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My ThrowBack Thursday Poem and Photo


Happy Days

Felina Alicia and Nana Kangas Nov 1997 Felina Alicia and Rose Nov 1997

Days when you wake up knowing

There’s a group of people

Who love you for all that you are


All that you’re not

They make you happy when you’re sad

They tell you when you’re wrong not just so they can be right

They look ahead when you can only look back

They give you life when you’re feeling lifeless

Happy Days

On Tap

For you and me


Your Friends


Your Family


Make a pack


To keep happy days on tap

At no cost

No ticket needed

And no pass

Just a smile

That will go a mile

As long as you play happy

You can stay happy

Leave all your baggage behind

Come and enjoy our

Happy Days

Copyright 2014

Happy Days©

Felina Silver Robinson

Seth in Tanisha's lap Sep 1997 Seth sitting on moms bed Nov 1997 Felina and Seth June 1997

My Poem of the Day


Me and My Bully

Even if you weren’t looking at me, I saw you
Even if you weren’t talking to me, I heard you
Even if you didn’t invite me, I really wanted to go
Even though you didn’t hear me, I was talking to you

You asked me why I’m always crying,
But I know you really don’t care
When I’m not looking, your laughing with your friends about me

At the beginning of the year I was happy and smiling
I was full of laughter
Walking around and hanging with my friends

Two months of knowing you
No one would dare to be my friend
I was destined to be alone
I was always alone
Except for when you and your friends would hurt me

Who are you? You’re my Bully!

Why do you hurt me?
Because you feel small inside
Because those you love have no time for you
They leave you out in the cold
Your friends just use you, because you’re rich
Because they know you are going places and someday, they might need you

Don’t you know, you’re just like me
You’re bullied too, so stop hurting me and maybe just maybe
We can just be friends

I wrote this for all the kids that I know that are now being or that have been bullied.
Stand up and take back your life.
Turn your bully into your friend,
Your bully is just as lonely as you are and maybe even lonelier.

I created the slide below to hopefully be used as an educational tool. I hope it helps.


Me and My Bully©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson, #FelinaSilver, #MyPoemOfTheDay

 My ThrowBack Thursday

Poem of the Day


102800 Seth Alicia and the gang

Crazy Beautiful

When we were young

We could be who we wanted to be

Do what we wanted to do

We made faces that only a mother could love

Our imaginations were endless

No one judged us

We enjoyed endless hours of fun

laughing and dancing it up

Oh what we would all give to be there again

Where each day was mindless and timeless

Free and on the run to nowhere

We were all

Crazy Beautiful©

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

The calm of the Summer night

a thickness to the air

with a hint of a struggling breeze

the airy blue night sky with twinkling stars so bright

it gives me pause to wonder

if the twinkles are the hearts of all the souls lost

or the hopes of all the dreamers

I sit and spill out my own hopes and dreams

to a sky that may have no answers

to a sky that has no voice

but its warmth and friendliness makes

you think of it as an old friend

One that you have as your confidant

No worries that it will tell your secrets

or judge you when it doesn’t like what it hears

With every twinkle comes

the feel of acceptance and a sign of hope for things to come

I look forward to my old friend

The calm of the summer night

Copyright 2014 The calm of the summer night© Felina Silver Robinson


When I was young I didn’t have much

Not because we were poor

Because we weren’t

Not because no one cared

Because everyone did

It was because my parents wanted to teach me

That there are many more among us that truly have nothing

We have each other

We have our neighbors

We have our church

We have our memories

We have all that we need

When I was young

My idols could be found on TV

My idols were my neighbors

My idols were my friends

My idols were my family

Now many of them have passed

The shows have come and gone

My friends have moved away

And my family, those that remain

are mostly scattered about

So my idols are now my children and my husband and the family that remains

My idols are

The children of the world that will sculpt our future

Those who are hard at work

Those that are surviving

Those who are waiting to be noticed

Those who are waiting for help

Those who are fighting for their lives

Idols come in all shapes and sizes

Idols come


Idols go

But we must go on living

Little do you know

You too are someones Idol

Copyright 2014 Idols© Felina Silver Robinson

Seth and Ali 12-29-95


Throwback Thursday:

Me and my little brother

Separated by three years

Doesn’t change much about us

Raised as partners in crime

We were unbeatable

We fought our battles

with Sega Genesis

and dump trucks galore

Now in our twenties

Stronger than ever

We will stay friends forever

Life just couldn’t be any better

Copyright 2014 Throwback Thursday: Me and my little brother© Felina Silver Robinson


Defining Friends

A friend is someone who knows what you think

How you feel,

When you’re up

When you’re down

When you just don’t know anymore

Who you want to be

Where you want to go

Who you want to go there with

A friend always listens when you’re blue

When you’re happy

A friend gives hugs

And maybe a kiss or two

A friend is like no other

There is no substitute


Copyright 1998 Felina Silver – Defining Friends©

Out to Sea


My friend she travels here and there


Although she’s smiling, her pain is clear as can be

As she seems full of sadness


She sounds as though she misses home

And all of whom she loves


Traveling sure takes its toll

When you are out to sea

A never-ending yearning for what use to be


She sits there with her husband, lover, and friend

Although he’s everything she ever hoped for

She still seems to be missing her friends and family


There seems to be no substitute

For the love of family and friends


No ocean big or small

No sunset or moonrise

Nor the stars at night


Why not come home my dear friend

For we miss you just as you miss us

Copyright Felina Silver 1998 – Out to Sea©

I see you look at me

But you don’t know what you see

You yell at me to go home

You say I don’t belong here

I don’t understand what you’re saying

as I stand in front of my house

I ask what home you speak of

You reply anywhere but here

There is no space for your kind here

I ask what kind you speak

I only know that you and I are the same

You yell back at me

that we are as different as night and day

as night and day I say

You are black and I am white you tell me

I say oh I didn’t realize that makes us different

I know I want happiness like you

I want a family like I know you have

I want to raise my children as you do

I cry when I’m sad just like you

I bleed when I’m injured just like you

and I know I work just as hard as you do

so I think we are not different and that

I have learned my right to stay here

I know if there is room for you

there is room for me

Why don’t you just try to be a friend

You bow your head in shame

realizing your mistakes

You beg for my forgiveness

I tell you that you needn’t ask

I just knew all of this would pass

40 years later we’re still here

we’re still friends

and now our kids are friends too

We may look different

But we feel, look and think just the same

I hope everyone else will become friends too

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Copyright 2014 Felina Silver Robinson, Friends©

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