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1. Real Estate: Renee Zellweger selling Connecticut country home

Renee Zellweger's country home has a top-of-the-line kitchen among its updates.

2. TV: Jimmy Fallon faces the music on ‘Tonight': Robin Wright has better moves

Image: Robin Wright, Jimmy Fallon

3. Music: Surprise! Weird Al makes music history — and Willie Geist’s day

Weird Al Yankovic

4. Music: Beyoncé re-records ‘Crazy In Love’ for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ soundtrack

Image: Beyonce

5. Pop Culture: Seniors re-create classic movie and TV scenes for awesome calendar

A group of seniors in nine communities across five states have produced a fun calendar recreating iconic movies like Star Wars.

6. People: Peaches Geldof’s death was drugs-related, coroner rules

Peaches Geldof

7. Pop Culture: From ‘Simpsons’ to ‘SNL,’ pop culture loves ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

IMAGE: Ellen DeGeneres reads "Fifty Shades of Grey"

8. Celebs: Kelsey Grammer is dad to new baby boy, Gabriel

Image: Kelsey Grammer and wife Kayte Walsh

9. News: Keep cruise ships out of Venice, celebs demand

10. TV: ‘Better Call Saul’ billboard rings true for Albuquerque residents

Image: "Better Call Saul" billboard in Albuquerque, NM


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Greta Gerwig

1. Dave Chappelle Comedy Half Hour. Best Comedian Ever

2. Katt Williams Kattpacalypse

3. George Lopez Why You Crying

4. Robin Williams – Weapons Of Self Destruction

5. Rodney Carrington – Live At The Majestic

1) Impractical Jokers – Season 1 Episode 1

2)  Impractical Jokers – Season 1 Episode 2

3)  Impractical Jokers – Season 1 Episode 3

4)  Impractical Jokers – Season 1 Episode 4

5)  Impractical Jokers – Season 1 Episode 5

6) Impractical Jokers – Season 1 Episode 6

1) Comedy Central Presents: 100 Greatest Stand-Ups Of All Time – Episode I-V

2) Flip Wilson – Geraldine and Harry Belafonte

3) Richard Pryor Live In Concert

4) Fire Marshall Bill – (Jim Carrey 1990-1994)

5) Sam Kinison: Breaking All The Rules

1) Sound of Music Cold Open – SNL Highlight

2) Miss Universe 2013 Moscow SNL Kerry Washington

3) 28 Reasons – SNL Highlight

4) Dance Floor Killer – Saturday Night Live

5) School Visit – SNL Highlight

1) The Beygency – Saturday Night Live

2) Waking Up With Kimye – SNL Highligh

3) Family Feud – SNL Highlight

4) Three Wise Guys – SNL Highlight

5) Reagan, Clinton, Ford, Bush I and Bush II Explain it all to Obama

6) Society Of Stupid People

7) SNL – Gilda Radner – Roseanne Rosannadanna (Smoking)

8) Gilda Radner & Gene Wilder @ Connie Chung

9) Gilda Radner – LIVE FROM NEW YORK!

10) Gilda Radner] Miss Emily Litella

Massachusetts Senate OKs celebrity protection bill

1) Carol Burnett – Bust Ups, Bloopers & Blunders Pt.1

2) Carol Burnett – Bust Ups, Bloopers & Blunders Pt. 2

3) Top Funny Home Video Fails Compilation 2014

4) Top Funny Home Video Fails Compilation 2014

5) Ridiculousness S04 Ep20 with Harley Morenstein