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1. Hong Kong woman critically ill with bird flu, raising concerns of epidemic.Health officials outside a poultry market in Hong Kong after and earlier case of H7N0 bird flu

2. In West Virginia, fear about safety of drinking water persists.

3. Race to build on river could block Pacific oil route.

4. U.S. Forest Service set to allow oil, gas drilling in – not on – Pawnee National Grassland in Weld County.

5. Nicaragua defies canal protests.

6. Chemicals’ phaseout a ‘success story’ for S.F. Bay wildlife

USGS biologist Jarred Barr comes ashore to the island where the birds nest to inspect tern and American avocet nests and eggs. Photo: Katy Raddatz / Special To The Chronicle / ONLINE_YES

7. Mary Nichols has ‘rock star’ influence as top air quality regulator.

Mary Nichols

8. Vietnamese farmers’ overuse of pesticide harms fertile soil.

overuse of pesticide

9. Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches.


10. Water source for almonds in California may run dry.

11. Study: All-electric car may not be so green.


12. Dengue app allows Costa Rica to report mosquito hatcheries.

Tarcoles river, Costa Rica

13. Doubts as China project’s water reaches capital.

Xi Jinping praises Hong Kong authorities for not giving in to protesters

14. Thieves fry Kenya’s power grid to cook fast food.

15. Study: Sundarbans food chain broken by oil spill.

1. Waste from Ebola poses challenge to hospitals.

2. Overwhelmed U.S. port inspectors unable to keep up with illegal wildlife trade.

3. Measure 92: Labeling genetically engineered foods in Oregon.

4. Bloomberg to back soda tax in Berkeley.

5. BLM prejudged merits of seasonal drilling in petroleum reserve — greens.

6. EPA announces proposed settlement with Niagara Mohawk.

7. EPA starts MCHM air testing, but lacks adequate data.

8. Frack check.


9. ‘We are trying to prepare for the worst': president of the Haida Nation.

10. Threats to Americans, ranked (by actual threat instead of media hype).

A highly scientific poll featured on Fox News (Nick Martin)

11. Steyer deploys ark to show menace of climate change in Florida.

12. These maps of water use show why the Western US is in trouble.

13. Climate campaigners ramp up pressure on fossil fuel industry.

14. Florida politicians battle rhetoric as rising seas drive worries over climate change.

15. Indian schools face decayed buildings, poverty.

16. Fukushima radiation nearing West Coast.


17. Asbestos toll rises from factory of death as fallout continues.

Peter Bird suits up for asbestos inspection in Sunshine North. Picture: Tony Gough

18. China tests outright logging ban in state forests.

Forestry workers lifting logs early in the morning, Heilongjiang Province, China.

19. Health scare in Texas also sends political ripples.

20. Amid assurances on Ebola, Obama is said to seethe.

21. In conspicuous success, Senegal is declared Ebola-free.

22. Here’s what you need to know about the deep-sea gold rush.

Sully hydrothermal vent

23. The Dutch boy mopping up a sea of plastic.

Boyan Slat in front of rough seas

24. Loaded with lead: How gun ranges poison workers and shooters.

New England has fewer unhealthy air quality days


1. Native Humor: Natives Be Like… (or Do They?) 14 Funny Pictures That Went Viral

2. Photo: Stained Glass Artwork from Leonda Fast Buffalo Horse

3. Project Runway Shakeup: Korina Is Out! Kini Wins, Again

Korina Emmerich, Puyallup, lost a showdown with Char Glover and was eliminated from ‘Project Runway.’ But she didn’t go quietly.

4. Jimmy Nelson Photographs Some of the World’s Last Indigenous Cultures

Jimmy Nelson
A Maori girl on New Zealand’s North Island in 2011.

5. Video: Watch Thousands of Walruses Forced Onto Alaskan Shores by Climate Change

USGS Video
An entire beach in northern Alaska is carpeted by walruses that cannot find ice to rest on in the open ocean.

6. CRYP Honors 8 Teen Interns at Community Harvest Festival Dinner

Cheyenne River Youth Project
Interns on hand to receive their certificates of completion at the 2nd annual Community Harvest Festival Dinner, from left in top row: Nathaniel Fast Wolf, Ryan Devlin (CRYP’s sustainable agriculture manager), Linsey LeBeau, Elijah Brown Wolf, Tana Charging Eagle, Bryanna Clown, Annie Sonnenberg (AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer). From left in bottom row: Tori Jensen, Kendron Bowker, Lisa Littleton.

7. Nike’s ‘Redskins-Themed’ Birthday for Kevin Durant Draws Ire From Native Group

Via Instagram
Nike’s “Redskins/Thunder-themed” birthday party for Kevin Durant is drawing ire from a Native American group.

