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How much you can save with solar

Rolling Stone recently sat down with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez after his powerful speech at the United Nations

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

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Forgotten Promise, 2012

(Note to reader: I find a picture I like and write a poem about what I see. Hope you enjoy)

This is what I see…Felina Silver Robinson

Dear Mother Earth…I’m Sorry© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

There were so many promises made and forgotten

We see your despair

Your tears slither slowly through the cracks of the mountain tops

You glare down upon what you created

And see all that we did wrong

We now must fix our mistakes before it’s too late

We hope you still feel we are worth saving

We’d do anything to have your forgiveness

Please don’t strip the earth and leave us bare

Nor leave us beyond repair

We are certain that

Greater things will come the next time around

Whatever you let go of

I will hold onto

I won’t let go of a single thing

For I am

The keeper of the past


All that you wish to forget

Be forewarned

If you slip a time or two

Into the darkness

I will share with you

All that you may be throwing away

If you forget where you came from

I will remind you

If you forget where you should be

I will show you

If you forget your importance

Those who love you will tell you

Don’t give up on the past

It holds the key to your future

Keeper of the Past© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson


Cutting the Confusion with Buddha’s Blessings. Manjushri mantras are good for dispelling mental cloudiness: OM AH RA PA TSA NA DHI
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Kadampa Meditation Center - Texas is having a Manjushri empowerment next Saturday, 11/10. Perfect timing for this post!

Hints of Spring linger in the air

Summer attempts to knock on the door to make its presence known

But old man Winter still threatens our flower beads

Our Wildlife run for cover

While the temperamental weather decides their fates

Crops are wilting and giving discolored and slimmer pickings

Farmers are up in arms without answers

Of what they can and cannot put forth for sale

Church going folk chant out

“You must reap what you sow”

We take pause and wonder

Did we cause this?

Are we to blame?


What can we do now?


Before it’s too late

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Plant it

Grow it

Share it

Eat it

“You must reap what you sow”© 2015

by Felina Silver Robinson

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