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Franklin administrators roll out red carpet at Remington Middle School

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1. Clovis Is Bogus: Archeologists Blocked Truth About Native Settlement

2. Confuse ‘Em While They’re Young: ‘Dance Moms’ Puts Headdress on


Lifetime TV
Cast member Nia in the faux-Native headdress she was made to wear on
‘Dance Moms’
Photo by Anne Staveley
Cannupa Hanska Luger about to destroy ‘The Big Chief,’ one of his
‘Stereotype’ sculptures. Photo by Anne Staveley.

4. Global Gaming Expo and ICTMN Give Subscribers Special Offer

5. Veggie of the Week Program Shines Light on Sustainable Agriculture

Cheyenne River Youth Project
Sustainable Agriculture Manager Ryan Devlin with local teens—and Veggie of
the Week, zucchini—at the Leading Lady Farmers Market.

6. Tester Begins Hearings on Sex Trafficking in Indian Country

Courtesy Sen. Jon Tester/Flickr
About 100 people gathered for a listening session with Sen. Jon Tester on
August 28 to discuss the increased trafficking of mostly young girls and women in
Indian country.

7. Younger, Better, Faster, Stronger – Rethinking the Native Voters of 2014

8. Inaugural Meeting Aimed to Help Tribal Veterans Get Services They Deserve

The Southwest Native American Veterans Association is looking to provide
help for Native American veterans with its first SNAVA Regional Conference
September 21-24.

9. Dan Snyder’s Broadcast License Challenged Over Redskins; Faces

FCC Filing

Associated Press

10. Watch: Dan Snyder’s Answer to ‘What is a Redskin?’


11. Seminole Makes History as First Football Player to Wear FSU Jersey
Justin Motlow is the first Seminole Tribal Member to play football at FSU.

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1. Religions of the World Native American pt1

2. Religions of the World Native American pt 2

3. Religions of the World Native American pt 3

4. Religions of the World Native American pt 4

5. Misinformation From the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See


6. Artist’s Skill Brings Visual Life to Famed Chickasaw Leader


Courtesy Chickasaw Nation
Internationally renowned artist and former Seminole Nation Principal Chief Enoch Kelly Haney, left, and Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby pose in front of Haney’s vision of famed Chickasaw leader Piominko. The statue was formally dedicated Monday, April 28, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, on the grounds of the Chickasaw Nation Capitol.

7. Equality and Spiritual Diversity Among Nations

Indigenous nations each have specific creation teachings.

8. Chickasaw Press Adds Children’s Activity Book to White Dog Press Offerings

Chickasaw Press
Chickasaw Press has launched a new imprint for children’s books.

9. Poetry Inaugurates New Imprint From Chickasaw Nation, White Dog Press

Chickasaw Press/White Dog Press
The inaugural book from White Dog Press, poetry by Chickasaw Margie Testerman.

10. 2014 Chattanooga Pow Wow Photo Gallery by Amy Morris

11. Native American Line Dance

12. Drums of Thunder (Native American Music) Mountain Spirits

13. Wayra – Voices of the Wind

14. Native American fish trap, Wilderness Survival

15. Native American Cuisine: Chef Nephi Craig

1. The Calamity Has Begun: The Problem of Economic & Religious Beliefs

2. Chair Liz Charlebois: NMAI’s Meet Native America Series

Courtesy Liz Charlebois
Liz Charlebois, chair of the New Hampshire Commission on Native American Affairs.

3.  Nike Responds to EONM Protest

Daniel Dixon
Protestors hold us signs outside the Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon on May 1, 2014.

4. Nearly 1,200 Missing, Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada: RCMP

One of several vigils held annually to honor and call for an inquiry into the murders and disappearances of aboriginal women in Canada.

5. Halley’s Comet Remnants: Eta Aquarid Meteors Light Up Cinco de Mayo

An artist fancifully dancing with the stars.

6. Compassion – Kenneth Little Hawk – Native American Storyteller

7. Native Storytelling Festival: The Real Story of the Quileute Wolves

8. The First Nations Wars – The American Indian

9. Native American Dance at the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico

10. How to Prove Native American/Indian Ancestry

1. Enigma – Indian Chanting

2. Bill Miller “The Last Stand” – Excerpt

3. Ghost Dance – Bill Miller

4. Native American Pow Wow Dance Music

5. Bill Miller – Wind Spirit