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Sunday’s service will be open to the public while Monday’s will include a private funeral.

Services for Mayor Thomas Menino Will be Held Sunday, Monday

Goodbye Former Mayor Thomas Menino and Thank You for Your Service by Felina Silver Robinson

Today we lost a great man. Many have said that the service that Former Boston Mayor Tom Menino has done for the city of Boston is unmatched.  I was born in Boston in 1963. I only lived there for the first three years of my life. I was obviously too young to know what being a Mayor for a city as big as Boston meant. Through the years as I grew up in Brookline, Boston’s next door neighbor, I was able to see how things operated. Politics isn’t as easy as many would like to think it is.  There are so many people to watch over, some in very different ways than others. You make choices that you don’t always agree with and don’t necessarily have the control to handle each situation as you thought you would or in the way that you would like to. When the day ends, your time is still not your own. When you lay down at night, you’re still on the clock. Your life belongs to all voters not just the ones that voted for you. Their needs are your problem.

It is well-known that Tom Menino had an amazing ability to make everyone he met feel like they were his extended family. The color of your skin was undetected. Your dialect didn’t direct his decision to help you. It was in his nature to extend his hand to anyone that needed it. Although I never had the pleasure or the honor to meet him, I can honestly say he is one man who I will always have the highest regard for. It takes a special person to be able to see the good in each person no matter what others might have said about them. He walked the streets that others weren’t willing to walk, He tackled the problems that others wouldn’t touch. The streets of Boston are safer and cleaner because of him.

I sure hope that someone intends on continuing to uphold the many parts of his legacy that the needy have come to depend on like the November dinners for Rosie’s Place.

I wish his family strength in their time of need. Being loved by so many will offer them all the support they could ever hope for. My heart goes out to all of them. May his spirit fly free and strong high amid the heavens and the angels.


Menino dies after lengthy battle with cancer

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bassist “died today at his home in Suffolk surrounded by his family,” his publicist confirms

Jack Bruce

Dorman worked in Boston radio for 40 years

My Poem of the Day


Jack of All Trades©

I’ll do anything you ask of me

I can do almost anything

That in which I don’t know

I will learn just for you

I’m never willing to be defeated by anything

There is no such phrase as

I can’t

or I don’t know how

You ask and I am willing

Willing to go to the end of the world

Just not to disappoint you

I’ll cook your dinner

I’ll clean your clothes

Heck, I’ll even shop with you or for you

and Put your kids to bed

You give me purpose

You give me a reason

about why I’m alive

I’m your Jack of all trades

Copyright 2014

Jack of All Trades©

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


Fading Into the Darkness©

I slip slowly into the darkness

I watch the last glimmer of light fade along with me

Voices faintly heard and just about gone

Memories evaporated that are lost on me now

My size no longer matters

I no longer feel bad about my weight

No one to cackle at my clothes

I no longer care when I’m indisposed

Because no one sees but me

And those like me

Couldn’t be bothered

I miss the life I once had

But now I have choice with no demands

I’m now as peace for

The darkness shed me a new light

Copyright 2014

Fading Into the Darkness©

Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is one in a collection

in tribute to my niece Maryann Hamilton

R.I.P. Maryann