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‘We’ve All Made Mistakes’

Eric Dane Comes Clean: 'We've All Made Mistakes'


When I was young I didn’t have much

Not because we were poor

Because we weren’t

Not because no one cared

Because everyone did

It was because my parents wanted to teach me

That there are many more among us that truly have nothing

We have each other

We have our neighbors

We have our church

We have our memories

We have all that we need

When I was young

My idols could be found on TV

My idols were my neighbors

My idols were my friends

My idols were my family

Now many of them have passed

The shows have come and gone

My friends have moved away

And my family, those that remain

are mostly scattered about

So my idols are now my children and my husband and the family that remains

My idols are

The children of the world that will sculpt our future

Those who are hard at work

Those that are surviving

Those who are waiting to be noticed

Those who are waiting for help

Those who are fighting for their lives

Idols come in all shapes and sizes

Idols come


Idols go

But we must go on living

Little do you know

You too are someones Idol

Copyright 2014 Idols© Felina Silver Robinson

Seth and Ali 12-29-95


Throwback Thursday:

Me and my little brother

Separated by three years

Doesn’t change much about us

Raised as partners in crime

We were unbeatable

We fought our battles

with Sega Genesis

and dump trucks galore

Now in our twenties

Stronger than ever

We will stay friends forever

Life just couldn’t be any better

Copyright 2014 Throwback Thursday: Me and my little brother© Felina Silver Robinson


Two Peas in a Pod

It’s amazes to recall that when I first saw you

It was in a small dark room

with cold gel on my belly

and a sensor roaming around in circles upon the gel

The screen showing both of you in your separate sacks

just the size of a pea

It’s so hard to believe, that you can

blossom like a beautiful flower

changing both shapes and sizes

what outstanding young women

you have both become

Both full of many things

with a will to survive

with steady drive

with mounting determination

with vast amounts of experience

with unending hope

and undying love

And I have





and Joy

But most of all

I have the two of you

From the beginning to the end

I’ll always do anything

For my two peas that lived in my pod

For the two that I brought into this world

For your lives that I’ve guided

For your whole lives long

Copyright 2014 Two Peas in a Pod© Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is dedicated to my twin daughters who graduated from 8th grade

this (06.19.14) afternoon.

I’m proud of your honor roll achievements,

for your community service efforts,

for your dedication to your education,

for your respect of your teachers and your peers

but most of all,

I’m proud of you for still being you through everything

I love you Ariana and Jasmine






Attends show, barbecue with family

Whispers in the Wind

I walk the streets

Blinded by all there is to see

Your spot beside me still empty

But I still hear your whispers in the wind

Your words warm my heart as I walk aimlessly into the night

I wonder what you are thinking

What part of the world you’ve been assigned to

How you are being treated by the strangers you have to protect

If you wonder if I’ll still be here when you are lucky enough to come home

I hear your whispers in the wind telling me that you love me

and you’ll soon be home to stay

The stars are shining brightly leading me on my way

To the place we call home

Where I wait for your safe return each and every day

I await the moment when your whispers in the wind

are replaced by your warm and tender voice

and the spot beside me is filled by you

Copyright 2014 Whispers in the Wind© – Felina Silver Robinson

This Poem is written in loving Memory of my deceased husband

Kris John Kangas who served briefly in the U.S. Army

May you live peacefully with the lord for an eternity



This weekend I remember the person my brother use to be

He served our country proud

He did all he was asked to do

An injury sent him home

He wasn’t the same upon his return

Tattered and torn was his sole

He did some things he wasn’t proud of

But deep within, he was still the man he use to be

He worked real hard to come back to who he was

He cleaned up his act

He found a good woman with a family

He was able to love, the way every man should have a chance to

But before too long the good lord came and took him

Lost to a disease that  couldn’t be cured

I take this time to remember all he was and all he had

I love you Johnny, you surely were quite the man

May your spirit live on among all that have loved you

You’re with the big man now, so we’ll always miss you

But knowing you are in the best hands possible

I can live on holding on to my happiest memories

Copyright 2014 Johnny© - Felina Silver Robinson

This Poem was written today (05/24/14) in loving memory of my Brother Johnny

who briefly served in the air force. May he rest peacefully with god for eternity.

Mommy, How Was Your Day?


My children sit waiting me

To tell me all about their day

One with excitement for what she will say

One just happy to be home away from everything

And one so tired that all means nothing,

But the words I love to hear when…

They ask me; Mommy how was your day?

What should I say?

Do I tell them the day was too long?

But not long enough

for all I wished I could have done with them?

Do I tell them great,

because I knew I was coming home to all of them?


Should I just say

I’m just happy to be alive and share this time with you?

These are all the things I could say

to my little ones that I leave at home every day

Whom I couldn’t live without

Each time I have to walk out the door without them

My heart aches just a bit more

They are my children

They make me whole

I love you my trio

How was your day?

 Copyright 1998 Felina Silver – Mommy, how was your day?©

Our Dreams


I see you at night when I close my eyes

Your face is still glowing from when I said I love you

The smile still covers your face

You sit at your window looking at the sunset

Planning the day when we both say I do

That smile never leaving your face

The sun sets and the moon rises

You still sit speechless gazing at the blue sky

This is my life when we’re apart

Soon my darling we will no longer wait

For our dreams to meet, and become one

 Copyright 1998 Felina Silver – Our Dreams©

Dream World

I see in the future

All of our friends are together

Though things have changed

They’re still more the same


We drink the same water

We eat the same food

The grass is still green

The air is as pure as it can be


They have finally outlawed smoking and guns

You can drink but only in the privacy of your own home

and can’t go out afterwards


Everyone has the home of their choice

Rent free

Only having to pay for luxuries


No more drive by shootings

No more locked doors

No more car thefts


Just plain no more violence


What a dream that would be

 Copyright 1998 Felina Silver – Dream World©