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Route 140 crash under investigation

James Taylor’s mother dies at Martha’s Vineyard home at 92

Casey Dunne had no pre-existing condition, father says

Casey Dunne

As longtime head of Zappa Family Trust, wife was responsible for issuing close to 40 albums of previously unreleased music by Frank since his 1993 death


Colton Guay died Monday


The Land Above And The Land Below©

Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson


Death knocks at the door of the wicked

Death knocks at the door of the innocent

Spirits beckon for answers but no one responds

Can you hear me they call out

They’re lost in the swirls of deception

No one comes to lead them to destiny

Wait, an angel appears for the innocent

A creäture of sorts for the wicked

The good go up

And the wicked go down

Promises made

Promises broken

No one is certain what lies ahead now

Stories told

May not be the life you are now living

Stay honest

Stay true

Only good can come to you

Here or there

Sins still follows

Best beware

Someones still always watching

Both in the land above

and the land below

Plane diverted to Syracuse after pilot’s death

American Airlines flight diverted