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Judge: Jury could find Framingham police killing ‘unreasonable’

Eurie Stamps

Framingham officers credited for saving choking man in wheelchair

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Wire wrapped around man’s foot

1. Nature’s Dying Migrant Worker

2. Plagued by diseases, aging fliers find VA unwilling to help

They didn’t drop Agent Orange, but they flew those contaminated planes on hundreds of domestic missions.

At left, a plane dropping Agent Orange over Vietnam. Richard Matte flew such planes on domestic missions and believes he was exposed to the deadly herbicide.

3. Creeping Up on Unsuspecting Shores: The Great Lakes, in a Welcomed Turnaround

4. Could the ‘healthy’ part of red wine be dangerous for unborn babies?

The 'healthy' compound in red wine may damage the pancreas of an unborn child, say researchers

5. Polluted city air stunts babies’ lungs in womb

Children born in areas of high air pollution have smaller heads – and grow up with reduced lung function, say scientists

6. Concern over banned antibiotic superbug found in Australian chicken meat

The strong antibiotics have never been approved for such uses in Australia.

7. Framingham residents press for closer look at cancer patterns

8. LANL faces penalties in cleanup delays

9. Chinese drones keep eye on polluters

10. Hot Zone

Iraqi Shiite men.




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Sky 5 shows vehicle flipped over underneath Route 9 bridge

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. —A car carrier struck a bridge on Route 9 in Framingham Wednesday morning.

The crash happened on the eastbound side of the highway the area of Route 126.

Slideshow: See photos from  the scene

Sky 5 showed what appeared to be a vehicle flipped over underneath the Route 126 bridge crossing the highway.

All traffic was being diverted from Route 9 onto Route 126 to get around the bridge.

There was no immediate word of injuries.

Car carrier crashes into bridge on Route 9