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My Poem of the Day


Too Young To Die©

A young black man out and about

In a moment all goes from bad to worse

He finds himself in the arms of a white police officer

fighting for his life

He may be bigger but certainly not stronger than a steel handgun

His fight was never meant to be won

He knows it’s over

He wants to give up

But in one split second all is lost and he is gone

The officer with just a slight red blemish upon his face

Remains in one piece

The crowds go wild as another young man is lost

They know what will happen and they’re not looking forward to it

Three months later the lowly police officer stand strong

Happy to find that he won’t be doing time

He’s been cleared of his ghastly deed

But the natives are restless as the protest the findings

That can’t put the injustice behind them

Tension mounts and crowds strengthens

Can’t someone come and give some direction

Oh what I’d give to have the day Michael Brown died began all over again

But with no police

and no shooting

Just time and space once again

With freedom, friends and loved ones in tow

Copyright 2014

Too Young To Die©

Felina Silver Robinson


Michael Brown

May his family and friends

Find the, love, peace, and strength needed to carry on

May you continue to come together as one to strengthen each other in your time of need

Call on each other in good times and bad

Hold onto your memories

While letting the soul of Michael R.I.P.

Support him through love and understanding

Which shall have no end

1. New Governor Works With Citizens, Tribes to ‘Create a Vision for Alaska’

Lt. Gov-elect Byron Mallott, Tlingit, addressing citizens on Sunday as part of the new governor’s transition team.

2. Deputy Secretary Connor Outlines Land Buy-Back Program Accomplishments

Courtesy Department of the Interior
Mike Connor, deputy secretary of Interior

3. What I’m Thankful For

4. Book Review: ‘The Road Back to Sweetgrass’

Road Back to Sweetgrass

5. 300 California Native Americans Protest, Tell Redskins They’re ‘Not Your Mascot’

Courtesy Marc Dadigan
At the Change the Name: No Honor in Racism demonstration Sunday, Nov. 23, more than 300 demonstrators, representing dozens of tribes, joined in solidarity against Native American mascots and team names at the Santa Clara Civic Center, a few hundred yards from Levi’s Stadium where the San Francisco 49ers played the Washington professional football team.

6. Grievance Against Begaye Dismissed, Cleared for General Election Ballots

7. ‘Who Will Dan Snyder Bully Next?’ Asks New Change the Mascot Ad

Change the Mascot Dany Snyder Bully
A screenshot from a new Change the Mascot ad displays the word ‘BULLY’ before an image of a Washington team helmet and team owner Dan Snyder.

8. Video: Rural Communities, Wellsprings of Life, Besieged by Climate Change

The Story Group/National Climate Assessment/Vimeo
More than 90 percent of the U.S. is rural, yet just 20 percent of its people live in those areas. However, the changes there will have a profound impact on cities.

9. Sen. Begich Talks About Native American Heritage Month

Senator Mark Begich
Office of Sen. Mark Begich
Alaska Sen. Mark Begich has offered a statement for Native American Heritage Month.

10. EPA Climate Justice Blog: Cities on the Edge

A street in Detroit

11. Ole Miss Signs Choctaw Softball Standout
Ole Miss signs standout shortstop Hailey Lunderman, Choctaw, on November 25, 2014.

12. University of Utah’s Utes Mascot Has Been Proud Tradition Since 1972

The Salt Lake Tribune
Members of the Ute tribe sang and danced during halftime at the University of Utah’s basketball game on November 21, 2014.

13. New Compilation Rescues Native Folk, Rock and Country From the Vinyl Dustbin

14. Louie Gong’s ‘Inspired Natives’ Project Takes on Its Second Artist-Entrepreneur

Image source:
Heart Berry earrings by Sarah Agaton Howes, an Anishinaabe artist who has signed on with Louie Gong’s Inspired Natives project.

1. Illustrator Skewers the Washington Team, Thanksgiving With Cover Art
The New Yorker’s December cover, illustrated by Bruce McCall, satirizes the Washington football team and Thanksgiving holiday.

2. Alaska Native Rapper Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence With ‘Wake Up’

3. From Briny Wastewater to Fracked Oil: Bakken Saturated With Spills, NYT Finds

AP Photo/Sarah Christianson
This July 15, 2014 aerial photo shows discolored vegetation, lower left, leading from a pipeline where an estimated 1 million gallons of saltwater spilled from an underground pipeline at Bear Den Bay along the Missouri River near Mandaree, N.D.

4. Suzan Shown Harjo Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom in White House Ceremony

The White House/YouTube
President Barack Obama places the Medal of Freedom, the U.S.’s highest civilian honor, around the neck of Suzan Shown Harjo on November 24, 2014.

5. Minneapolis Strip Club’s Tasteless Thanksgiving Ad Draws Planned Nov. 26 Protest

6. Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures Buys Oklahoma City Embassy Suites Hotel

Courtesy Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures
The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe has purchased the 236-room Embassy Suites Oklahoma City as part of its strategy to diversify its business holdings.

7. White House Blog Post: Responding to Sexual Violence in Indian Country

Evan Vucci/AP
Attorney General Eric Holder

8. Many of These 17 Thanksgiving Tweets Are Awful, Some Are Spot-On

Thanksgiving Tweet
Twitter user @karsonkeeney shared a photo of more holiday cultural appropriation.

