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Calorie Quiz Challenge: Which Meal is Healthier?

Surprising foods containing hidden sugars

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Vegetable Medly, Thanksgiving Sides

Who’s the cheapest? Comparing Boston area supermarket prices

Trader Joe’s: 11 worst buys and their smarter alternatives

Felina’s Opinion: I would always prefer to pay a slightly higher price for particular items from Trader Joe’s that I know I would actually enjoy than pay less elsewhere and up not liking it, which in fact has actually occurred. I love certain other items that Whole Foods has to offer and certainly would not trade the items over for others at another store. Most people enjoy what they favor for reasons known only to them. Anyone is welcome to challenge their loyalty to what they like but I can almost guarantee that shoppers will always choose to like various items from various stores even if they have to pay a little more to enjoy it!  Felina Silver Robinson