada Transitional Housing rendering

2. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

3. Domestic Violence: You’re Not Fooling Anyone But Yourself

A pile of bedroom doors was building up outside the house.

4. Putting HIstory on Display: Native Athletes Celebrated IN Montana

2014 Montana Indian Athletic Hall of Fame inductees: Floyd Cross Guns, Sr. – Tom Yarlott – Kenny Big Back – Rick Has The Pipe – LeAnn Montes – Sticks Harwood – Tamara Guardipee – Bill Devereaux – Dana Kirn!

5. A Genealogist Who Spent His Life Building a Cherokee Archive Retires

Tom Mooney Retirement Cherokee Heritage Center
Cherokee Nation
Tom Mooney sits next to his retirement gift from the staff of the Cherokee Heritage Center. The archivist retired December 6, which marked 38 years to the day that he started at the museum.

6. Winter Walk (Silent Night) Native American Flute

7. Silent Night, Holy Night (Apache Lyrics)

8. Authentic Native American Tamale Recipe!!!

1. Study Finds Toxins, Cancer-Causing Air Pollution at Oil, Gas Wells

Angus M. Thuermer Jr./WyoFile
This valve on a gas tank near the town of Pavillion, Wyoming, is an example of a source for potential leaks. A new study indicates dangerous toxins are present at oil and gas facilities near homes and communities.

2. Biden Stresses More VAWA Improvements at Tribal Nations Conference

Vincent Schilling
Deborah Parker, a council member for the Tulalip Tribes of Washington, shares a warm moment with Vice President Joe Biden after introducing him. VP Biden attended the conference for the first time this year.

3. Locust Grove QB Mason Fine Is OK Gatorade Player of the Year

Mason Fine, Cherokee, is the Gatorade Oklahoma Player of the Year.

4. Domestic Violence: Women Must Never Forget How Powerful and Sacred They Really Are

Thinkstock/Benjamin Howell
Women are powerful and sacred. It’s easy to forget that when faced with abuse.

5. Video: Cherokee Elder Steve Downing Jr. Shares Stories from Childhood

Cherokee Elder Steve Downing Jr.
Cherokee Elder Steve Downing Jr. shares stories from his childhood.

6. Painful Reminders: Brothers in Vietnam and Life Pt. 3

Clyde Paul Hillis in Vietnam

1. Traditional Knowledge Fuels Yurok and Karuk Habitat Restoration Project With USDA

USDA/Colleen Rossier
Jesse Goodwin of the Karuk Food Crew and Frank Lake of the US Forest Service examine evergreen huckleberries.

2. Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks on Washington Team: ‘Change the Name’
Jonathan Banks, an actor whose resume includes Breaking Bad and Parks and Rec, said it’s time to change the name of the Washington football team.

3. Longmire Lives! Netflix Rescues Popular Series, Graham Greene Thrilled

A still from the Longmire episode ‘Wanted Man'; caption from A&E: ‘Malachi (Graham Greene), the corrupt Tribal Police Chief that Henry helped Walt put behind bars, has made parole. He steps behind the bar and helps himself to a drink. Pictures from Longmire on A&E.’ Source:

4. Idiotic But Plausible: ‘We Are All Natives’ Urban Outfitters Parody Amuses, Offends

It looks so much like real hipster-targeted advertising that many people assumed it was.

5. Redefining Native American Cuisine By Culture

Nephi Craig Chef's Table
Sunrise Park Ski Resort
Nephi Craig, Executive Chef, White Mountain Apache Tribe, Sunrise Park Ski Resort, serves guests at the chef’s table.

6. USET Kicks Off Annual Meeting With Passage of Fire in Verona, NY

Courtesy USET
Penobscot Indian Nation Tribal Chief Kirk Francis (right of the fire) addresses attendees of the passage of fire ceremony, which began the 2014 USET Annual Meeting and Expo in Verona, New York.

7. Tribal Development Director Receives National Gaming Recognition

Courtesy Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
Israel Stone is Top 40 Under 40 to watch in Global Gaming’s emerging leadership program.

8. Salt River Pima-Maricopa Tribe Could Put Name on Phoenix Suns Arena

Associated Press

9. Cracker Jacks, Toboggans and More: 5 Native Inventions We Couldn’t Live Without
We have Mohawk cook George Crum to thank for this delectable savory treat, invented in 1853.

10. This Inupiaq Video Game Is Fun, Deep, and Just Might Change Your Life

11. Arizona’s Native Tourism Community Preps for Super Bowl XLIX

Associated Press
Super Bowl XLIX will be held the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. on February 1, 2015.

12. Natives Prone to Chronic Ear Infections, Which Endanger Hearing

Ear Infection
Outpatient visits related to ear infections in children under 1 year was almost three times greater for Natives than for other U.S. infants in 2002.

13. Watch: Walker-Mallott Sworn In for a New Era of Alaska Leadership

Mt. Saint Elias Dancers, Tlingit, of Yakutat, Alaska – Mallott’s hometown.

14. Meet DOE Tribal Energy Expert David Conrad

Courtesy Department of Energy
David Conrad, director for Tribal and Intergovernmental Affairs in the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy, has been working on tribal energy projects for 25 years.

15. Spiritual Warfare and Sacred Site Protection in Hawaii

1. Esteemed Poetry-Play ‘Cedars’ Coming to NYC in January (and Casting Now!)

Photo by Lee Wexler, Images for Innovation
From a staged reading of ‘Cedars’ at LaMama. Photo by Lee Wexler, Images for Innovation

2. San Francisco Peaks: Arizona’s Snowbowl Opens to Protests Over Thanksgiving Weekend

The white stuff is manmade this year, in more ways than one. Three of the Snowbowl’s 43 bare ski runs have been coated in artificial snow made from treated wastewater.

3. A Native Musician in Paris: Pura Fé Cuts a New Album With French Musicians

4. Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe Announces Massive Gaming Expansion Project

5. 11-Year-Old Hunter Feels Like Rock Star, Gets Death Threats After Shooting Rare White Deer

Thinkstock/Jakub Pavlinec
A rare white deer, a buck not unlike this one, was shot through both lungs by an 11-year-old hunter using a crossbow.

6. Video: Chief Phil Lane Jr. Shares the Prophecy of the White Buffalo

White Buffalo Prophecy
Chief Phil Lane Jr. tells the Prophecy of the White Buffalo.

7. Indian Country Gearing Up for 2014 White House Tribal Nations Conference

8. All-Native Pro Lacrosse Team Preps For 2015 Season

Tim Prothero, Vintage Lax

9. The Good and the Bad: 12 Recent Tweets You Might’ve Missed
Twitter user @melissalegarda takes umbrage with actress Rooney Mara’s upcoming role as Tiger Lily in ‘Pan.’

10. ‘Book of Rules’: Memoir Tackles Mental Illness, Sexual Trauma and Native Identity

My Body Book of Rules Elissa Washuta
‘My Body Is a Book of Rules’ by Elissa Washuta deals with mental illness, sexual trauma, and Native American identity.

11. Muslims and Columbus and Thanksgiving

12. NIGA’s Stevens Inducted to Gaming Hall of Fame; Receives Leadership Award

Gale Courey Toensing
Ernie Stevens Jr.
Mary Annette Pember
St. Mary’s church on the Bad River reservation in Wisconsin on a rainy fall day.