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By Norman Miller, Daily News Staff

Ashland PD

ASHLAND, Mass. — Anna the German shepherd was sinking into the frigid depths of the Sudbury River on Monday when Officer Chris Alberini, anchored by a lifeline, crawled onto the ice and pulled the 5-year-old dog to safety, the MetroWest Daily News reported.

“He went across the ice like a superhero and saved her,” said Anna’s owner, Sean O’Malley. “It’s amazing.”

Alberini, along with Officer Michael Dionne and Animal Control Officer Al Johnson, saved Anna after she fell through the ice on Union Street around 3 p.m., Sgt. Greg Fawkes said.

“It was really, really impressive,” Fawkes said.

O’Malley said when he left for work in the morning Anna was in the house. He guessed that the dog went through the doggie door of his Katherine Drive home, jumped the fence and ran off. The point in the river where she fell through is about two to three miles from his home.

After getting a call, police went to the river and found the dog struggling to get back onto the ice. Initially, they planned on waiting for the fire department to arrive with rescue equipment, but Alberini, who is partnered with Dax, the department’s police dog, feared Anna would drown before they arrived.

“He tied a 30-foot-leash around himself and Officer Dionne and (Johnson) held the other end as he crawled onto the ice,” said Fawkes. “He tried lassoing the dog with another leash, and she was smart enough to bite it and try to pull herself out, but she couldn’t do it. He finally was able to use the animal control officer’s pole (with a lasso on the end) and pulled her out.”

O’Malley said he had no idea anything was happening until after Anna was safe.

“I’m just fortunate that the call was my dog was fine,” said O’Malley. “She’s one of our family members.”

Anna seems to be doing fine after her ordeal, O’Malley said.

“She’s doing great,” he said. “She’s sitting on her bed looking exhausted. She had a long day, and the officers did, too.”

Dr. Gregg Angell survives hunting accident that claimed friends’ lives

WESTPORT, Mass. —The wife of the only hunter to survive an accident that claimed the lives of two other experienced outdoorsmen said the fact her husband survived is a miracle.

Dr. Gregg Angell, of Westport, and his two friends, Steven James, of Marshfield, and Robert Becher, of Cromwell, Conn., fell into the Westport River when their small skiff capsized Tuesday morning. James and Becher died.

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“It’s absolutely a miracle — no doubt in my mind,” Lorraine Angell said. “He has frostbite on his fingers and frostbite on his knees. He is in shock but physically otherwise OK.”

Angell was rescued by the Coast Guard. He said he tried to wave to the rescue helicopter, but he could hardly move.

“He was in fetal position,” Lorraine Angell said. “Watching the video of him coming up breaks my heart. He knew he only had a little while longer.”

His core body temperature was 80 degrees when he arrived at the hospital.

She said her husband is not sure why the boat capsized.