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Daniel Markel shot, killed in Florida

Buyers must pay about $70,000 to move structure

Rhode Island native was studying architecture

External expert will investigate allegations

In 2006, the Starbuck’s CEO told 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley of his humble beginnings. Today, he announces plans to offer college degrees to employees


Scott Pelley and Howard Schultz  CBS NEWS

Company partners with Arizona State University

Starbucks Coffee logo

Graduation, Imagination

As you sleep the night away

You imagine yourself done with school

Following your dreams


Being a parent

A doctor

A nurse

An advocate

An inventor

A scientist,

An Actor

A Dancer

 A singer

A report

Your alarm clock goes off

You snap back into the world of the living

Again you’re up just past 6am,

you took a shower,

picked the right outfits,

dragged yourself to school,

Made it through days of never-ending classes,

Teachers coming,

Teachers going,

 You survived,

Clashes and drama with friends,

You passed,

Test, after test, after test,

Just hoping you’ll be among the best,


High School,


Grad School,

Each step you take,

Keeps you in line,

No time to rest,

Because what comes next is lifes real test,

Celebrate your successes

Pat yourself on the back

Happy graduation

Copyright 2014 Graduation, Imagination© Felina Silver Robinson

Lawsuit filed against Wellesley College, Conn. school district

Sleepwalker’ vandalized with paint

Wellesley sleepwalker statue

Assault reported on Dearborn Road