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By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 1998, 2015


When I look back on my life, what will I say?

I survived these days of my life

And keep a smile on my face

I have a wonderful family

A great job

I’m writing

I’m not alone

I’m helping others

I have a good heart and soul

I can see beyond myself

I can see beyond today

I know what it means to feel

I know what it means to rise above the pain

I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom

I know how it is to remain sane

I know what it means to win or lose

I know how to laugh and cry

I also know that life doesn’t revolve around me


Hearts of all Sizes©

By Felina Silver

Copyright© 1998, 2015


A heart comes in many sizes

But the shapes are all the same

The question often asked however is

Why does it seem as though hearts are missing from others?

It’s been said before that without a heart there is no soul

Without a soul there is no being

Without a being there is no family

Don’t under estimate the value of a heart it means more than we credit it for

Without a heart we’d find more homeless

No one to care for those left to parents and families gone

No one to build our homes

Preserve the land we live in

Hearts control more of the world than anyone gives them credit for

Be kind-hearted



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 1998, 2015


Today is the day I change my life

 and see what there is to see

No more waiting

No more pondering

No more putting off

No more sorrow

Today is the day to start a new

To go after those things I cherish

To reach all the goals I set

To take the time I’ve talked about

To put my past behind me and

Let go of my regrets

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for

The day all my dreams begin to come true



By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 1998



What is Rank?

The order in which we deal

The order in which we report

How we cope

Where we go

Who we are


Meaningless levels of authority

Meaningless levels of learning

How we teach our children

How we become who and what we are


It’s class, description, whether meaningful or meaningless


Is a call to tell how we feel

What we do, who we are, and who we want to be

What is your rank?

What does it mean to you?

I rank not, as you’re all the same to me.



Husbands and Wives©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


Husbands and Wives


Partners in Crime

They Stay Together

Till Death Do Them Part

Through Thick and Thin

They Are

Lovers and Friends

Friends and Enemies


Good Times and Bad


Work Hard and Break Many A Promise

They Try Hard To

Budget and Keep Their Finances

They Nurture Their

Babies, Children, Teens and Young Adults

Who Have Many A

 Boyfriend and Girlfriend

They’ll Suffer Many

Heartaches and Headaches

While Putting Their Children Through

Elementary School, High School and College

They Will Enjoy and Sometimes Suffer Through

Holidays and Vacations

Plays and Graduations

Any Will Gain Many

Memories and Make Lots of History

Together Through Both

Life and Death

From This World To The Next One

Husbands and Wives

Joined Together Forever


Your husband may always be your Mr. Right,

But you will forever be his Mrs. Right all the time.

Without you, he may lose direction, then need reflection

finding only regret for he did not listen when you were talking.

 Be gentle, forgiving, patient and understanding. Mr. Right will always be grateful.

Love will be forever binding”© Felina Silver Robinson

Is on North Head Lighthouse Road in Washington


On A Perfect Day©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


On a Perfect Day

We sleep til 9

No Alarm Clocks

No ringing phones

No cares

No worries

The kids make breakfast


Even clean their mess

No raised voices

No sibling rivalry

We pack a picnic lunch

We load up the car

We head for the dock

We board the boat


We set sail

Headed for nowhere

Just out into the wide blue yonder

Just the stir of giggles

Smiles across all their faces

Laying flatly on chairs lined about the boat

No one even cares what the other is talking about

Simple and carefree is what this day is all about

The sun is nearly setting

The wind is picking up

It’s time to set sail for the return trip home

The smell of the crisp clean ocean tugs at our noses

Makes us long for what we’ve just gotten

We hit dry land

Happy but sad to be back again

A beautiful sunset

A perfect ending


A perfect



A Walk In The Park©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2015


We pack everyone into the car

Armed with bug spray and sunscreen

Anxious to get where we’re going

Who would have thought a car full of teenagers

Would find excitement in going to view nature at an arboretum?

We arrive at the gate


Are quickly overwhelmed

By the amazing beauty that surrounds us

Which gives us the desire to run inside to quickly take it all in

Families and friends cheerfully surround us

Smiling and laughing as they greet every passerby

The warmth isn’t just found in the temperature of the day

Squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks, and  birds scurry all about

As if right out of a movie

We finally focus on the natural beauty of the place that we are in

We spot some trees hundreds of years old

Flawless flowers never seen by the likes of me

Tree stumps so big they could house a small family

We come upon a beautiful arch

and of course have to take a moment

To pause for a family photo

To commemorate our time together

We spy a beautiful pond with lily pads and frogs to boot

We limit our walk to 3 1/2 miles

Everyone is exhausted

So we end our time with frozen yogurt to cool everyone off

This was truly the best walk in the park I can remember