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Creepy Crawlers

Sitting in a chair in the corner of a dark room

It’s quiet and I’m all alone

I hear the floor boards talking to each other

Something seems to be crawling slowly up my left leg

I slap my leg as if a fly was upon it

The slight sting brings a little pain

My mind goes back to the sound of the talking floor boards

The wind smacks branches against the stained window

Something howls out yonder

Suddenly the hair at the nape of my neck stands firmly

The room is suddenly cold

So cold I see my breath before me

Now sitting opposite me is a woman

A tall slender woman now smiles back at me

Her eyes are darkened but her hair is gleaming

Suddenly something comes creeping out of the right side of her mouth

She starts laughing and falls to the floor

And the red dress she was wearing lies empty on the floor

The dark room is darker no more

The coldness has been replaced with warmth

The creepy crawler slithers through the small hole in the window

The wind is now absent as is the beastly howling

and I feel safe again


Happy Halloween Everyone

I hope you enjoyed “Creepy Crawlers”

by Felina Silver Robinson


On a chilly Saturday night in October, Dr. Margee Kerr stood outside the exit of The Basement, the latest haunted attraction to enter the Pittsburgh fright scene. The Basement is part of ScareHouse, ranked among the country’s top haunted houses by the Travel Channel. If a normal haunted house is like a scary movie, The Basement is a psychological thriller. Inside, actors dressed as zombies do more than jump out of dark corners. They scream at you. Half naked, they press their bodies up against you and lick your neck. In one terrifying room, they pretend to slit your throat.
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