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1. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Airs R-Word Segment, Debunks WashPo Report

Comedy Central
Simon Moya-Smith shakes fellow debater, Kelli O’Dell’s hand during the interview.

2. Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia Wows With Healing Pow Wow

3. Attorney General Holder to Step Down After 6 Years

President Obama: “Eric haws done a superb job.”

4. Navajo Nation Signs Historic $554 Million Settlement With Interior Over Mismanaged Trust Funds

Navajo Nation TV
Navajo officials begin the signing ceremony on the historic $554 million settlement with the U.S. Department of the Interior in Window Rock.

5. Video: President Barack Obama Addresses the United Nations on Climate Change

White House/YouTube
President Barack Obama addresses the United Nations on climate change, calling it the biggest threat of our time.

6. 20 Native Guy Problems: Grandmas, War Ponies, Facial Hair and More

7. People of the Hemp, Part 1: Losing Land, Culture, Tradition

AP Images
Randy Wegerski, a 4-year-old Tuscarora boy, is shown on the picket line as the Tuscarora people block a state survey of their reservation in Niagara Falls, New York, on April 18, 1958. The disputed land was seized by the state for a power project.

8. Pow Wow Dance Style Origins: Jingle Dress Dance, Part 3

Diego james Robles
Jingle Dress Dancer Selena Jackson of Winslow, Ariz., performs during the 43rd Annual Diné College Powwow in Tsaile, Ariz., on Saturday night, April 13, 2013.

9. Tribes Get copy1.3 Million in Federal Grants to Combat Chronic Disease


10. Navajo Nation’s $554m Settlement Streaming Live

11. Willie, Neil Young, and Me: Frank Waln Takes the Stage With Legends on Saturday

Rex Features via AP Images; courtesy Frank Waln
Willie Nelson and Neil Young, shown here performing at Farm Aid 2012 in Hershey, Pennsylvania, will be joined by Lakota rapper Frank Waln on Saturday at a concert protesting the Keystone XL pipeline. (Rex Features via AP Images; courtesy Frank Waln)

12. Indigenous Philanthropy Forms a Brooklyn Footnote to WCIP and Climate Week

Theresa Braine
Onondaga Chief Oren Lyons poses with 2014 Wisdom Fellowship Award winner Tarcila Rivera Zea, Quechua activist in Ayacucho, Peru, at the World Summit on Indigenous Philanthropy. Lyons received the same award in 2012.

13. Congress Does Right Thing! Gets IRS Away From Tribal Governments

My Poem of the Day


My Final Say©

I stand high on the tallest mountain

With my arms flying high

People gathered from all around

I’ve waited so long

To stand proud

And have my final say

They plan to take from me,

My friends and my neighbors

The land mother nature has nurtured since the beginning of time

They intend to build, build and build

Until the land is empty no more

It matters none that the animals have lost their way

They come into our homes

They live in our back yards and our attics

Because man has taken the only home they’ve ever known

When they are caught they are euthanized for trespassing

On land that use to be their own

We must take a stand for us the people

And for them

The animals

The air is slowing leaving

Soon we won’t even breathing

The hunger that will come as all starts to die off

All so the man could continue with his building

To fill each square foot with machines that devour all our resources

When the lights turn off and we sit in the dark

With no food

And no place to lay our bed

Then and only then

Will man see the problem he created

And what will he do then

Stand here on this mountain

Stand tall and speak with me

And tell the story of what you see

And hope that it’s not too late to be heard

And to see what man can do to fix the mess he made

Copyright 2014

My Final Say©

Felina Silver Robinson

1. Best Tribal Destinations Awarded at American Indian Tourism Conference

2. ‘Peter Pan Live!’ Starring Christopher Walken Picks its Tiger Lily: Alanna Saunders

Photo source:
Alanna Saunders has been selected to play Tiger Lily in NBC’s ‘Peter Pan Live!’ Photo:

3. Star Power: Leonardo DiCaprio Climate Marches With Natives, and 9 Other Celeb Sightings

4. Inuk Throat Singer Tanya Tagaq Wins Major Music Award, Says ‘F**k PETA’

Photo courtesy
Tagaq’s ‘Animism’ competed against albums by Drake and Arcade fire — and won.

5. New NWIFC Chair Lorraine Loomis Ties Salmon Health to Treaty Rights

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
Lorraine Loomis, formerly vice chair of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, has been elected as chairman to fill out the term of the late Billy Frank Jr., who walked on in May at age 83.

6. Cherokee Nation Honors Military Legacy With Memorial Bricks

Courtesy Cherokee Nation
Pictured, from left, are Cherokee Nation Lead Carpenter D.J. Hamby installs bricks at the Cherokee Warrior Memorial in Tahlequah. Barbara Maddox and her sister Brenda Newton had 52 bricks of family members placed at the site to accompany three they had previously bought.

7. Seattle Poised to Replace Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples’ Day

The City of Seattle is poised to get rid of Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous People’s Day.

