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police car

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Ayla Reynolds reported missing December 2011

Ayla Reynolds still missing two years later

Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro, said he last saw his daughter on the night of Dec. 16, 2011.

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WATERVILLE, Maine — The mother of missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds has asked the county attorney to bring child endangerment charges against the girl’s father.

In a March 24 letter to the Morning Sentinel, Trista Reynolds says Ayla was in Justin DiPietro’s care when he reported her missing on Dec. 17, 2011. Investigators found blood inside the home, and have concluded the child is no longer alive and was a victim of foul play.

Reynolds has asked the county prosecutor to bring child endangerment charges against DiPietro before the statute of limitations runs out in nine months.

The county prosecutor says her office has no jurisdiction over the case since it was transferred to the attorney general’s office.

The deputy attorney general told the newspaper that he cannot discuss any possible charges in the case.

Children walk to police station looking for ride to school
FARMINGTON, N.H. — A Farmington woman was arrested Tuesday after police said her three children walked to the police station to try to get a ride to school.

Police said they got a call Tuesday morning about three young-looking children walking along Main Street in cold weather. As an officer was about to leave to investigate, the children arrived at the station.

Investigators said the children were ages 5, 4 and 1, and police learned they were trying to get a ride to school. Police said Katarina Short, 26, left the children alone while she ran an errand.

Farmington Ambulance was called and checked the children out while they were given a warm breakfast from Crowley’s Variety and Grill, police said. They also were given toys by the Farmington Recreation Department.

Police said that about an hour after the report came in, Short arrived at the station looking for her children.

“She told us a friend had picked her up, and she’d gone to run an errand,” said Lt. John Drury. “She had allegedly said that she had left the kids in the care of a babysitter. When she provided us that name, that didn’t pan out to be the truth.”

Short was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and unsworn falsification.

Police said the temperature was 2 degrees Tuesday morning. They said the oldest child dressed himself and his siblings in coats and boots.

Short was placed on $4,000 personal recognizance bail and ordered to have no contact with the children. She is scheduled to appear in court on March 18.

The children were placed in foster care, and authorities said Short will be allowed supervised visits.

Children, ages 3, 9, and 10, okay after crash 

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — A witness who helped rescue a family after their mother allegedly drove her minivan into the ocean tells WESH 2 that one of the children was screaming that their mother was trying to kill them.

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Tim Tesseneer, of Rutherfordton, N.C., said he was one of the two men to first reach the minivan.

The pregnant mother allegedly drove it into the ocean north of the Silver Beach approach in Daytona Beach Tuesday afternoon. Tesseneer said the woman made a hard turn toward the ocean.

See photos of the car submerged

It is possible there was a medical emergency, which could have led the driver to lose control and wind up in the water.

Tesseneer told WESH 2 that one of the children inside was screaming that their mom was trying to kill them.

“The two in the back seat was crying, with their arms out saying ‘Our mommy’s trying to kill us, please help,'” said Tesseneer.

A bystander’s video of the rescue shows a rescuer carrying two children away from the sinking van when the children tell them there was another child inside.

“The kids are like, ‘No there’s a baby. There’s a baby,'” Tesseneer said. “She (the mother) wouldn’t say a word. She didn’t tell us nothing about a baby.”

The men are seen on video frantically trying to get to the small child through the hatchback and the driver’s side door.

Video shows that the mother appears disoriented and walks away from the minivan, with the child still inside.

“She had this look on her face,” said Tesseneer. “I can’t describe it. It was just an awful blank look, like spaced out look.”

The small child is eventually pulled to safety.

The mother has been admitted to a local hospital for a mental health examination.

Her children, aged 3, 9 and 10, were also taken to the hospital to be examined and are OK, officials said.

Investigators said the mother will not speak with them about the incident.

Department of Children and Families is also investigating the mother’s drive into the ocean.

Officials said the children could be turned over to a relative in Orlando.


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