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 My Throwback Thursday Poem

(October 16, 2014)

Tanisha in front of brook park

My Own Little Einstein©

Copyright 2014

Back in the day

Combined Block Parties were the big thing

Perry Street, Tabor Place, Brook Street and Hurd Road

If you weren’t there you were definitely square

My own little Einstein pictured above

Thinking hard about what the picture means

She was definitely a critic back then

Our streets may have been loud

But very proud

The diversity

The strength, intellect, and dialect

We saw good times

We saw bad times


Abortion clinic shootings

Drugs for sale

And murder for hire

You may not have known

You may not of heard about it

But if you don’t want to believe it

You’re only fooling yourself

But my own little Einstein knew that times would be changing

She knew they’d get better and we turn a corner

All that was bad became good

And all the was old became new

We stuck together like one big happy family

It took our village to raise our children

Who’ve now all gotten ahead

They’re doing their own thing

But never forgetting where they came from

Holding close to their kin

Oh my little Einstein you were right once again

My Own Little Einstein©

Felina Silver Robinson

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Day care worker accused of hanging boy by clothes on door

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Jon Gosselin


My Throwback Thursday Poem

(October 16, 2014)

The Rulers of Tomorrow©


The rulers of tomorrow

They start-off looking like little seeds in a nest

Inside their mother’s womb

Not even their mothers know who they will turn out to be

She waits nine long months as they toss about

Making themselves comfortable for the duration

They’re thinking

Only they know their thoughts

One day they will be the rulers of the world

But for now they sit and process what the world is all about

For now

They enchant you with their youth and beauty

As they grow

They change and their minds are strengthening

Preparing for their roles ahead

Still molding

Still deciding

On just what they’ll do

But some day you know

They’ll be ruling you

So be careful of what you do

Because I’m sure they will always remember

What you’ve done

Copyright 2014

The Rulers of Tomorrow©

Felina Silver Robinson




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Kate Gosselin, Twitter

Tasers and Young Children. This issue is something I find truly disturbing. Yesterday I read an article and posted the link on my blog in my Native American Corner posting for the day. The article entitled: SD Police Say Tazing 8-Year-Old Native Girl Was Justified, Family Sues speaks to how it took four police officers to control an 8-year-old girl who was no more than 4 feet tall, 71-pound girl. Some paint a wild, disrespectful, uncontrollable picture of this girl. Other speak to how sweet she can be. The reality is as said by the young girls grandmother, 8-year-old children will most often do whatever you tell them to do. If they are doing wrong, it’s not that hard to get them to change their mind and do the right thing.

I have a set of twins that are 14-years-old. One of them stands at 5’3 and just finally made it up to 97-pounds. She is a toothpick. I’m certain if 4 police officers were tossing her around that would snap her in two. I can’t even begin to picture the interaction that the four police officers had with the 8-year-old back in October of 2013.  She had a small paring knife, but the article doesn’t say that she was trying to hurt anyone with it. Regardless, if there were four police officers, there is no way that between them, they couldn’t have maneuvered their way around her eliminating the need to use a stun gun on her.

I would be concerned about causing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This child must have been scared out of her mind having a gun of any kind pointed at her at such a young age. I can see no reasonable explanation for such an act.

Its my feeling that strict guidelines should be made and required for the use of stun guns.  There should be weight and age requirements. No child under the age of 17 or 120 lbs should have a Taser used on them.  If a child has any disability then a stun gun should not be used at all.

Please explain this situation to me someone, anyone.  It’s outrageously insane.

Felina Silver Robinson