8. Mr. Smith Goes to Cleveland to Kill Chief Wahoo

1. The WCIP and Political Equality Between Nations and States

2. U.N. World Conference on Indigenous Peoples Kicks Off on Eve of Climate Summit

Theresa Braine
Indigenous Peoples at the People’s Climate March on September 21 in New York City, on eve of World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

3. Cherokee Student Leading 25,000-Member Oklahoma FFA

Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Citizen Garrett Reed, 19, serves as the Oklahoma FFA president.

4. Mexica Dancers Share Ancient Traditions and Re-Educate in Northern Pow-Wows

Members of Yayauhki Tezcatlipoca, are sharing their ancient traditions at pow wows throughout the northeast and hoping to correct some erroneous views of their culture and beliefs.

5. 400K Take to the Streets of Manhattan for Climate Change

6. Addicted and

Alienated, This Artist Painted Herself out of a Corner [Video, Photos]

7. Has Global Warming Finally Become the Reason to Vote?

Courtesy Shadia Fayne Wood/Peoples Climate March NYC
More than 310,000 people march to send world leaders a message that it’s past time to take action on climate change. Is there an opportunity to make this an election issue? This week the United Nations begins a summit of world leaders to propose a “framework” for solutions.

8. Mike Tyson Featured in TV Ad for Turning Stone Resort Casino, Calls Resort a ‘Knockout’

9. Biggest Climate March in History a Watershed Moment for Indigenous Peoples

Theresa Braine
Indigenous Environmental Network leader Thomas Goldtooth, Activist Melina Labouca-Massimo and other Indigenous Peoples begin the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21.

10. A Native American Prayer

1. Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future – What will happen to our world?

2. Years of Living Dangerously Premiere Full Episode

3. Beyond GMOs: What happens when synthetic DNA comes to the farm and table?


4. Harper government tracking hundreds of peaceful protests

“Don’t be fearful of us—we just want to become a part of larger Canada,” said Chief Joe Alphonse of Tsilhqot’in Nation

Tsilhqot’in - Supreme Court - November 8, 2013

5. The Pacific Starfish Die-Off Continues, but There Is New Hope

6. Fair-Trade Condoms: Latex That Lets You Love The World

A rubber tapper makes an incision in a tree on a plantation in Indonesia.

7. Sitting on danger? Duke University study shows evidence of exposure to furniture flame retardant in moms, toddlers

8. With Ebola crippling the health system, Liberians die of routine medical problems

9. China’s polluted air may be affecting Fresno

10. Thirsty wells: Fracking consumes billions of gallons of water

This file photo from March shows a freshwater impoundment to be used in Utica Shale drilling in southeastern Ohio.

11. UK weather: Britain must be prepared for ‘worst droughts in modern times’

12. Arctic ice cap in ‘death spiral’

13. Push for new pact on climate change is plagued by old divide of wealth.

14. De Blasio orders a greener city, setting goals for energy efficiency of buildings.

15. California town faces life without water.

16. King Fire Update: Massive Force Battles Blaze; Smoke Spreads Over Wide Area

A truck and home destroyed as the King Fire burned near the El Dorado County community of Pollock Pines. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

17. In Maine, scientists see signs of climate change

<br /><br />
” /></p>
<p>18. <a title=As Uganda Heats Up, Pests and Disease Flourish to Attack its Top Export Crop

Farmer Sera Nafungo picking coffee berries in Bukalasi, eastern Uganda. Credit: Wambi Michael/IPS

19. Losing Ground in Louisiana

20. Work goes on to improve water quality of Wabash River as algae rob some parts of much life

21. Berkshire Regional Planning Commission not sold on Housatonic River cleanup strategy

22. Moment of truth: Study to impact farm phosphorus rules


23. Chemical giants want stronger federal law

24. Ford dump site in St. Paul draws attention from state, river advocates

Automaker has been asked to study the prospect of removing a riverside mound of waste

25. EPA proposes changing standards on pesticides and farm workers

Opinions divided on impact

26. With unhealthy stream pollution, Jones Falls targeted for restoration and maintenance projects

Two action plans for area watershed have been approved, and third could be coming soon

27. Tossed cigarettes new pollution target of Coastal Cleanup Day

Hamilton Hitchings, left, of Palo Alto, and Peter Drekmeier, of Palo Alto, haul trash bags as volunteers gather to conduct a cleanup of the shores along San Francisquito Creek in Menlo Park, Calif., Sept. 20, 2014.  (Patrick Tehan/Bay Area News Group)

28. Shellfish farmers: Willapa Bay herbicides ‘work tremendously’


1. Red Lake Capitol Construction Ahead of Schedule

Courtesy Michael Meuers
Long shot of the Government Center

2. Reclaiming Our Children Through Food

3. Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Celebrate 19th Pow Wow

4. Fighting the Plague of Diabetes in Indian Country

5. Top 12 Tweets of the Week


6. Indigenous Peoples Essential to Climate Movement, March Organizers Say

Theresa Braine
The ‘anti-Beiber’ Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 14-year-old indigenous rapper from Boulder, spoke at the People’s Climate March kickoff event in New York City on September 19.

7. Federal Recognition and Unratified Treaties
The North Fork Rancheria has this image of local unratified treaties on their website.

8. Native Humor: 20 Signs She May Be ‘Too Rez’ for You, Bro

Irene Bedard as Suzy Song in ‘Smoke Signals.’