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I Nearly Came Undone©

Felina Silver Robinson

June 28, 2015


Everyone is staring and just not caring

Of the words they sent my way

I tried to protect them

Be their good friend


They didn’t have my back

When the words started flying from

The haters and naysayers

They saw me holding his hand

When the crowd erupted

Yelling and telling me to go home

The first rock hit me across my temple

And I fell straight to the floor

No one offered me

A helping hand as

I lay there bleeding

My partner stood begging for your



You threw more rocks

This time

Hitting him in each eye

Leaving him blinded

You disappoint me

So when the police came

I didn’t even hesitate

To tell the truth

And they took you away

I nearly came undone

When I later heard my partner died on the way

To the hospital

You can’t be surprised

That I could care a less about your own demise

Now I must pull myself together

To bury my love


Hold my head high

Then be there when asked

To put you away

There’s no way you’re getting away with

Killing this time



Last Chance To Get It Right©

Felina Silver Robinson

June 27, 2015


We’ve been here a thousand times before

My heart is not a revolving door

I share no partners

I’ve told you once before

I won’t sit here waiting while you’re

Out playing

While my heart lies here

Lifelessly on the floor

The neighbors sit and stare

When your girlfriends are here

Masquerading as co-workers

Hoping our kids won’t be in despair

This is no life

For a devoted wife


Children who love you

To the moon and back

I’ll give you the night

To think of how to

Make things right

For hence the morning breaks

You will reflect upon your mistakes

If no compromise can be met

Then your best bet will

To run

For we all know

There’s no reasoning

With a woman who’s been

Scorned before

Take this last chance

To get it right


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Friends That Last©

by Felina Silver Robinson

Growing up when life was harder

My friends were my strength


Those same friends

Still remain

We can talk about than and now

We don’t have to see each other

To know each other

Memories carry us through

We mourn those we’ve lost

We talk each other through

Our newest trials and tribulations

It’s amazing

That no matter how much time has passed

We can say anything

Ask anything


Do anything

Because we are friends that last

That don’t have to ask

We just do what’s needed


Happy To Put Away My Tears©

by Felina Silver Robinson


There sits a smile upon my face

I can now pack away my tears


For many years

It’s never to late

For a clean slate

To look life straight in the eye


Give it another try

No more living a lie

Because of some other guy

My heart now belongs to someone new

And I no longer carry memories of you

I’m happy to put away my tears


Full Moon Tonight©

by Felina Silver Robinson

It’s a full moon tonight

All is just right

And to my delight

There’s a dream

I’m dreaming

That stars you

There’s nothing else to do

But let it all play out

A bed full of roses

A roaring fire

Candle lit dinner

The smell of Jasmine in the air

There’s truly no reason for despair

Close your eyes

And taste the wine

Follow your heart

And dream with me