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There’s A Nightmare Under My Pillow©

Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014


When you lay your head down to sleep

You close your eyes


There’s a smile on your face

As you head off to dream land

But under my pillow I’m not so lucky

Because every time I lay my head down

I close my eyes

And try as hard as I can

To head off to my dream land

But there are no sweet dreams for me

Because, There’s a nightmare under my pillow

And it won’t go away

I turn right

I turn left

I move up

I move down

I open my eyes

I close my eyes

It doesn’t seem to matter

My nightmare is there when I close my eyes

It’s there when I open them

And Now I dread the night-time

Because I know it’s never going to get any better

My Nightmare must be a punishment

For what, I don’t know

I know I have to spend some time

Working it out or I’ll never be able

to lay my head upon my pillow

Close my eyes



Oh how I long to visit my long-lost dream land

Maybe it’s just my pillow

Next time

Maybe, I’ll just borrow yours

Author: 15 common dreams and what they mean

World Peace

world peace

The end of poverty


The end of homelessness

The end of racism


The end of death and dying

The end of un-involved parents

The end of violence


The end discrimination

m and m colors

True equal rights for all

native american equal rights people equal rights

These are all the things I wish for

by Felina Silver Robinson

October 28, 2013


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I am so interested in dreams. I’m always curious about what makes us have certain dreams over other kinds of dreams. I wish their were a lot more current studies on dreams. Many of them are older. I’m sharing four different articles that I found of interest, hope you enjoy.

1) 10 Common Dreams And Why We Have Them

2) What is a dream? How is the word “dream” defined?

3) How to Lucid Dream

4) Could ‘sleep workouts’ make you run faster? Just DREAMING about training can make you perform better, experts say

Happiness and Bliss

Time slips through my fingers as easily as sand

happpy bliss

My thoughts wander through my head like a newborn crawling across the living room floor

But one thing I know is that I would do anything for you

and you would do anything for me

Our devotion to one another is deeper than the Black Hole

We are forever pleasing

Forever knowing what the other needs or desires

There’s no chance of deception for our minds are as one

We complete each other

Each day we motivate and inspire each other to always follow our dreams

And each day starts and ends with a smile and a kiss

Showing one another our happy bliss

The 20 big questions in science

My recurring dream

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Each night I lay down my head hoping for change
In the few real moments that I sleep
I dream
I dream of peace
I dream of change
I dream of wealth for all
I dream that there is no famine or disease
I dream that the world is fair and treats all equal
I dream that there is no ignorance or prejudice
I dream of good will toward all

When I wake I feel cheated because I know that
Peace is hard to find in a world that likes to fight
Change is ever evolving but people are always fighting it
Wealth finds those that don’t really want to share it
Famine and disease will never leave
The world is fair to those that know how to fight for it
People are treated equal when even more fighting is done
Ignorance and prejudice is still very much alive in many

There are many that have the same recurring dream and they too
Hope for change
Don’t give up hope
Keep up the good fight
Dreams can become a reality if they become the dream of plenty