8. Mohegan’s Northeast Wood Products Continues to Grow

Courtesy Mohegan Tribe
The Mohegan Tribe bought a wood-pellet production company in Ohio as part of an effort to diversify revenue amidst growing competition within the gaming industry.

9. Arizona Scorpions Add First San Carlos Apache Tribal Member to Roster

10. Brazil’s Proposed Mega-dam Auction Provokes Outrage, Indigenous Fight

Courtesy International Rivers
Tapajós River Basin

11. Ninth Circuit Court Panel Reaffirms ‘Discovery and Conquest’

Report: Boston water levels to rise 7 feet in next century

My Poem of the Day


My Final Say©

I stand high on the tallest mountain

With my arms flying high

People gathered from all around

I’ve waited so long

To stand proud

And have my final say

They plan to take from me,

My friends and my neighbors

The land mother nature has nurtured since the beginning of time

They intend to build, build and build

Until the land is empty no more

It matters none that the animals have lost their way

They come into our homes

They live in our back yards and our attics

Because man has taken the only home they’ve ever known

When they are caught they are euthanized for trespassing

On land that use to be their own

We must take a stand for us the people

And for them

The animals

The air is slowing leaving

Soon we won’t even breathing

The hunger that will come as all starts to die off

All so the man could continue with his building

To fill each square foot with machines that devour all our resources

When the lights turn off and we sit in the dark

With no food

And no place to lay our bed

Then and only then

Will man see the problem he created

And what will he do then

Stand here on this mountain

Stand tall and speak with me

And tell the story of what you see

And hope that it’s not too late to be heard

And to see what man can do to fix the mess he made

Copyright 2014

My Final Say©

Felina Silver Robinson

1. Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future – What will happen to our world?

2. Years of Living Dangerously Premiere Full Episode

3. Beyond GMOs: What happens when synthetic DNA comes to the farm and table?


4. Harper government tracking hundreds of peaceful protests

“Don’t be fearful of us—we just want to become a part of larger Canada,” said Chief Joe Alphonse of Tsilhqot’in Nation

Tsilhqot’in - Supreme Court - November 8, 2013

5. The Pacific Starfish Die-Off Continues, but There Is New Hope

6. Fair-Trade Condoms: Latex That Lets You Love The World

A rubber tapper makes an incision in a tree on a plantation in Indonesia.

7. Sitting on danger? Duke University study shows evidence of exposure to furniture flame retardant in moms, toddlers

8. With Ebola crippling the health system, Liberians die of routine medical problems

9. China’s polluted air may be affecting Fresno

10. Thirsty wells: Fracking consumes billions of gallons of water

This file photo from March shows a freshwater impoundment to be used in Utica Shale drilling in southeastern Ohio.

11. UK weather: Britain must be prepared for ‘worst droughts in modern times’

12. Arctic ice cap in ‘death spiral’

13. Push for new pact on climate change is plagued by old divide of wealth.

14. De Blasio orders a greener city, setting goals for energy efficiency of buildings.

15. California town faces life without water.

16. King Fire Update: Massive Force Battles Blaze; Smoke Spreads Over Wide Area

A truck and home destroyed as the King Fire burned near the El Dorado County community of Pollock Pines. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

17. In Maine, scientists see signs of climate change

<br /><br />

18. As Uganda Heats Up, Pests and Disease Flourish to Attack its Top Export Crop

Farmer Sera Nafungo picking coffee berries in Bukalasi, eastern Uganda. Credit: Wambi Michael/IPS

19. Losing Ground in Louisiana

20. Work goes on to improve water quality of Wabash River as algae rob some parts of much life

21. Berkshire Regional Planning Commission not sold on Housatonic River cleanup strategy

22. Moment of truth: Study to impact farm phosphorus rules


23. Chemical giants want stronger federal law

24. Ford dump site in St. Paul draws attention from state, river advocates

Automaker has been asked to study the prospect of removing a riverside mound of waste

25. EPA proposes changing standards on pesticides and farm workers

Opinions divided on impact

26. With unhealthy stream pollution, Jones Falls targeted for restoration and maintenance projects

Two action plans for area watershed have been approved, and third could be coming soon

27. Tossed cigarettes new pollution target of Coastal Cleanup Day

Hamilton Hitchings, left, of Palo Alto, and Peter Drekmeier, of Palo Alto, haul trash bags as volunteers gather to conduct a cleanup of the shores along San Francisquito Creek in Menlo Park, Calif., Sept. 20, 2014.  (Patrick Tehan/Bay Area News Group)

28. Shellfish farmers: Willapa Bay herbicides ‘work tremendously’