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Woman accused of Google exec’s death

Alix Tichelman, An alleged prostitute accused of leaving a Google executive to die on his yacht in California

after shooting him up with a fatal hit of heroin, plead not guilty to manslaughter and heroin charges on Wednesday.

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Parents whose kids aren’t fitting in with the “cool” crowd needn’t worry, study authors say.

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Vincent Paris arrested on heroin, child endangerment charges

EMS says drinking, drugs to blame

Dozens sent to hospital after TD Garden concert

Alex Cora DeJesus fatally shot while fleeing sting

Pontiff condemns legalization of marijuana

Men accused in shooting death of Tyler Zanco
Murder of high school senior stuns Waltham

One firefighter injured battling Hersham Street blaze

Meth, heroin valued at $1M seized

1. Archaeology’s poisonous past

Most U.S. ethnographic collections are contaminated with toxins. Will new cleaning methods help tribes reclaim artifacts?

2. How Washington farmers are moving to smarter water solutions

Old-time farmers knew about protecting water supplies, and new efforts build on their ideas to cope with changing conditions.
Walla Walla hills

3. Study cites possible link between drilling, health

4. As Dairy Farms Grow Bigger, New Concerns About Pollution

Industrial dairy farm

5. Big stakes in debate over fish consumption in Wash. state

Big stakes in debate over fish consumption in Wash. state

6. Killer drug threat to Scotland’s golden eagles

Iconic birds are at risk from a veterinary treatment which is thought to be responsible for many raptor deaths. Picture: PA