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Hybrid animal the result of goats breeding with Paddy Murphy’s sheep

Geep blurb

YouTube/Irish Farmers Journal

A rare half-goat, half-sheep hybrid has been born on a farm in Ireland.

Known as a “geep,” the creature was born on Paddy Murphy’s farm about two weeks ago after a goat got in amongst his sheep.

“I’ve never seen anything like him before,” he told the Irish Farmers Journal.

Indeed, such births are rare.

The Irish Farmers Journal said it’s never reported the birth of a healthy geep in the island nation.

Most goat-sheep hybrids die during pregnancy, according to the BBC, but this little guy is not only alive, but very happy and healthy.

“He even has horns like a goat and he is very quick on his feet … He’s so fast you’d have to get him into the pen to catch him,” Murphy said.

Check out the little geep below:

Route 140 closed as crews battle blaze

Firefighters battle barn fire in Belmont

BELMONT, N.H. — Firefighters battled a two-alarm blaze Sunday on Depot Street in Belmont that destroyed an unoccupied pig barn.

No injuries were reported.

Route 140 was closed while crews battled the barn fire at 41 Depot St. Drivers were urged to seek alternate routes.

Heavy smoke was also reported in the area.

Neighbor Marcus Weeks was one of the first people to spot the fire. “At first we saw the black smoke so we ran down to make sure no one was involved, there were no animals in it,” he said.

Thousands of bales of hay were inside the barn, making it all the more challenging for firefighters.

“There were about 2,000 bails of hay which is typical this time of year,” aid Belmont Fire Chief David Parenti. “The problem with the hay, once we start wetting it down, we just get more and more smoke so we need an excavator.”

Once the flames were out out, firefighters worked to make sure flames did not flare up.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

1. The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot Farming

This is your wilderness on drugs.

2. Nigerian gold mining: farmers choose death by lead poisoning over poverty

Unregulated mining in rural northern Nigeria is causing blindness and paralysis among children and making adults infertile
MDG : A stone crusher in Bagega's mining area smashes rock to feed to the stone grinder

3. Unskilled and Destitute Are Hiring Targets for Fukushima Cleanup

4. Squelching efforts to measure Fukushima meltdown.

5. Wal-Mart pushes plan to reduce fertilizer

6. Army Corps OKs money to address Great Lakes’ ‘hole in the dike’

7. Leaving no plastic behind, Akron plant to convert waste to energy

8. For Imperial Valley farmers, abundant water amid drought

While some areas of California face supply cutbacks because of the drought, the Imperial Valley has all the water it can use, thanks to senior rights on the Colorado River established decades ago.

1. FDA, cosmetics industry remain at odds over outdated regulations

2. Two giant oil pipelines proposed to speed “doubling” of tar sands

Alberta oil sands pollution - Kris Krug

3. Judge rules Duke must halt groundwater pollution at coal ash sites


4. Kiruna: How to move a town two miles east

Edge of pit at the iron ore mine in Kiruna

5. Energy industry to hog the rails, shutting out farmers – report

grain train-768


1. Now Is the Time to Plant Fava Beans, the ‘Giddy’ Legume

Flickr/305 Seahill
“Fava beans are high in protein and fiber. They are also especially rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and iron. Favas even contain L-dopa, a precursor to dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for regulating mood and libido,” says Dr. Andrew Weil.

2. Coming Home to the Cheyenne River Reservation, in Photos

3. Native Men Dating White Women: You Got a Problem With That?

4. Mexico Self-Defense Forces Inspired by and Include Indigenous Guards

AP Photo/Gustavo Aguado
A Mexican army soldier talks to armed members of a local self-defense group wearing white T-shirts with the slogan “For a Free Aquila” in the town of Aquila, Mexico, early Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Mexico’s rough western state of Michoacan, where Aquila is located, is proving just as tough a thorn in the side of President Enrique Pena Nieto as it was for his predecessor after gunmen believed to be working for the Knights Templar cartel launched a coordinated series of a half-dozen ambushes on federal police convoys last Tuesday followed by yet another self-defense group that has sprung up to fight against the Knights Templar.

5. Excited for Super Bowl XLVIII! 10 Pics of Native Fans Rooting for Denver or Seattle

6. Mysterious Mercury, Invisible Super Moon Tease Sky Watchers

The sun and Mercury, in an artist’s depiction. Mercury is the first planet from the sun, so it is normally cloaked by the sun’s rays. But not for the last week in January 2014.

7. Notes From A Single Mom: It’s January. Time To Call Your Divorce Lawyer.

AP Photo/David B. Parker, File
This Oct. 25, 1995 AP file photo shows Toni Tennille, left, and Daryl Dragon, the singing duo The Captain and Tennille, posing during an interview in at their home in Washoe Valley, south of Reno, Nevada. Court documents filed by Tennille in Arizona say that her marriage to Dragon is irretrievably broken and cannot be reconciled. The two have been married for more than 38 years. The popular 1970s pop duo’s hits include “Love Will Keep Us Together,” which earned a Grammy for record of the year in 1975.

8. Fiery Death, Icy Tomb: Toll Rises After Old Age Home Burns in Quebec Town

AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jacques Boissinot
Firefighters work at the scene of a senior’s residence fire on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014 in L’Isle-Verte, Quebec. The fire raged through the seniors’ residence, killing at least three people and leaving about 30 unaccounted for. The massive fire in the 52-unit complex broke out around 12:30 a.m. in L’Isle-Verte, about 140 miles (225 kilometers) northeast of Quebec City.

9. Quapaw Tribe, Arkansas National Guard Sign MOU For Sacred Places

10. Set New York Free! Legalize Pot!

11. Anaya’s Visit to Peltier Boosts Clemency Efforts

On Friday, American Indian Movement member Leonard Peltier, left, was visited in prison by James Anaya, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

12. Ledger Art From the Edge: Terrance Guardipee Remixes a Classic Genre

13. Misty Upham of ‘August: Osage County’ Speaks Up for Captive Bears
Blackfeet actress Misty Upham is concerned about bears kept in captivity.Sup

1. Great Lakes funding restored

2. A crumbling Sochi hides behind Olympic facades

In this photo taken on Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013,  the 5a street Akatsiy's house is in the village of Vesyoloye outside Sochi, Russia. As the Winter Games are getting closer, many Sochi residents are complaining that their living conditions only got worse and that authorities are deaf to their grievances. Photo: Alexander Zemlianichenko, AP / AP

3. Tobacco exposure boosts kids’ risk of hospital visits

Readmittance risk doubles if child with asthma is around secondhand smoke

Dr. Robert Kahn

4. Life on a ‘Death River’ in Bangladesh

5. Peru’s farmers fight climate change using modern and Inca techniques

Mix of meteorological data and ancient water management methods are key to saving pasture from erratic rainfall

Llama farmer in Peru

Tipsy turkeys: Henniker N.H. birds fed beer for flavor, size

Read more on these bear drinking turkey’s here


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