9. BIA’s Ugly, 19th-Century Attitudes Toward Native Land Rights

10. ‘Wounded Knee: A Line in the Sand’: Documentary to Show Never Seen Footage

Kevin McKiernan Bear Runner Bad Cob Wounded Knee
Kevin McKiernan
Reporter Kevin McKiernan is pictured with Tom Bad Cob and Oscar Bear Runner during the 1973 occupation.

11. First Kitty Litter, Now a Typo? Santa Fe New Mexican Investigates LANL Radiation Leak

U.S. Department of Energy
Leaky, radioactive drums of nuclear waste.

12. The Yavapai-Apache Nation Is Protecting Its River and Its People

Courtesy Yavapai-Apache Nation
The Yavapai-Apache Nation uses gaming revenues from its Cliff Castle Casino-Hotel to develop its communities

13. Homicide, Suicide, Violence, Abuse and Neglect on the Rez

14. Internet Access Will Be a Game-Changer for Indian Country

15. The American Indian Hall of Fame Finds a New Home

via Facebook
The Loretto in Kansas City, Missouri, is the future site of the American Indian Center of the Great Plains.

16. Merida Guilty in Choctaw Corruption Case

Bidding preferences and overcharges went into building the Choctaw Casinos.

My Poem of the Day


One with nature.

The Shell Around My Soul©

In the morning when I wake and find you gone

There is an empty shell around my soul

Something tugs at the place I know my heart should be

It suddenly feels absent from me

I feel powerless to control the badness that now overwhelms me

I have the urge to act without feeling or remorse

To choose evil over good

Who or what has come over me

Step back and turn away

You mustn’t fall victim to my behaving this way

Don’t trust me now

I’ve gone to deep within his soulless hold

The view here is all bright read

There is no sun

Just a feeling of dread

The screams of innocence rings through my ears

But I stand paralyzed at just what to do

My feet are burning and I feel like I’m sinking further into to his evil grasp

I then pray for the lord our saviour

To take hold of my heart and return me home

Me feet turn cold

As I whisk through the wind

I feel the warmth of the sun’s glow upon my face

I find myself laid upon the grass of my back lawn

Dressed in white now with a smile upon my face

By the grace of god I’m home safe once more

No longer holding a shell around my soul

Copyright 2014

The Shell Around My Soul©

By Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


There Are Possums Among Us©

There are possums among us but they don’t mean to stun us

They’re just hungry like me and you

But they’re big and they’re scary

They’re menacing too

They’ll stare you down

They’ll break you down

They’ll make you frown

You know there’s no winning when they start their grinning

They’re laughing at you because you don’t know what to do

But they sure do

And they surely won’t let you forget it

So set those traps

In order to catch them

So that they can be taught a lesson

They’ll be taken home

Where they will be free to roam

And hopefully leave us alone

Boy I’ll sure be glad when they’re no more possums among us

Copyright 2014

There Are Possums Among Us©

By Felina Silver Robinson

This poem was inspired when my 21-year-old told me he had gone to take out some trash

and there was a possum staring up at him almost daring him while begging him not to put his trash on top of him

Startled by this he opted not to continue and let me know that he left the trash in front of the barrels

My Poem of the Day


Turkeys at bhs-2

Picture by Felina Silver Robinson “Turkey’s on the Prowl©”

When Turkey’s Attack (in Brookline)©

Here they come walking down your street

They’re not too happy so it’s not a good time to meet

Don’t get in their space or they may peck you in your face

They’re on a mission

To end their malnutrition

They must quickly find something ultra delicious

They’re going door-to-door to see what they’ve missed

They’re eyeing your gardens

They’re eyeing your trash cans

But if they don’t find anything worth eating

Listen for your doorbell

Because they might come a ringing

Just remember

Manners are missing from these Turkey’s

So don’t be expecting anything good from their visit

Be ready to call your local animal control

Because once you open your door

The only way they’re going is once they’ve been tranquilized

Be ready to hose down your house

Because boy do they leave a horrendous smell

This is what you’ll get when those darn turkey’s attack

This is what we get for taking all their land

And adding more buildings instead

They’re missing all their reservations

Where they were able to walk about

Without hesitation

And food was plentiful

And with no need

for menacing local neighborhoods

There’s still time to fix this

Before these Turkey’s do some fixing of their own

Copyright 2014

When Turkey’s Attack (in Brookline)©

By Felina Silver Robinson

1. Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act: Landmark Legislation or Hollow Victory?

2. Arizona’s Indian Gaming Phenomenon

Lee Allen
Valerie Spicer, executive director of the Arizona Indian Gaming Association, told EXPO attendees: “This has been a banner year for Indian gaming in Arizona.”

3. Stealing Children: A Look at Indigenous Child Removal Policies

Margaret Jacobs A Generation Removed
Craig Chandler/University Communications/University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Margaret Jacobs, professor of history and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, has just published a second volume based on her research.

4. What a Scene! Glamour and Talent at the 2014 AIFF Awards

5. Young Dancer at 2014 Indian Festival in Stone Mountain

6. Navajo Presidential Election Not Until 2015 Now

Demonstration of a Native being Nativer than you (see item no. 2 on list).

7. San Manuel Joins Morongo, Card Clubs and Amaya in Push for Online Poker

Associated Press

8. The Black Snake Hears a Song: Declaring War on the Keystone Pipeline

9. EPA Climate Justice Blog: Revitalization Is Good Medicine

10. Popular Indian Mortgage Program Now Costs More