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Forever his, Forever hers©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


There once was a boy who told me I was beautiful

My best friend was jealous and she said he would soon break my heart

Every time he came around

He didn’t want to leave me

Somehow she would always sit in between us

But he didn’t seem to care as long as our eyes could meet

We’d hold hands behind her back

We would cross our legs so our feet could meet

She finally decided she could no longer be bothered she walked away

Giving him a chance to hold me close

Almost inseparable

We parted for night was suddenly upon us

We carried on for 6 months

Till we decided we had to be together forever

She said it wouldn’t last

But we knew she just couldn’t be happy

For her heart had been broken more than a time or two

So before we could marry

We promised we’d find her, her own beloved

Someone who hold onto to her heart forever

So we took the time wandering both near and far

Till will came across the perfect man

To both our chagrin he seemed to appear much like my very own dear

So 6 months later a warm June day

We two couples stood amid the willows

Joined by the Minister who gladly wed us

We all walked off together into the sunset

Never to be seen by sadness again.

The Image©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Not Prim

But maybe proper

Straight laced

Wouldn’t be my place

I can say however

That you won’t catch me swearing

Because they (the people) would all be glaring

And everyone, who’s anyone, anywhere

Would know about it

So this also means that

I would never take what wasn’t mine

I’d never disagree with the majority


When my family has a fight

It’s done on paper and not with words

So no one will overhears something they would be willing to share

With the entire neighborhood

I certainly don’t want to

Stand out like a sore thumb

So everyone who is anyone

Could stand glaring


My family would be labeled as trash


Banned from all things social

So when I walk out the door

I make sure everything is in place

Just so I can fit into this place

And have a trace of a happy life

The Image is clear

Or I wouldn’t be here

Hard at work


Trying to fit in

Will You Save Me?©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


on the cliff

There are steps that I must take through this dark and empty place.

I wish you wouldn’t follow.

For I’m not sure if I’ll see tomorrow.

But maybe if you can reach me before it’s too late,

I won’t have to take the journey that might call for my end.

Would you take the time to save a friend?


Would you let them go so you’re off the hook and would no longer have to bother?

This all feels so wrong.

But no one has given me any other choice.

The walls are crumbling down around me.

The pressure is overwhelming.

I turned to you, but you’re not really there.

I’m hoping and praying, you’ll make the time, this time

Dear Readers:

This poem is offered in light of a recent story about a young man taking his life

when he felt he had no one to turn to, and when he did turn to someone, they didn’t try to stop him.

I beg of anyone out there, please help that is crying out for help.

Don’t urge them to take their own life. They are crying out because they want to be saved.

No matter how bad things are, there is always something better ahead even if you can’t see it at the time.

The River©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The river is no longer still

Its ripples lye frozen to its floor

Waiting for the months of Spring

To bring upon the Winter’s thaw

Skaters flock to glide freely upon its surface

Since swimming and boating are safely tucked away

The trees stand bare and limp from the harshness of the cold

Until Old Man winter lies on its snow frosted layers

We daydream of the moment when we’ll see each tree bloom

No matter the season the view remains just right

We take it as we see it, faults and all

The vision is one of beauty and its such a wondrous thing

Soon it will all be in the past

So we are grateful for these moments when we can appreciate the view

The Seed©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


With one thought and one caretaker

I can make changes that will make a difference

With one Idea and willing hands

We can build a better tomorrow

There are things that I’ve seen

There are things that I’ve heard

That I don’t want to witness again

It takes people who care and people who are willing

To give all that they are and all that they have

To ensure everyone’s happiness so that we can all

Live a fruitful life

Who Am I?

I am the seed of promise and hope

The seed that was planted in the deepest soil on this earth

I am nurtured by all who fight for a chance

A chance to plant their seed to help feed this hungry earth

Take care of me

And nurture me

For your rewards will be bountiful


Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


I stand in awe of your bountiful gift

The direction you point me in is glorious

I bask in the glory of your selfless offering

I believe in the message you send forth to me

I plan to follow your direction

I shall learn from my mistakes

And change the outcome of my future

I believe in second chances

I thank you for the one you’ve given me

Leader of the Pack©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


All I have to do

Is look your way and you cringe with fear

You’d do anything just for a chance

To be liked by me

To even be like me

Don’t feel bad

Everyone else cringes too

I’m not sure what I’ve done to be labeled this way

Truth is all I want is to be like you

Even if just for a little while

Someone simple and barely noticed

Able to come and go as they please

Not worried about what others see, think, or feel

Just existing here under a thick skin

Not sentenced to the life I live in

With all eyes on me

Begging to come in

Expecting things I’m not sure I can give

One thing is certain

I truly don’t desire to be leader of the pack

Maybe you can help me find my way back

And get me away from this pack