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My Poem of the Day


My First Born©

There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of bringing a life into the world for the first time

The feel of holding a purely innocent life that is solely dependant on your love

Wanting nothing more than the comfort of your touch

The years ahead will be a test of your

Strength, wisdom and determination

You’ll look back and wonder where the time went

And how you were able to hang on

You’ll remain eternally grateful for the chance to rear your first-born

Hoping that they too will have the same chance

To rear their first-born

The love of a mother is surely like no other

Copyright 2015

My First Born©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


A Spark In My Heart©

For some time

My heart has laid lifeless high on a shelf

From pain endured from man to man

Never knowing where my heart would land

I’d given up on love

Not caring that I’d grow old alone

Til one day

When you were standing there

In the middle of my art class

Bare as a baby on its birthday

With a smile that could light up the sky

You lit a spark to my heart

and ignited a flame that I’m now certain will never die

I desperately await our next stolen moments

Thank you for bringing happiness back to this old soul

Copyright 2015

A Spark In My Heart©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


On The Surface©

You look deep into my eyes and quickly turn away

In the heat of the moment I pay it no mind

Not knowing that later I will be swimming in a sea of regret

As I walk our neighborhood streets

Everyone whispers as I pass by

I’m clueless about the reason for their snickering

The smile I wore when I headed out the door

Was clearly dissipating with each step I took

So hurt without knowing my mistake

I naturally began to hang my head low

Upon nearing our front door my best friend begs me not to enter

I told her there was nothing to fear that all is safe here

I heard her murmur under her breath

“But your heart isn’t”

I took a deep breath as I began to turn the key

For an unknown reason my heart began to race

My hand was shaking and my eyes were twitching

I couldn’t understand the sudden anxiety my heart was undertaking

I Slowly opened the door

I could hear soft music bouncing off the walls

I blindly followed the sounds

Until I found myself outside our bedroom door

Impulsively I just pushed the door open

Shocked at the sight of what I’d seen

I dropped unconscious to the floor

Only to wake in the hospital ward

My best friend saying

“I tried to warn you, at least twice before”

Your man has lied

And it’s all come to ahead

On the surface he pretends to love you

So you wouldn’t leave him

And he could take you for everything

But now the shoes on the other foot

He’ll be leaving rather quickly

Leaving everything behind

Now you can again lift your head

And wear your smile

Copyright 2015

On The Surface©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


My Blood, Sweat and Tears©

This family of mine

Thou filled with lots of love

Each day is a struggle

For each member has their own thoughts and habits of mind

They don’t often like direction from others

But they are well aware that

Through everything

 My blood, sweat and tears

Has gotten them to where they are now

Lessons of love

Lessons of honor and belief

Lessons of what the difference is between right and wrong

and good from evil

Each one of them has come to know that there is nothing

That comes to those of true value for free

Only hard work and determination

Earns you the rewards that you seek

So they resolve to commit to their future

With their own blood, sweat and tears

So that their rewards will be well deserved and easier to enjoy

This is all worth my own

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Copyright 2015

My Blood, Sweat and Tears©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Deborah Anne Williams School Picture


A Sister Lost©

Growing up it always felt like something was missing

I would only later come to know that it was actually someone who was missing

When we are young children

Our parents work hard to make ends meet

We are left to comfort and attend to one another

This doesn’t mean we always have to like each other

Sometimes we need years behind us to know what we have in one another

Things happen and the years pull us apart

There is an emptiness inside and a longing for a sister lost

Both of us wondering what might have been

We mourn the loss of one another

Only to find that the other still exists

Our curiosity is alive and we know we must find what was misd

Through time and words we begin to uncover our past

The pain slips through our fingers like sand returning to the beach floor

We now move on to heal our hearts

Happy Birthday Big Sister

You have now officially been found!

Copyright 2015

A Sister Lost©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day

Things As They Once Were©

Footloose and fancy free is how all things use to be

Today there is no time to stop by and say hi

We barely remember where we came from

because all that we once knew has changed

Trees, cars, houses, buildings, parks and people

It’s hard to know who’s who and what’s what

I so long for a time when neighbors would just drop by

When our doors remained open

And the corner store owner knew you by name

And kept all your favorites waiting just for you each day

These are things as they once were

Oh how nice it would be if they could just be once more

Copyright 2014
Things As They Once Were©
Felina Silver Robinson

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