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police crime tape

‘Natural born killer’ of 1995 Avon murder now charged with murder of inmate

Inmate, 72, dies after beating

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Theodore Wafer, left, during his preliminary examination before District Court Judge David Turfe in Dearborn

Heights, Mich., Dec. 18, 2013. AP PHOTO/PAUL SANCYA

These 16 kids make up the “Most Evil Children in History”


In order of appearance:

Joshua Phillips, Jon Venables, Robert Thompson, Mary Bell, Michael Hernandez, Justina Morley, “Eddie” Batzig, Dominic Coia, Nicolas Coia, Nathaniel Brazill, Evan Rasey, Jasmine Richardson, Alex King, Derek King, Michael Carneal, Barry Dale Laukaitis,

Man accused of hiding evidence, providing alibi

Autumn Savoy Plea Hearing