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My Poem of the Day


The Friday Morning Shuffle©

Today begins with a gloomy haziness

The glow I looked forward to is missing

I struggle to see the reason behind why I must be here

I know it’s my duty and wouldn’t have it any other way

But today I just find myself wishing for a moment to call my own

This day started with such a clambering everything and everyone all at once

No one knowing their own direction

My job for now is just guidance

I’m surprised at all who have lost their way

Finally successful to have all back on track

There’s only a single moment before we must bolt

The traffic is horrendous with all stuck in maze

Anger is mounting

A mass of horns are honking

Insults are flying

Thankfully our patience remains in tact

After three drops

12 traffic lights

Witnessing three verbal confrontations

And one pile up we can finally stop

Put our feet up for 20 minutes

Before we head off to work

Then it’s starts all



By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


I Am Perplexed©

Thoughts and ideas both swimming in my head

Decisions must be made

Tasks must be handled

Periodic interruptions

Some satisfaction

More dissatisfaction

Frustration mounts

Goals set

Space given

Stress melting

Anxiety slipping away

Nerves calm

Although I’m uncertain how it happened

I’m finally done

All goals met

I am no longer perplexed

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Woman With A Cold Heart©

There once was a woman who was sad as can be

Her whole life long people tormented her with words

They tripped her at each pass

They spat at her shoes and threw twigs in her hair

She was always in great despair

As she grew older her heart grew colder

For no one had ever shown her love

So she became meaner with each passing day

She became more hateful than anyone could fathom

But still somehow love found

Somehow a millionaire became captivated by her beauty

It was all hidden just beneath her skin

One day they ran off and were wedded

Everyone had hoped he would change her

And break the ice around her heart

She bore many a child

Offering love to only one boy and one girl

Who grew up quite happy

Leaving not much for the other

loathsome three

Mother could barely stand the site of them

Their father’s heart broken by the lack of her love

Died one morning of a broken heart

And in this time

Their mother grew sadder

That her cold heart had killed the only one that had ever loved her

Years later her only son died

It’s almost as if she too died

Not even her youngest daughter

Who had always been her mothers pride

Could cheer her

So she got married and moved away

Her mother’s heart broke even more

Her anger continued to grow

She’s sent everyone away

She now has gone into hiding

Not seen by anyone

Not even her children

Where is the woman who brings fear to many

Maybe it’s time for her tormentors to worry

If I were they I would begin to scurry

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Perfect Life©

I think back to my tender years

When moments seemed longer

Days seemed endless

And fun actually meant fun

I remember days in the park

Spent with neighborhood friends

Who seemed more like family

We played a multitude of games like

Simple Simon says, stop light and red rover

The blaring hot sun was

Cooled off by someone’s garden house

The smell of lavender flowers zoomed about the air

Monthly block parties filled with food from all around

Was meant for everyone

Birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

There always seemed to be a reason to celebrate

Weekends on Martha’s Vineyard, The Cape, Vermont or Connecticut

Who could ask for anything more

If only we could hit the rewind button

And bring the good from today with us

And then

Life would be perfect

By Felina Silver Robinson

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My Poem of the Day


The Stranger Is The Man No One Knows©

The man that he is

Is not the man who you know

He spins tall tales and puts on a show

He has to’ keep you listening

For if you stop he has nothing left to do

His dreams become reality

He’s sailed many ships

He’s saved many a life

Just so he can take them

He’s donated lots of money

So he can come to own all that you desire

He’s eccentric in his ways

He’s traveled the world

Looking for his victims

He’s worn many faces

Which is why no one knows him

Far be it for me to mention

That he’s bent on destruction

For he thinks you are no longer listening

So he changes his face

And aimlessly awaits his next listener

I therefore recommend that you be on the look out for the man of many faces

It clearly won’t be easy

But if he finds you

He’ll most likely leave you begging

So I can only warn you of his twisted mind

Hope this warning gets to you in time

Don’t talk to strangers

Or I’m sure it will be your last conversation

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day



I walk the streets with a frantic step

Worried because I feel an unwanted presence surround me

I turn quickly only to see that every face has the same blank mechanical stare

To them I’m non existent

So who is the one that’s stalking me

I can’t seem to shake that eerie feeling

My hair stands firmly upon my neck

My step can’t seem go any faster

For I’ll fall flat on my face

Hence becoming a spectacle

It’s beyond me

The person who wants to follow me

The streets start to empty

As the storefronts and office buildings disappear

Family homes and gardens is all that now lies ahead

The stalkers footsteps get heavier

I can hear him breathe heavily

I turn again quickly

expecting him upon me

But nothing stands before me

Just the dim of my shadow

Who canst be that follows me

Now more worried than ever before

I pick up the pace

And walk with even more haste

So much so

My next door neighbor

Runs up behind me

Asking if all is alright

I say that for that I’m uncertain

And share that I feel someone following me

She tells me that she only saw a shadow of a man

But upon her arrival the shadow was no more

She walked me to my door

Comforting me as none before

Then turned on her heel and shut the door

Only moments shortly after

The doorbell rang

A heavy angry pounding rattling the door

I call out to ask who was there

Only to hear more pounding at my door

Upon opening

Again there was only the shadow of a man

At the end of the hall

I yelled after him

Only to ask

Please why don’t you stop stalking me

The one last sound I heard for the night

Was his crackling laugh

As the shadow of the man

Became no more

By Felina Silver Robinson