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McLean released on bail from Maine jail

songs about people - Don McLean

Man dead after shooting incident in Swansea

Man suspected of killing 7-year-old son held on $10 million bond

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please reach out to someone in trouble. Domestic violence affects everyone!

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The Voice of Domestic Violence: If I had a dime for every time…

You promised me you would no longer hurt me

(your hands and your words where your weapons)

You promised to spend more time with me

(Instead of you just drinking)

You made me feel like your servant

(instead of your partner)

I cried myself to sleep and you didn’t even know it

I ached all over my body, but didn’t want your pity

I wished I could turn back the clock to when we first me

You didn’t know when and how much I needed you

(the you from when we first met)

You made promises you knew you couldn’t and wouldn’t keep

You chased away everyone I loved

I wished I could be anywhere else, with anyone else

I wished I had never met you

I told myself I would leave and never look back

Well, look at…

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The Constantinos were found inside their daughter’s apartment near Sparks High School

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I’ve Had It©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014, 2015


There is no end to what I can do

No ease in what I have to say

I can do it with or without feeling

On any given day

But I’d like the comfort of you warmth


The feel of your touch

When we are together it’s just magnetic

Which is why I have to end it

Because I just can’t seem to get anything done


I’ve had it!

Patrick McCarthy, 35, arrested Tuesday night

Boston Police Flashing Police Lights