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Road salt causes rust

Milford man charged with drunken driving

drinking and driving

Obama disappointed in Secret Service agents involved in DUI crash

The White House reacts to the agency’s latest case of misconduct

Opinion: We all must keep in mind that although Secret Service Agents are held to a higher standard because of what they are responsible for, they are all still human and are making human mistakes. Their actions don’t make it any easier to swallow, but they are the facts. All agents need to now prove that they are able to be trusted in their jobs and are not intentionally behaving in the manner that has recently been brought to light. The White House Is the most important office in our country and those that walk the halls must be protected by those dedicated to those inside as well as our fine country. If for whatever reason that is no longer the case, they must be removed from their jobs. Felina Silver Robinson

Driving to Pierce School in Brookline to pick up more children at BHS we spotted a driver that has seemingly blanked out on how to actually drive. You will definitely want to enlarge this photo. Maybe you can figure how they did it.

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Driver charged with operating under influence, police say