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“I Was a Bit of a C–t”

Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus

Sad but true…

10/19/2014 — 2 Comments

American Idol’ alum Joanne Borgella dies at 32

Singer and model <a href=''>Joanne Borgella</a>, an "American Idol" contestant in 2008, died on Saturday, October 18, at age 32 after a battle with cancer, according to her family.

A Sad Twist of Fate©

A Tribute to Glen Campbell

A singer is an artist who spends their life sharing their music with the world

We savior each song as if it was meant just for us

The artist searches deep down in their soul for all they are willing to share

Through the years everyone lives off of their music finding something just right for each occasion

But the years are not good to the singer

A disease takes hold of their memory and strips them of all they once knew

The disease doesn’t care that they had a family

It doesn’t care that he will leave them behind with no remembrance of who they all once were to each other

It’s such a sad twist of fate

Copyright 2014

A Sad Twist of Fate©

Felina Silver Robinson