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Wife allegedly beaten by fighter hubby wants him back

My Poem of the Day

From the Voice of Domestic Violence


Do You Know What You Mean to Me

I’m grateful that you brought me back from the darker side of life

I was stripped of who I once was

There was no rhyme and no reason

Just a man with power who was in control

He chased away all those who mattered to me

He cut me off from all I once enjoyed

No longer allowed to venture out alone

No phone calls not monitored by him

No trips to the bathroom

Calls at work being certain I was their

Check Ins required with every departure and arrival

I was trapped inside my own private hell

Bruised and beaten by a man claiming love

He said that he owned me

And would take what he wanted

When he wanted

There was no one to stop him

Everyone had gone

Everyone had scattered

Friends I thought I had

Couldn’t, just wouldn’t be bothered

Even knowing what he could do

to me and the children

I had to find freedom

From the monster I married

No one deserves to live in such fear

So when he left on his road trip for work

I changed the lock on the door


Sent him packing

No longer did I have to

see him, touch him, love him, be with him

You saved me

You gave me strength to stand up

And become who I once was again

I don’t have the words to tell you what that means to me

Without your care and compassion

I don’t know where or who I would be

You were there when no one else was

You knew without asking what I had been through

You passed no judgement

You just helped me get my life back

No I’m stronger than ever before

All I can do is say “Thank You”

And promise that you’ll never find me there again

Do you know what you mean to me?

Copyright 2014

Do You Know What You Mean To Me?©

From the Voice of Domestic Violence

Felina Silver Robinson

My Poem of the Day


The Darker Side of Goodbye

You said you’d never leave me

But when your back was turned

and your eyes were closed

I had no choice

But to change the locks on the doors

To the house we shared for so long


We broke the foundation

We laid every brick

We built every wall

We hosted painting parties

and we picked all the furnishings

It became the place anyone one would be proud to call their own

As days went by

The bills were mounting

You worked long hours into the next morning

We became ships passing in the night

The scarce amounts of times we’d get to say hi

Tore holes in all we had come to be

We spent countless hours fighting instead of loving

Both of us lonely and wanting more

Tired of bill collectors calling for you daily

You became dark and removed from all you once were

No longer the man I could love

The kisses I use to long for

Are locked up in the abuser you’ve now come to be

No more hugs

Just beatings from a bully

Who’s mad at anyone but me

But I’m the only one you can reach for

So as you sleep I change the locks

On every door

I alarm the windows


When you leave in the morning for the day’s work ahead

You close the door behind you

Not realizing it would be the last time

You’d open or close them to get to me

Even sober you’re no longer who or what you use to be

It’s time for me to move on

Hopefully to find the better part of me

This darker side of goodbye is starting to kill me

Fearful of each step I take

Hoping not to find you on the other side of the gate

My eyes are bulging and full of fright

No more will I live on

The Darker Side of Goodbye

Trapped by your violence

Trapped by you regret

Trapped by your self loathing

I’m free and on my way

To being me once again

The Darker Side of Goodbye

Copyright 2014

Felina Silver Robinson

This poem is written for all those who

have found themselves in a domestic violence relationship.

Your life is worth more and you those you love deserve better.

Life is meant to be lived without fear.

Two children in home at time of stabbing

Quadruple murder-suicide one of the worst cases of domestic violence in Maine’s history

The Voice of Domestic Violence: If I had a dime for every time…

You promised me you would no longer hurt me

(your hands and your words where your weapons)

You promised to spend more time with me

(Instead of you just drinking)

You made me feel like your servant

(instead of your partner)

I cried myself to sleep and you didn’t even know it

I ached all over my body, but didn’t want your pity

I wished I could turn back the clock to when we first me

You didn’t know when and how much I needed you

(the you from when we first met)

You made promises you knew you couldn’t and wouldn’t keep

You chased away everyone I loved

I wished I could be anywhere else, with anyone else

I wished I had never met you

I told myself I would leave and never look back

Well, look at me now…I left you and you didn’t see it coming

Now, I live without regret

and I have new friends that you won’t be able send away

I am thankful and grateful that I put my kids first

and me second

and kicked my baggage to the curb

Copyright 2014 The Voice of Domestic Violence: If I had a dime for every time…© Felina Silver Robinson

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