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A Life With Drugs By Your Side©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Drugs give you a momentary high

But they take away your pride

You find yourself

Battling with your insides

And those who’ve stood by your side

No longer have a place in your life

You lie, cheat, and steal your way through each day

Until your next fix

You’re even willing to do a few tricks

When the buzz is gone

You review your demise

And come to realize

You may no longer have

Anyone to stand by your side

To fight what ails you inside

You’ve compromised all that’s been good in your life

For a few moments in time

That you won’t even remember

You’ll be left behind

Wondering why you’re alone

With no place to call home

No money in your pocket

No food in your belly

With just the clothes on your back

Because no one is willing

To take you back


Can’t be worth all that you’ll miss

If you keep picking them



…Life deserves a real try

Without drugs by its side

A life filled with drugs leads to DEATH

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