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3-Year-Old Rushed to Boston Medical Center



Copyright 2013

By Felina Silver Robinson

So care free without a care in the world

Sitting, laughing, telling jokes, handmade tents, clubhouses

Screaming when something too scary or just for fun

First steps, first tooth, first nightmares, first bikes, first dates, first cars

School Sports, School Dances, Graduations

Time flies when you’re growing up, even faster when you’re watching your own grow

The next thing you know you’re grandparents, wondering where did all the time go


A group of middle school students in Mahwah, found the body of a woman

Two children were inside victim’s car

Fire reported on Hudson Street

Boy survived on Milk and Maple syrup for 2 Days


Grateful I Am For It All©

Copyright 2015

Felina Silver Robinson

From head to toe

I watch them grow

Each year they shed

Makes me sigh

As I know they’re closer to leaving

But I know as they grow

Their minds expand

And they turn into someone I can be proud of

It amazes me as I begin to see

Just how much they mirror me

They took all my words and held them close

And followed their direction

Now they stand proud as they reflect upon

Where they started and where they’ve ended

Together we molded the person they’ve become

With little regret

Some tears

But mostly blissfully happy memories

Today I can truly say I wouldn’t have changed a thing

Changing the past can often alter the goodness of a gifted end

So I opt for the bounty of all that I see before me

Grateful am I for it all