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Hanah’s Mom, Kym Puga asked if I would share her video on my blog.  I feel honored that she asked.  Suicide is one of life’s truest tragedies. Losing a child to such a tragedy is horrific. How do you come back from that? You have to, that is the only way you can prove that every life matters. Through my life, I have known many who have uttered the words “I wish I were dead”. They are not comforting words, they are not words that leave you easily. You find yourself never wanting to sleep for fear when you wake someone you love will be gone.

Kym and Hanah, you both matter, we all matter. Hopefully, more people will come to realize this, more people will take the hand of someone in need. Give a hug to someone who asks for one. Give a smile to someone wearing a frown. Do whatever you can to let everyone know “they matter.”

Please take a few minutes and watch Kym’s video about her beautiful daughter Hanah:

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