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The Good Fight©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson


My words are here to comfort

They mean you no harm

They come from a place of understanding

From someone who’s fought many an internal battle

There are people who will judge you

Who will never be accepting

Don’t show them your disappointment

For your will only feed their eternal ignorance

There are some who want to change

But the others weigh them down

Keep your heart open

Always extend your hand

Even if only a single person finds their way to you

That will be one less you end up fighting

And one more that ends up fighting with you

The fight for life is a day by day battle

Which comes in many shapes and sizes

You may not know who or what you’re fighting

Fight to win but not to harm

For blood spilled

Only taints your path to happiness


A Desperate Cry for Justice©

Copyright 2015

By Felina Silver Robinson

angels right side

Warm tears streamed down my dismayed cheeks

Unsure of what found me here in this moment

I stand puzzled

Uncertain about what steps I should take

Overwhelmed with sadness

Angry at the idea of loss

Sickened by the ignorance among the uncaring

Burdened by all that must be done

Weakened by the weight of the world

But strengthened by self-determination to see that justice is done

Ready to take back what was lost to so many

It’s time to take a stand and let the wrongdoers know

That all eyes are now on them

No longer will they hide in the shadows

As their victims try to find their eternal resting place

We will stand as one to fight for justice

So that all our tears can once again be turned into joy




The Rulers of Tomorrow©

Copyright 2014

By Felina Silver Robinson



The rulers of tomorrow

They start-off looking like little seeds in a nest

Inside their mother’s womb

Not even their mothers know who they will turn out to be

She waits nine long months as they toss about

Making themselves comfortable for the duration

They’re thinking

Only they know their thoughts

One day they will be the rulers of the world

But for now they sit and process what the world is all about

For now

They enchant you with their youth and beauty

As they grow

They change and their minds are strengthening

Preparing for their roles ahead

Still molding

Still deciding

On just what they’ll do

But some day you know

They’ll be ruling you

So be careful of what you do

Because I’m sure they will always remember

What you’ve done

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