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Desperate Housewives and Cape Fear Actress was 84

Polly Bergen

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Phone Call from a Stranger

This movie like many of its time was set at an airport with a small group of people with twisted lives that they were trying to put back together. That includes attorney David Trask who is running away after finding out about his wife’s infidelity. The trio of people that he meets has their own problems and as they wait for the plain to board they begin to share their life stories. Unfortunately, their plane crashes and his three traveling companions don’t survive. He decides that he will travel to each family and tell them of their tragic end. Through all that he learns from both his deceased acquaintances and their families, he realizes he must forgive his wife and in the end returns home to her and their child. This is a truly heart wrenching story and I give it a 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars. Felina Silver Robinson

Cast – Gary Merrill as David Trask, Shelley Winters as Binky Gay, Michael Rennie as Dr. Robert Fortness, Keenan Wynn as Eddie Hoke, Evelyn Varden as Sallie Carr, Warren Stevens as Marty Nelson, Beatrice Straight as Claire Fortness, Ted Donaldson as Jerry Fortness, Craig Stevens as Mike Carr, Bette Davis as Marie Hoke, Helen Westcott as Jane Trask


The Dark Corner

This movie is a great watch with just the cast alone. There are so many twists and turns and will keep you guessing. An ex-con turns private eye who ends up being followed himself by another private eye hired by his arch enemy. You have to watch to see how it turns out.  It’s worth your time.  I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. Felina Silver Robinson

Cast – Lucille Ball as Kathleen, Clifton Webb as Hardy Cathcart, William Bendix as Stauffer, alias Fred Foss, Mark Stevens as Bradford Galt, Kurt Kreuger as Anthony Jardine, Cathy Downs as Mari Cathcart, Reed Hadley as Lt Frank Reeves, Constance Collier as Mrs. Kingsley, Eddie Heywood as Himself, Molly Lamont as Lucy Wilding, Ellen Corby as Maid

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Game of Thrones, Charles Dance

Bear Grylls Proposed to His Wife Naked and Used His … Butt Cheeks?!

Bear Grylls, Screengrab

Find Out What Happened!

Christina Applegate