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Waiting For A Happy Ending©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


Oh how contrite I can be

When you are not as solace as me

I will surely pout if you won’t be round and about

My time is precious so don’t keep me guessing

When I ask you the question

Dreading the response that you’re

Not the answer to the loneliness that constantly chases me

Back into this darkened palace

You’ve become the light that brightens my way

You keep me guessing

No longer obsessing about what each day may bring

I’m only asking for the chance at that ending that I know we both have hoped for

So I leave you with time and thought before you decide

Hopefully warding off any bad feelings

That may turn you away

From our chance at a happy ending


We Are Soulmates©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


I know every curve of your face

Each shade of your eyes as you change moods

The sound of your voice when you try to hide your pain or disappointment

I know what you wish for

What you dream about

Who you love

Who you hate

I know that as we walk side by side

Hand in hand

Step by step

That I am the only thing you think of

And you are the only thing I think of

I know that without you

My heart will stop beating

We are one

And cannot exist without the other

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My Hands Wrapped Around Your Heart©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014, 2015

angels right side

I find my hands wrapped around your heart

Holding it together

Hoping you won’t falter

Falter from all that you are

From all that you have to offer

Your heart appears broken

Broken and tired

Tired from the pain

The pain that you feel with every prick and prod

The pain that you feel as you sit in the chair with another nameless face beside you

Every visit tears a little more of your heart away

You yearn for a time before becoming sick

You are hopeful for tomorrow

But know it’s not in your hands

You ask for gods help

You hope he’s listening

Everyone you know and love supports you

You’re never alone

Each day you’re getting stronger

Your color is coming back

I even see your hair growing

You tell me you’re coming back

There’s a smile across your face

A familiar smile that I used to know

One that I’m happy to know again

Your prayers are being answered

Because here you are once again with

My Hands Wrapped Around Your Heart

I’m so happy that you’re ALIVE!


Carry on as the you, I’m proud to know©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2014, 2015

angels right side

Each of us bound to the life that’s been chosen for us

Our fate is marked when we take our first breath

We are all innocent when first we arrive

We must be careful when choosing which road to take

All that we see may not be as it seems

Choices must be made with care

For they will determine  which road you will take

Opinions can’t be made solely on what is seen

We will have to live up to expectations of all those watching over us

Our schooling will prepare us for the career we hope to obtain

Our religion or beliefs will guide us morally

Love and friendship will handle the rest

As long as you stay true to who and what you want to be

Life should go your way

Nothing will come easy

Hard work reaps reward

Be thankful and grateful for each day

Show compassion and understanding to those who struggle

Struggle to find their way as you have found yours

Carry on as the you I’m proud to know you


Angels in the Sky©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2013, 2015

angels right side

Today I sat in my kitchen baking

A glow from the window caught my eye

From this glow came some flashes

These flashes where memories of those close to my heart

My dear grandmother Mucha knitting in her favorite chair

My brother Johnny playing hockey with his friends

My friends Magdalena and Gabriela telling stories of their childhood

My husband Kris telling old war stories about his friends

These flashes I hold close to me sent from the angels up above

Each time the light gleams through my window

I hope for more memories

So I will again sit in my kitchen

Baking again waiting for those flashes

Flashes from the Angels get me through thick and thin



A Heart Both Tattered And Torn©

By Felina Silver Robinson

Copyright© 2012, 2015


What happens to a love that you have had for so long and all of a sudden your love finds you sad and crying?  He wants to comfort you, but you can’t accept his comfort. You start to not trust what you thought you always knew, what you always thought was right? You find yourself believing that the love from your other is no more, which he wanders elsewhere wishing for another love, that he no longer loves you as you thought.  When his time becomes his own, he no longer yearns to spend every waking moment with you.  He masks what he does when he walks out the door.  He tells you stories hoping you won’t ask questions and you will believe all that rolls off of his tongue. The time he spends elsewhere you know is not spent the way he tells you.  You wonder if someone else pleases him in the way he doesn’t allow you too.  It pulls at your heart-strings, it makes you feel empty inside.  When it’s time for dinner he cannot eat.  He finds somewhere to go after dinner and returns home fulfilled, but you know it wasn’t because of you.  What’s your heart to think?

The days are filled with him angry at the sounds of your children, he questions their every move, and there is no fun to be had, no natural movement or steps allowed. He polices every move.  What time do we live in? Are we not free?

The children fight their demons, they try to find their own happiness, and they make their own fun. Never perfect, but they wear no frown.  They tell you that they love you and that you are their best friend.  Your heart warms and you yearn no more.  You’ve found happiness in their innocence.  For the moment nothing else matters, but this moment in time.  You hope that this time will last forever, but you know it can’t last.  Once the morning shines in all the doubt will return again.